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  • Command palette to discover Hextml’s features, type what you want to do and type enter to do it (it also shows yo uon which buttons you can click to do it)

    palette example

  • zoom icon Progressive zoom, choose exactly your zoom level

    zoom example

  • border icon Set the space between your hexagons, no space? 10px space? It’s possible!

    border space example

  • Dark mode, I mostly play in the evening and I think I’m not the only one

    dark mode screenshot

  • Auto save when leaving page so that there is little chance of loosing your work by mistake

    auto save screenshot

  • The app load in less than 3 seconds on a 3G network, 60% faster than the previous version

    v6 perfs v7 perfs

  • bug report icon Integrated bug reports, it “blinks” when something goes wrong but you can report a bug at anytime

  • pin icon Pinnable items in the “Terrains tab”

    pin example

  • Secure connexion to the server (HTTPS) by default and the only way to enable HTTP multiplexing for a faster load time
  • Less memory usage and lighter DOM (2458 element un v6 versus 1371 element in v7)
  • High resolution graphics (when you zoom and for retina displays)