You're going to the East.

Do not stop!

This is the story of out Dungeons and Dragons campaign that spanned more than 2 years. It was a west marches campaign taking place in the wild lands east of the Empire. It is now finished but the "season 2" will start soon ...

Version française

Group drawing made by Asur
From left to right : Atieris, Altur, Turin, Galdor, Siegfried (top), Arnor (bottom), Gratouille (in the sky), Akakamo (on the horse), Dory, Jarod (on the carpet), Kayana, Mur and her children (Am, Stram, Gram, Pic, Pik, Co, Leg and Ram), Frère Touche.
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The following players are playing the following characters :
Arnold: Le Maçon; Alain: Druhel; Audric: Arnor; André: Galdor; Adriana: Atieris; Bilson: Amnon; Coraline: Néméia; Daniel: Dory; Flyn: Anton; Jeff: Frère-Touche; Juan: Siegfried, Jénéla; Lani: Kayana; Madie: Mur; Margaret: Magdeline; Raymon: Alf; Sedric: Altur; Sabine: Akakamo, Migalo; Tristan: Turin, Nyx, Maryl; Valentin: Jarod, Ram

Thanks to Valentin and Sabine who made all the lego pictures. They rule.


Session 1 of July 3, 2017 - The Gobelins Liberation Front





'' You are in the border town at the line inn. You came here because it is the closest inn to the wild lands. In fact, it is the only building in the city that is located in the wilderness. A white line on the ground represents the border of the empire and the customers have fun jumping over and back into the empire laughing. These few seconds of adventures seem sufficient for them. But you want more. ''

'' Although you never met before you sat at the same table at the inn, it is indeed one of the few tables occupied on the wild side of the inn and you said you would have doubts of the hooked atoms with each other. "

"The party Barbeussa is raging tonight, and it will continue for another two days. The inhabitants and the inhabitants are all decked out with false beards and traditional make-up while they sing, dance and laugh. "

Then there were aggressive drunkards who had lost a horse, a revolutionary goblin who had killed a horse. Cultists hidden in the forest who turned out to be drunkards. A demonic plant.

The heroes fooled humans, saved the goblins, gained a base (for the conquest of the world of goblins) and passed level 2! (Firsts!)

GM: Arnold

Players: Audric, Bilson, Juan, Tristan

Duration in game: Feb. 3 to Feb. 8, Year 1

Summary by:?

XP : 400 per player


Session 2 of July 11, 2017 - Weeding

Néméia Poetry took advantage of Barbeussa's party for 3 days. It has even prolonged a little drinking in what is commonly called post-barbeussa. Druel also took advantage of the Barbeussa party and then visited the city for a few days. On January 9th, after Nemea had gone down, and Druel finished shopping, they finally found the courage to go to the inn on the line ...

Turin and Amnon found Rigrik and the Tafrouk Penguin Shaman at the old inn on the other side of the border. The young goblins accidentally set the inn on fire which could have had unfortunate consequences if the adventurers had not intervened to save Tafrouk's family. The adventurers then led the goblins to the cultists' fort. It was more complicated than expected because Tin-tuk and other kobolds had taken up residence at the fort. The adventurers managed to negotiate with Tin-tuk so that the goblins could stay by agreeing to eliminate the regrowth of the evil giant plant. Once the plant has been eliminated, a clever trick of Amnon and Nemea Poetry has made the kobolds flee to their dens. Except an old, laughing kobold, apparently not speaking the common one who had understood the deception and who merely observed the adventurers as they explored the small room closed from the main room. After solving a particularly difficult riddle and recovering some healing potions the adventurers left the fort to the goblins and left for Border. Except Amnon who decided to head north alone after having judiciously interpreted the signs of the old joker Kobolds.

GM: Arnold

Players: Tristan, Bilson, Coraline, Alexander

Duration in game: from February 9 to Feb. 15, year 1

Summary by:?

XP : 600 per player


Session 3 of July 12, 2017 - Forced Immigration



Akakamo and Jarod met at Frontier, the first to go on an adventure to destroy Evil as a Paladin, the second looking for adventurers to follow and then tell of his adventures as an artist with enchantment powers quite risky.

They then met Sigfried and Arnor who, back to Border, were looking for the nice goblins they had met before, and then discovered the inn on fire. All 4 then headed for the Goblin Liberation Front Fort, where they found the Goblins, in conflict with the Kobolds. To avoid the war, the adventurers volunteered to look for a new habitat for the Kobolds, offering them to live for a time with the Goblins time to resolve the situation. Knowing another conflict 10 days south between other goblins friends with those of Fort and Arakokras (men-birds), they decided to go there in the hope of finding on the way a solution to their problem.

Along the way, two encounters: an ethereal creature who, surrounded by magical spheres, attacked them, attempting to suck the sorcerer's life force before being slaughtered by the adventurers, then rather filthy tree creatures that seemed related to the disease whose land seems to be affected. Then they arrived at the feet of the montages, where they surprised a half-troll massacre of Arakokras. Warrior rage, Sigfried charged against the huge beast, followed by his companions. The big creature was then overwhelmed by the three warriors, the sorcerer arriving a little late. This rescue earned them the recognition of the birdmen who led him to the tower where the Arakokras live. They then learned from the Air Lord, the leader of the Arakokras, that a conflict was taking place between them and the goblins who stole the eggs of the Arakokras. Then another Arakokra warned them of the Air Lord's madness that confused Gobelins and Kobolds, since it was the latter who, launched into a guerrilla despite their numerical inferiority, attacked goblins and arakokras since they were in peace.

A night excursion of the adventurers allowed them to meet the Goblins, and to be present during the attack of the Kobolds, the latter having two bears trained for the fight. Despite the rudiments of Akakemo's kobold language, which allowed them to learn that the Kobolds were demanding freedom with a better place to live, negotiations failed. Abandoned by the cowardly goblins, the adventurers fought fiercely. During the fight, Akakamo was seriously injured, but while Sigfried held the front line, Arnor managed to save him after getting rid of his bear. A great combativeness of the fighters and some spells of Jarod (despite a temporary teleportation in the astral plane) allows them to prevail, until there remains only one last goblin in tears.

A confiscation between the adventurers led them to spare the kobold, and to propose to him and the last of his clan, to leave the place under their protection to join the other kobold of the north. Failing to find them a home, at least they had found other members to join their clan. They then met a tall metal creature, like armor but able to wander on their own, with a metallic voice. This one, occupied to repair the places, whose Arakokras call themselves the designers but which belong in fact to an old civilization. Following the creature, they suffered the ineffective attack of an invisible Kobold, spotted by Akakamo and slaughtered by Arnor. They found on it a necklace recovered by Jarod that allowed the tunnel doors to open as they passed, but little more information about these strange tunnels.

After a last meeting, namely a crazy goblin shaman who told them the name of the machine D4785 (?), They discussed with the Lord of the Air who offered them a reward for their help. Sigfried gave him a chess piece, a white piece, as a souvenir of the meeting. Then the adventurers went north, accompanying the kobolds to whom he made, this time also a chess piece, a black pawn this time.

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin, Sabine, Juan, Audric

Duration in game: from February 16 to March 16 of year 1

Summary by:?

XP : 500 per player


Session 4 of July 20, 2017 - The Crystal Tower

Arnor and Turin meet at the inn and start planning their next action. They are interrupted by a 12-year-old boy explaining that he wants to accompany them to the wilderness. Considering this request quite reasonable and sensible, our two friends propose to join their expedition to "The Door of the Desert", following a mysterious letter indicating the presence of a valuable commodity there (see Rigrik and Tin-tuk at Fort du Tubercule When they arrived there, they discovered a tense situation caused by the arrival of new Kobold refugees, believing that they had already caused too much upheaval in the cultures of these two peoples, the adventurers decided wisely to do not intervene ... NAN I'm kidding! Our heroes suggest that the kobolds organize a banquet (without the goblins) to cheer the spirits of newcomers. The day after the party, the Kobold tribe is struck by a terrible and thundering stomach ache. Having no other choice, the adventurers will beg the help of goblin shaman Tafrouk to help them treat the sick. The latter accepts despite the enmities between the two peoples, and quickly identifies poisoning with the silver needle, a non-edible grass of the region. Once the cause of the misidentification, the goblins are quickly set on foot and, grateful, agree to treat goblins with greater respect. Undoubtedly, cohabitation between these two cultures should in the future be peaceful and without history (HA!).

Happy with this blow of fortune completely fortuitous, the heroes resume their road. (Any statement that the heroes were seen picking herbs in the forest just before the banquet is, of course, pure slander)

As a result, the heroes head east to reach the border of a desert, along a road from north to south, which they decide to follow in search of any door . On the way they are attacked by two mortal shadows, seemingly capable of absorbing the strength of people with a simple touch, which, however, they manage to conquer easily. After a while of wandering on the theme of it goes away and it comes back, the taming of a Hippogriffe (by a mysterious ranger who named Gentil) and have sunk more in the desert, they arrive face to a huge crystal tower, apparently deserted (normal, in the desert). Exploration of the tower reveals that its occupant, a recluse and immortal mage (?), Had been immobilized following a magical accident 200 (?) Years ago. After getting it back on track (quite literally), our heroes leave for Frontière, not without having spotted their next potential destination: a set of mysterious islands farther north.

(tips for visiting: do not look at the black slab, the big crystal golem is nice)

On leaving the tower, Turin, looking pale, holds in his sling his left arm fully dressed. Maybe all our protagonists did not come out unscathed from this adventure ....

GM: Arnold

Players: Tristan, Flyn, Audric

Duration in game: March 17 to April 24, year 1 (39 days)

XP : 900 per player

Summary by:?


Session 5 of July 24, 2017 - Landmark of Burning Burning Cultists



Arnor and Sigfried meet at the inn on the line the day after Arnor's return. He tells him about his latest adventure, from the Gray Expanses to the Eastern Desert, the wiper technique, and his encounter with the Crystal Mage. To support his story, he places on the table a sword quite reasonable for a half-troll, which he indicates coming from the Crystal Tower in which the mage lives. They are then interrupted by a plump human who asks if he can touch the sword. After some very pleasant discussions about the taste of gnomes and the intervention of a gnome named Wall who seemed to want to explain to them how to square a human with his machete, Arnor and Sigfried consider reasonable to take with them in the Desert from the East his two adventurers who already seem to get along very well.

On leaving the inn on the line, Arnor notices that a hostel guest who seemed agitated is heading north-east. He decides to return to ask the innkeeper what this person wanted to say that he asked for information about the aggressive bastard died at the Barbeussa party. Intrigued, he suggested the group go through the Fort Tubercule to check that everything is going well in the outpost.

Arrived at this one, the adventurers discover that the situation between Gobelins and Kobods has improved well, and that the outpost has not undergone any attack or disappearance, and that they had even put in place guards around the fort. Relieved, he begins to settle for the night when Tafrouk returns to see them and tells them that his friends did not quite understand the concept of surveillance and guards, and that humans had been seen around the fort recently.

It was enough for Arnor and Sigfried to investigate these humans and trace their tracks to the northeastern part of the Flying Islands after skirting them to the south. They end up arriving in front of a ramshackle cottage that seems inhabited, in which they enter to take the soup and leave nicely after understanding that these people were just curious characters ... hehe ... But between the soup and the departure they took the time to kill the whole table (except one) because they adored a plant, to enter a room where men seemed to pray a campfire, to leave a monk and a gnome quietly eliminate one by one to finish with a barbecue of the chief priest, fight giant fire larvae keeping a hot but not cooked egg, that brother touches cooked in the still hot remains of the parents while the other adventurers faced a terrible safe, and finally to release the prisoner after interrogating him. Released prisoner whose traces they did not follow to the west until they were not readable because of a terrible storm, uh drought, uh wind. The work of a dark wizard no doubt.

GM: Arnold

Players: Audric, Juan, Jeff, Madie

Duration in game: April 25 to May 14 of year 1 (22 days)

Summary by:?

XP : 450 per player


Session 6 of September 14, 2017 - The heart of the forest

Arnor and Sigfried meet Amnon on the way back to the inn of the line and, at the inn itself, they find Turin. Amnon tells them how he has spent two trying months in the forest. His adventures are a little disjointed, but he met some elves, to whom he left his communication stone. He also survived many dangers. As he recounts his adventures, a voice rises from his bag: it is Caillou, a wispy spirit who obeys his orders. Arnor and Sigfried briefly tell their own last adventure. The discussion is continuing on the organization of the next expedition. After a few moments, the adventurers decide to make their way to what appears to be a circle of monolith on the map. The card also indicates, in capital letters, the word "DANGER" ...

But that does not worry too much the group, which takes the road confident. During the trip north, which lasted about a week, they met a group of mephits. They fall to dust when they die, blinding their murderer. But that does not hinder their prompt slaughter. They also cross a shadow, that they kill in an ellipse, so much they are powerful.

Finally, they arrive at the stone circle. Because yes, it's a stone circle. While Turin and Amnon, careful, observe the building, Arnor and Sigfried advance in the middle of the circle, reflecting on the possibility of transforming the structure into a dwelling, and ignoring the supposed danger. The supposed danger quickly turns into a real danger when the ground opens under their feet, precipitating them into a chasm. Reactive, Turin casts a spell of '' dead leaf '' to slow down their fall. Unfortunately, the chasm is so deep that he and Amnon lose contact with their friends. Seeking a way to find them, if they are still alive, Amnon uses a spell to walk on the walls and down the chasm. After a long walk he ended up falling on a swarm of aggressive bats, and ran away.

As they look more and more the worst, Amnon and Turin notice runes on the monoliths. By touching them, a song comes naturally to them. This song evokes the heart of the forest, which seems to rest here. A ghostly wolf appears then. This one seems to show the chasm to the adventurers and, after a few moments, it jumps in. Convinced of the merits of the motives of the wolf, Amnon and Turin jump in turn.

The fall into the chasm was incredibly long. Here is what each of the two groups experienced, shifted about an hour: during their vertical journey, the heroes first cross the cloud of bats, which attack them without gravity. Then they avoid crashing on the rocks in a bottleneck. Venting on the sides blow air, which allows Amnon and Turin to slow down. Further, huge webs of spiders slow down even more their fall. They slow down Amnon so much that he remains attached ... A giant spider gets closer to him. Amnon addresses her, and she answers "Maaaaangeeeer!" Believing that he will not be able to make a friend, Amnon cuts the links and resumes his descent. Then the heroes cross an area with red and green luminescent fungi on the walls. They get close to it (Sigfried pulls out full handles while falling), and their spores reinforce their vitality. The soil finally arrives in sight: covered with slabs, moss or stalagmite. Clever, the heroes are shifting to fall into the foam. Turin and Amnon again benefit from the fate of the 'dead leaf', Arnor, landed gracefully without injury, and Sigfried rushed to the front screaming and defying the ground to hurt him. It takes 6d6 damage, it calms him. Crossing the canvases, they caused the fall of various objects. Three potions (two of which break by igniting the foam) and a parchment with mixed utility.

The place has a corridor. By following him the adventurers end up falling on a bronze door, without handle. Caillou then finds a passage dug in the ground, which the heroes borrow. They arrive in a room with a gold sarcophagus. They hesitate about what to do, but the ghost wolf appears again and signals them to open the sarcophagus. they run and find inside and skeleton richly armed. A spirit is manifested: he says he is the protector of the forest, and asks the companions to act in his place because he can no longer. Sigfried asks if one can give his weapons, and the spirit answers that the material goods are not important. So they take his armor, his shield, his spear and his sword. They resume a corridor following the wolf, which eventually disappear. The road lasts a week.

Finally they arrive in a place that seems out of the real world. They find three wooden totems (a gryphoon, a hibor and a wolf). They come to life and open their mouths. Amnon orders Caillou to go inside, and the hibor eats it (thus saving Arnor's hand). Arnor gives the two other totems a magic berry. Satisfied, they open a path through the trees to a monastery built over a lake. Taking the road to this monastery, the adventurers note that the rock on which it is built in the shape of a giant. They enter the closing monastery. To go out, they have to sing their truth. Interpreting this literally, Caillou sings that she likes to fly, then Sigfried that he wants to find homes for all peoples who do not have any, Arnor that he wants an outpost, Amnon that he wants to save the forest . Turin murmurs his truth at the door. The others do not hear it. Then the door opens and they fall into a forest cemetery.

In this cemetery, they cross a kind of plant lich. Aggressive, they hit them hard with magical creepers. they choose to flee, cross a bridge, fall into a cul de sac, and, listening to ghostly voices, end up jumping into the lake. The hill / giant then comes alive and asks them to help. They find that his two giant eyes shine like emeralds, but one of the two seem to darken. The giant is wearing it. There they notice the presence of cultists, around a crystal orb. Alone not to have been unbalanced by the giant, Sigfried leaps and massacres most. The fight is over quickly. The cultist whom they had released at the ardent outpost was there and, trying to throw Turin into the void, he falls alone. The companions make a prisoner, but this one manages to poison himself. Trying to make him vomit, Amnon puts a finger deep in his throat, and loses it when the cultist bites him savagely.

The giant / heart of the forest is saved. He announces that the plant lich should disappear with time, and he gives a gift to each adventurer according to his own truth. Turin, who seems to be running away from her sister, will always know where she is. Amnon who wants to save the forest can revive the plants. Arnor, who wants a front post, will travel faster on his way home, and Sigfried, who wants peace, will be able to calm the warlike spirits.

They leave this strange place by walking in some direction, and return to the forest they know. And it seems to heal before their eyes!

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan

Players: Audric, Juan, Turin, Admond

Duration in game: May 15th to June 9th of Year 1 (24 days)

XP : 650 / player


Session 7 of September 27, 2017 - Floating Islands

Wall, Sigfried and Brother Key decide to go to explore the Flying Islands (that some stubborn to call "Floating Islands", which much likes Frère Touche). Wall and Touche had indeed approached during their last outing and were very eager to take a ride. Sigfried wanted to know more about their settlement.

After a dozen days of walking safely, the heroes arrive under the islands. The ground is covered with traces of orcs and three old chains hang from the islands. Sigfried touches a reddish link that triggers the winch mechanism and allows the heroes to borrow the platform to the islands. They are greeted by a formal goblin used to seeing emissaries. Brother Touche improvises and replies that he comes "from the duchy of Mangetout, and that he is the duke in person". For the rest of the adventure, he will be officially the Duke Enpersonne of the distant duchy of Mangetout, Sigfried and Mur playing the role of his valets.

After passing through an illusory tower, the heroes meet an emissary orc much too eloquent to be honest. It turns out that he is plotting with Princess Zelana against King Zvric to force him to sign an alliance with the orcs of the Tooth for conquering purposes. The heroes force their way to, and then through, Zvric's tower and find him at the top, tied and tortured by his daughter. The fight and rough, Brother Touche passes close to death but the two barbarians do their job and release a Zvric badly and just grateful. They then help him put the orcs to flight and regain power. A little annoyed at having been helped, Zvric offers them a reward in exchange for their silence. That's how heroes now have a foothold on the Floating Islands, two cozy little huts and a goat park! It is impossible, however, to change Zvric's view of his revenge on the goblins of Fort Tubercule. Sigfried at the time cleverly sent to a false track, not disclosing their location.

Before leaving, the heroes tried to repair the empty junk. They were attacked by a troll, a detestable entity that regenerates and resuscitates if it is not burned. During a fierce battle in which Wall and Brother Touch are close to death, the troll is defeated. Happy, the PCs will announce it to Zvric and hope to exchange this achievement against the release of a human prisoner named Era. Except that the troll was the guardian of the garbage and that Zvric is jaded of his disappearance. He is still magnanimous and frees Era.

At the time of their departure, Zvric will meet in 15 or 20 days with the heroes to accompany him in his campaign against the orcs. Brother Touche is happy because he was able to taste the cooking of the nice big Bertha, and later discover the hobgobelin steak.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Jeff

Players: Madie, Juan, Jeff

Duration in game: June 9 to June 29, year 1 (20 days)

XP : 1300 / player


Session 8 of October 04, 2017 - Barghel tavern



Akakamo, Jarod, Atiris and Galdor meet at the Border Inn. An old lady approaches them and offers them gold to bring back the stone of the moon. It does not say much about this moon stone except that it is north of a river.

After several days of walking without any meeting. Adventurers meet the Goblins and Kobolds, under the floating islands, waiting for other adventurers to fight the barley. The adventurers continue their paths in search of the stone of the moon that seem to belong to priests in a temple according to the goblins (ambiguous information). On the road, the animals spoke in Dragonborn (dragon language).

Then the adventurers go to a cave and find an inn with a weird owner who names himself Garleb. He offers them good beer (demon beer) and a free night for a service (getting rid of rats from the cellar). Gladly, the adventurers go down in the cellar, they kill the 3 rats they cross below but the others ras disappear in a tunnel.

Curious, the adventurers follow them and kill gelatinous monsters then meet a giant monster with tentacles that the adventurers escape with bitch and discovers a chest with inside the stone of the water. The adventurers find after the stones of the earth and the wind and with the three stones he opens a room with a lot of gold and a magic card game (AKAKMO has drawn a card and he has lost everything he has).

Back at the hostel where the owner turns out to be Bargle (a magician), he thanks them and the adventurers return to the inn without the moon stone but happy with their adventure.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Sabine

Players: Akakamo, Jarod, Atieris and Galdor

Duration in game: June 30th to August 10th (40 days)

XP : 375 / player


Session 9 of October 18, 2017 - War and Sword

Orcs were riddled with our Goblin / Hobgoblin / Kobold army, aided by a handful of Elves. But we let a necromancer escape and swear revenge for the Tooth. We met an illuminated who wants to settle with his grandma in the forest. The goblins showed us a strange sword with a parallelepipedal blade. It is very difficult to lift and handle with any force of the user, but it falls slightly to the ground, as if damped by magic.

Players: Artieris (Adriana), Siegfried (Juan), Brother Touche (Jeff), Wall (Madie)

Duration in game: August 11th to September 9th, year 1 (28 days)

Summary by:?

GM: Arnold

XP : 600XP / player


Session 10 of October 19, 2017 - ELEMENZER


Unhappy at having been left out of the defense expedition against '' gruesome Orcs '', Arnor decided to prepare the next expedition as soon as possible. So it was in the company of the usual hyperactive rogue and the greedy paladin that they prepared the next expedition in the East. As they chatted, a gnome who seemed to be constantly looking behind his shoulder as if he feared that a kobold or something else would attack and shut him up, brought them to the inn table. Since he seemed to want to destroy the '' evil '' creatures, he was accepted by Arnor without problems and he took part in the preparations for the expedition. We're like that in the East, '' 'nice, or naughty' ''. During their discussions, they learned from the Innkeeper that a certain Arpant had decided to build a house in the East and that Era had decided to build a wall to protect the Eastern Empire. Arnor thought very hard that it was a shame that she did not join their adventurer group, but that '' '' '' '', she did not understand that we had to start with a '' 'before -Posted '' '. The adventurers finally decided, and went in search of '' 'the moonstone' '' for which other adventurers had already been mandated. And as the Desert Oasis roughly corresponded to the direction given by Martine Martinez and the original map had a star drawn on the spot, he made his way to the lake.

On the way, he met a scrap-eater, and (what are these monsters who were trying to bewitch us?). After seven days of walking, he arrived in front of a dilapidated farmhouse.

They decided to approach it, to observe it more closely. The farmhouse was beginning to fall to ruin, the field barriers were rotten, and the field was fallow. But in the middle of the field, '' 'scarecrows' '' seemed to be in perfect condition. As Akakamo tried to get close to detecting evil magic, they attacked the paladin. How these scarecrows had detected the paladin remains a mystery, but rumors say that Turin hidden as usual behind a '' 'branch freed' '' screaming "I AM HIDDEN" would not be alien with their sudden awakening. Then came an awkward fight during which the straw skates tried to hurt the mighty Arnor, who remained impassive most of the fight in front of the ridiculous situation. The two gnomes of the group seemed to play the game too because they forgot how resistant they were to the magic effects and also claimed to be afraid to please them. Only the paladin seemed to decide to destroy those twigs.

Once the scarecrows were reduced to chips, a first '' '' evil '' 'seemed to fall ... Around them, the farm seemed to come back to life, the field became green again, the farmhouse seemed to be in perfect condition, and a barn, a well, and a bell tower were also now standing in the neighborhood. He inspected the farmhouse from the outside, noticed all the "evil" emanating from it and the many porcelain dolls inside and decided to go around the rest of the village instead. They noticed the source well of '' 'evil' 'but said that' '' 'good' ', it was as always go to oppose the' '' quest indicator '' '.

So they headed for a tree that glittered in the distance, and discovered a word telling them to ring the bell tower to ward off the '' evil ''. According to the people's knowledge of the groups, they believe that they will go to the tower anyway.

He then advanced towards the steeple, passing through the field, in which Arnor glimpsed '' 'mandrakes' ''. He did not kill a mandrake, then fled with the rest of the group to the steeple and wait in it, no, they went on their way and continued up to the steeple. Any other rumors will be denied. Arrived in the bell tower, he noticed immediately that the bell was missing, but decided to go upstairs to admire the view. Any rumors that he waited for the hundreds of mandrakes to calm down will be denied. He met owls on the upper floor, which were obviously lacking in many feathers, which they understood to be removed by a '' green witch '' 'in exchange for food. Teasing affection for Akakamo, one of the owls decided to follow the latter by nestling on his shoulder.

When he came out of the steeple, he met a snake-cat named Elemenzer. The latter wanted to propose to them, with a honeyed voice, to raise their dearest ones, that it was enough for him to come and wish over the well with him. The adventurers asked him a few questions to which he answered briefly (apparently the village has been empty for 40 years) to resubmit to raise the vows. If this simple description is not enough to convince you that he is' '' evil '', know that the paladin detected his aura '' 'evil' ''. Arnor then proposed to follow this beautiful being and tried to attack him once his back was turned. Unfortunately, the snake-cat is fast and fled without the adventurers being able to kill him, and took refuge in the farmhouse.

The adventurers then entered the barns, which housed statues, and the bell on a pedestal. Arnor then decided to ring the bell with a bench, made it fall, which awoke the statues. There followed a fight against these, which ended of course with a success of the adventurers. They heard the cries of a woman. They started to make their way to the barn door when a beautiful long-haired woman came in (nothing sexist, no need to have long hair to be beautiful, we promise). She told them to ring the bell because the witch was coming, which Arnor immediately did. Nevertheless, he did not fail to notice by ringing the bell of the undulations in the image of the young woman whom he understood to be the witch. He then gave him a violent shot, followed by a fight against it, which ended in his death.

The adventurers ended up exploring this village, put the bell back in place, rang it, and felt like they had "done" well. They made a narrative tour in the farmhouse, understood that the porcelain dolls were the dead villagers transformed by the witch, explored the well in which lived the witch.

Happy with their work in this area, they decided to continue their way to the oasis.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Akakamo, Arnor, Turin and Daniel

Duration in game: August 12 to August 21, year 1 (9 days), no return trip (see next session)

XP : 750 / player


Session 11 of October 30, 2017 - The pool

"Leaving directly from the witch's den, the adventurers head for what they call the pool. On the paths he goes through the battlefield where the fight with the Orcs took place. They loot the place and fight some surviving Orcs. They arrive at the "pool". Following the meeting with Ingrid the innkeeper, the rescue of a child named Ziggy having been removed by rats, the discovery of a metal block in the poop. Collecting a pearl and jamming in a giant oyster and fighting with giant lobsters, fighting ghouls, flying sharks and the final fight against the giant red manta ray that was thirsty. "

After settling the account of the witch of the Bell Tower Village our favorite heroes (and especially our favorite hero, Arnor) have finally made their way to the Oasis of the Desert, which is not really an Oasis, is not really in the Desert but at the limit, and which is better known as "the pool". Not tired for a second, so they rush into a new adventure without going back through Border, like the beautiful kids they are.

On the way, they go through what some would hastily call a battlefield, in any case there were a lot of bodies, dead orcs, dead goblins, dead elves, carts and burnt tents ... Attentive readers will recognize the battlefield of our pseudo heroes, but we are not readers, we venture. They take advantage of this chance opportunity to find two interesting items, including a small bag larger trend inside and out. But as they watched this bag with admiration, a group of 4 '' 'Orcs' '' arrived, claiming that the adventurers were getting their "loot". There followed a few nice hugs from my side to find an amicable arrangement. On leaving Arnor took 2 ears of Orcs, one for each of the Orcs with whom he had an agreement on who owned the spoils.

After some troubles on the direction to reach the said pool, our heroes finally found the stream they were looking for and followed to the lake. They eventually arrive in front of a path that leads right past the pool, its four islands, its various suspension bridges, and a sign indicating an inn.

They cross the various bridges to reach the last island, larger, on which nestles the inn. As they climb the last steps to reach the hostel, they hear a screaming woman and so rush to join the origin of the screaming. They arrive in front of Ingrid, a red-haired woman who turns out to be the innkeeper, who tells them in tears that huge rats took her child named Ziggy, and took him to the cellars. They did not need more for our adventurers rush through the hatch leading to the cellar after concluding that Ingrid fucks. They quickly find a trace of blood that leads them directly to the child surrounded by giant rats, which he kills without a fight. Dori then looks after the child, back to her mother followed by the rest of the group.

They discuss briefly with her, who thank them, and explain to them that she has just acquired the mail-order inn, that she was born in the East, and that she lived north of this place and that she had only visited the hostel once before (or not at all?). Then they return to the cellars because they had heard noise going up.

Our adventurers then went back to where they found the child to realize that the cellar might not have been a storage place for the "inn". They face '' 'giant crabs'' who seemed to have taken up residence in the dry toilet exit. After this fight, Arnor, Turin, and Dori watched with disgust as Akakamo searched the dung pile, and found a strange metal cube. Our heroes and the most avid paladin of the East continue their exploration of the cave. They fall on a circular piece occupied by a '' '' '' giant octopus' '' who attack them without warning, a being '' 'evil' '' in sum. They confront this creature, until Arnor cut the octopus of rage to free Akakamo who was apparently going to be eaten.

Once the octopus is killed, they decide to apply a very interesting technique of excavation which consists in not changing stage and thus open each door to finally find the only door that does not give on a staircase. This last door leads to a temple, with a driveway, bench on the side of the gone, a giant oyster open at the back of the room and two giant lobster statues behind it. Seeing a pearl in the center of the shell, Akakamo rushed to be locked by it. The true heroes of the group came out Akakamo shell while wiping the devastating attacks of the statue. They ended up fleeing the temple leaving the pearl that the statues protect, to come to recover later after exploring the rest of what was definitely more than a simple pantry.

Our adventurers continued their exploration, confronted ghouls who fled before Dori, decided not to swim in the various underground lakes, and ended up descending into a well and finding a surprisingly cold room. The room is composed of an ice door at the back, four alcoves containing frozen fish men, and a pentacle in the center of the room. Was it drawn by the innkeeper on his map? This supposes that he had already come so deeply without being attacked. A voice ends up talking to them in the head asking to drink "his blood". Dissatisfied with the gifts offered by our heroes, the monster, a flying red manta ray, out of his den under the pentacle and attacked the group, to die under their blows, of course. The group then quickly explored the room behind the ice gate, found a red stone and fled as the island collapsed, although Turin found time to take the stone guarded by the statues in passing. Once outside, they could admire the main island collapse, the panel was reduced to dust and found no traces of Ingrid or her child.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: '' Arnold '', Audric

Players: Akakamo, Arnor, Turin and Daniel

Duration in game: from 22nd of August to 14th of September, year 1 (23 days)

XP : 1125 / player


Session 12 of November 1, 2017 - Money makes happiness

Turin, Mur, Siegfried, and Brother Touche meet at the Auberge de la Ligne. After a review of previous expeditions, the band is determined to explore beyond the mountains of the East. The first step will be the Crystal Tower, where the team plans to use the observatory to probe the passage. The trip is done calmly, the heroes discuss the establishment of a future guild.

On the tower, the heroes get only a little information. The observatory does not have the proper orientation to see the way through the mountains, and the resident mage does not look more than aware. However, the heroes realize that a piece of map of an unknown place actually describes the surroundings! They then change plans quickly and decide to visit a strange statue located north of the tower.

This is a giant statue (about 15 meters) of the goddess of luck. Turin and Brother Touche show their agility and climbing, discovering that water must be poured into his hands, and probably put a coin in his mouth. What theyre doing. A passage opens at the base of the statue. Arrived in an empty room, the heroes suspect a trap to reach the next room. After careful consideration, the heroes expect an imminent trigger. Brother Touche brilliantly performs a running technique on the walls to go down the stairs, but Mr triggers a fireball trap that leaves him burnt. After a little rest, an enigma resonates in the heads of the heroes. They shout Silence and the door opens to a room containing five golems that start severely boning the heroes. These rush to read and reconstruct the piece written enigma on each of the golems. "Nothing!" exclaims Brother Touche, "Nothing!" Corrects him Siegfried (or was it Turin?), and the golems stop.

In the next room, a checkerboard of trapped letters faces the team. It is necessary to spell the solution of the enigma, which Turin does with great vivacity. Finally, the heroes face and triumph over a sphinx. They find themselves covered with almost more gold and platinum than they can carry! They also collect valuable items: a millennial cookbook, a gnome / goblin fertility potion, high-class armor, a potion of friendship with animals, and a magic drone.

Proud of this success, the heroes return to Frontière, calling at the floating islands. Wall rushes to try his fertility potion, while the others investigate the famous parallelepipedic sword (I wrote it at once without any fault o /). And their find is not good. Turin is trying an identification spell, but all that comes to mind is a guttural and terrifying "NO". He then tries a detection of the evil, and there ... "YES". The current assumption is that it is not a sword but a piece of accursed machine.

Returning to Border, Turin negotiates the purchase of the hostel, for the moment without success.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Jeff

Players: Tristan, Madie, Juan, Jeff

Duration in game: Sept. 15 to Oct. 19, Year 1 (34 days)

XP : I know more, but not much (tons of thunes for cons) 350XP


Ellipse 12.5

For reasons totally scripted and not at all due to a mistake by the GM it is necessary to insert a quiet period from October 20 of year 1 to 3 of February 2 (3 and a half months).


Session 13 of November 19, 2017 - Advent (and forfeiture) of the Elven King

Meeting at the inn after spending three days at the Barbossa party, our adventurers decide to set out again on the Eastern lands. Then comes the question of the place: by exploring the map, they notice a strange inscription representing the choice, an elf queen, a demon, or a man with horns. Beating for the Queen of Elves, Brother Touche having a priori never tasted elves, they say that going to meet this hated people could be a source of adventure.

On the way, they made a stop in the cave where Jarod had met the strange wizard Bargle, hoping to find interesting elements. Cooking failure, which did not give rise to a tense encounter with a family of bears. The appetite of Brother Touche having failed to convince Dori of the need to deny his pro-nature religion to allow him to taste a bear, the group eventually run away.

Here they are, arriving in dwarf ruins, which surprises them, they who hoped to meet elves. The forest seemed in very bad condition, the sick and sick animals ... After an interrogation with animals that escaped the appetite of Brother touch as much, here they are exploring a cave under the ruins where they faced the during a brief exploration, to a set of gelatinous blobs with multiple colors. Brother Touche proposed to retreat to let the sorcerer grieve, which could have been effective if they had waited for this one to step back to do the same. Instead, the sorcerer found himself facing the blobs that did a little stuff. Wall and Brother touch then worked valiantly against the blobs while Dori could heal Jarod. Like what, even the Gods are sometimes busy, since Dori's deity gave him a very powerful and instant healing spell without letting him do his 10-minute prayer. Thanks to this, Jarod returned among his comrades and was able to cast his spell of flames. The only action useful since then he was too busy spitting pink bubbles to do something else. The rest of the fight continued until the extinction of blobs and black giant blob.

The group finally went to rest a little before continuing the exploration of the cave. Upon their return, at the entrance to the cave, a gelatinous elf duo appeared, that is, elves who appeared to be suffering from a disease that put them in a state close to the gelatinous blobs. A brief fight is enough to get rid of the elf duo, which unfortunately did not carry anything useful. Finding strange mushrooms screaming in the torchlight, they attracted a group of gelatinous elves that Turin hurriedly slaughtered with a single cunning attack, letting his companions quickly finish the job.

They ended up finding the famous Queen of Elves, locked in a bluish blob, with a mass of weapon in hand. Trying to free her, Brother Touche crossed the blob, but only ended up with the rotten pulpit pieces of the late Queen. Destroying the blob, Mur recovered the mass of weapon whose powers she could quickly understand. The group then discovered a statue to pray and receive a blessing that, as the following will show you, will have no use. But more importantly, they discovered the necessary for a resurrection, still unusable by Dori, but which reassured Jarod saw his propensity to die regularly.

In the depths of the dungeon they found a creature with multiple mouths locked behind a cage, whose murmurs provoked the madness of the least resistant adventurers. Taking a moment of sleep before the fight, which made the blessing of the statue disappear, they returned to battle after putting wax in their ear. The fight was epic, each adventurer unleashing their powers over the creature who soon regretted having made the bars disappear by believing to set them a trap.

Coming out of the cave, they met the surviving elves who, at the death of the creature, had just recovered their spirits. The adventurers guided them to their "kingdom", a simple village from the point of view of those who knew the Empire. Turin managed to convince the elves for a time to name him King, but his desire to restart the adventure eventually disqualify him. But it does not matter to the pseudo-heroes who knew that now, they and their confrere of the perhaps future guild had made allies with the Elves. an avant-garde that would certainly please some.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Tristan, Dori, Brother Key, Wall, Jarod

Duration of play: from February 3rd to March 9th of year 2

XP : 1520XP / player


Session 14 of November 21, 2017 - There is no lizard! (well, if ...)


Barbeussa's party is in full swing again at the inn of the line. A year in the eastern lands has marked the adventurers and morale is at its lowest. Fortunately the arrival of new blood in the form of a gigantic elf and the stature of demi-god will give them a second wind. Altur is here! And he encourages them to return to these wild lands to find fortune and honors. He promises them that he will protect them if necessary and that they can still become seeds of legends in his company (nda this part of the adventure is a little foggy due to the festivities and the remarks are largely reported by Altur the Sober).

After deciding to visit a lake in the northeast (but Altur does not like the water) and elves whose unicorn queen was in danger in a pebble, the band (exhilarated by the reinforcement of Altur) cross the border of the empire. But as the pebble did not answer it finally turns south-east to visit a gear. After a few days without trouble and feeding exclusively on the fruits of hunting Arnor (1 bay per person per day [, finally two] !!) the gear no longer seemed like a destination worthy of our heroes and they decide to majority unanimity to go further south towards the wingless dragon tower. Arrived on site (still without being disturbed (to the chagrin of adventurers inflated to blocks who would have liked to fight)) they find that the tower is under repair and a lake and a small village are below. Listening only to their courage, they go on ... uh ... spying on them using their great stealthiness ... via a grumbling hawk (by far, what!). And great good took them because the square is literally teeming with lizard men (at least 10). They had just made a great discovery: the dragon without wings so skillfully drawn on the map could only mean the presence of these men lizards! Listening only to their courage, they go on ... uh ... will ask some questions to the inhabitants with scales.

Unfortunately and despite their great mastery of the languages u200bu200bKobold, Goblin, Vulcan, Elvish, Common, Klingon, Infernal, Dwarf, Common (yes there are several to speak it in the group), and Giant of the Black Mountains of the Southwest of Ankh-Morpork (those of the Hill without Trees, not the nabots of the Lake With Fond) the conversation quickly turned to:

Man lizard: "kliliosqdrsssssss gfiudsyssssss fikdsfiurssssss ssssssjhytuyg"

Amnon: "Understand nothing, write it on the ground, it will be clearer, I can read everything"

Man lizard looking menacing and out of arms: "poiipoposssss iouoiussss ssssjhjkh !?"

The heroes listening only to our courage and taking out our weapons and shields: "Here is an offering of an object of great value."

Arnor unfolds a shield that he had forgotten in his bag and tends to them. Sigfried adds the icing on the cake in the center of the shield: an invaluable gem (probably less than 50Po). Everyone calms down and one of the lizards disappears with the offering to return accompanied by an old man with scaly scales made worthy by his haughty port of the shaman stick. The latter speaks the common and bluntly announces that they are not welcome. After long negotiations they can stay a little longer if they free them from a winged monster with lion's head and scorpion tail that eats the villagers at their waterhole. By cons the tower is non-negotiable, and should not even be mentioned. Their thirst for adventure equaling only their desire to serve their neighbor (even when it is full of scales) the adventurers accept.

Accompanied by a dozen men lizard who ensures their "protection" to the water point located companions set the camp at the foot of a small tower. They are waiting for the filthy creature who gobbles up the merry locals. Their escort takes its role seriously but at a safe distance so as not to interfere with (potential) heroic acts.

I would quickly go over the attempt to sow the water point with water from the lower lake (which did not look very drinkable by the way) in response to the lizards hosts' welcome.

At nightfall they heard a beautiful song coming from the little tower. Everyone was curious, but Altur forgetting his elven nature was delighted to hear voices of such beauty and rushed to the tower. Unfortunately his comrades did not hear him that way and he could not join this bewitching choir. At that moment six hideous and hesitant harpies snatched up the space that separated them from the group. They harassed them from the air with their little gasping cries while turning horizontally like a halo (well, more than a h in stock). Immediately in combat formation our heroes did not spare their efforts to shoot down the flying assailants. Thanks to their fate and their arrows (even now it is not very clear who fired them) winged creatures quickly found themselves on the ground in close combat. Everyone was conscientiously carving out his personal harpy in his corner, when the magician Galdor cast a spell of electricity. It should not be the best thing to do because all the other harpies rushed to him. Despite the efforts (always heroic of course) of his brothers in arms nothing could stop the avalanche of beaks and claws that fell on the poor wizard in light dress. In less than a few seconds there was nothing left but the hedgehog (or cat-harpie?) In the center of the ferocious beasts (but who sing very well). The morale of the other adventurers had taken a blow but their rage was increased tenfold. Blinded by their pain and focused on their desire for revenge, casting spectral spells, grinding with their blades, releasing deadly arrow on deadly arrow (in the chaos of the fight no one really saw where they came from) the adventurers did not notice not immediately their deceased companion who was fighting on their side as in the first days (And in addition it was not even dead-alive which would surely have posed some problems thereafter). The powerful magic that channeled [[, "channeled", yelled well big word to explain that it throws flames]) always in greater quantity Galdor was teasing nature and had once again escaped his control by bringing it back to life. He was the first to be surprised but also understood that it contributed to the beauty of his art. Overjoyed, the members of the company made only a mouthful of the feathered animals that remained.

There followed great moments of joy and laughter about the incompetence of the shaman who could not tell the difference between a harpy and a manticore. The group then went to the tower to see if the aggressiveness of the harpies was due to the deplorable conditions of their habitat. But there was nothing but the corpses of lizardmen in advanced decay and the nests of creatures. Sigfried tried to autopsy one of the corpses to know the cause of death but only managed to throw up his four o'clock and find a small gem.

Before returning to their reward and explaining the difference between a harpy and a shaman manticore, the group decided to finish the night in the tower (despite the smell) to rest.

Thanks either to the foresight of Amnon who had asked his little fairy to stand guard during rest. A little before dawn she wakes the wizard because she hears flapping wings on approach.

To everyone's surprise, a beautiful, authentic Manticore is drinking at the waterhole. Listening only to their courage (and not their foggy brain that still requires 5 minutes under the covers) they rush on the manticore ... uh ... quietly approach from behind until Altur [, the ball # 1 ], light scimitar runs screaming "For Eldoran!" Their cover greatly compromised the other companions who came to the aid of Altur who did not seem to be in his normal state (or maybe if ...). After a fight as short as violent, a second manticore arrives to avenge his companion (?) And covers the adventurers with insults. Amazement of our heroes: they could have spoken to these magical animals. Whatever! After bitter attacks and counter-attacks someone shoots a red "magic" arrow (bought at a good price by Sigfried from an honest-looking merchant during the Barbeussa drinking party). No effect, but fortunately the Amnon sorcerer by the power of his mind managed to dominate the recalcitrant beast. She lands on the ground, obedient but still furious when without warning she glows and then explodes by sprinkling the adventurers with its steaming entrails. The arrow had done its work ... The merchant was finally really honest. After sampling the various organs of manticore by the spellcasters and half a night of rest the group leaves to report his exploits to the shaman. The strategy is simple: to put their eyes on them so that they prostrate themselves and beg to be spared by the troop of demi-god.

They arrive in front of the shaman two heads of manticore in the hands, the ground shakes slightly when they walk and their voice is more serious than in the natural one (the effect is close to the arrival of the space miners in Armageddon). However the shaman and the dozens of lizard men present do not seem very impressed. The discussion is short and not very diplomatic. The shaman shows 4 crocodiles at his side to support his arguments and 4 more when the group is not convinced to accept a small gem (probably the first one) for their efforts. Very quickly the situation gets worse and the adventurers only listen to their courage ... uh ... their empty door and throw themselves on the shaman. In less than a minute [and after two well-placed swords of the mighty Arnor], the shaman lies dead and the crocodiles have evaporated. The other lizard men are also fighting and soon Altur falls. Realizing feats of power and speed his companions manage to treat him while keeping the lizard men at a distance. Galdor [, the ball # 2], although behind the group where he conjures his powerful magic is taken apart by a lizard that seals his fate in a few clubs. In the distance other members of the scaled community rush to punish the assassins of their late shaman. Arnor, at enormous risk for his life, manages to eliminate Galdor's killer and bring him back to life (Galdor, not the lizard). Adventurers opt for a strategic retreat. Barely recovered from his vision of the long corridor at the bright end, Altur begins the fight to collapse again at the feet of Galdor and Amnon [, the half-cannonball number 1]. Raging Seigfrid cover his companions as they escape by carrying Altur the Sober (but heavy). He hesitates to seize the shaman's stick but the pressure of his 6 opponents is too strong for him to approach. He turns on his heels and runs mad with rage, shouting (or "shouting mad with rage"). After having revived Altur to transport himself and a chase in the village, the "heroes" [Arnor and Siegfired, and the three cannonballs] manage to escape and reach the lands of the empire. A month to go and their earnings boil down to a few gems, from the bowels of Manticore and Altur who lost his favorite scimitar.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Sedric, [Arnor]

Players: Bilson, Audric, Juan, André, Sedric

Duration in game: February 3rd to March 7th of year 2 (in parallel with the previous session which ended on March 9th)

XP : 880


Session 15 of December 4, 2017 - The Nightclub

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Tristan

Always eager to explore new areas and new pools, our heroes decided to go north, beyond the (mini) kingdom of elves. They were hoping to find the temple of the moon, which an old woman had urgently asked them to find the treasure ... a few months ago. At worst, they said, they could always push the path to the lake of sirens, which looks very nice.

In paths, they decided not to push the hollow valley in the mountain, because even so, with a form like that, it would be the devil if there was nothing to see there! Turin seemed inspired on the way to take and passed the group near a cliff where overhanging some ibex grazing peacefully. A lively debate ensued between the heroes, shared between a strange desire for bloody murder (Valentin), the desire to continue the road without delay (Turin), the refusal to touch these poos' small animals (Akakamo) and a singular apathy for a so-called protector of nature (Dori). Finally the group decides to continue the road without slaughter. A few days later, following a "short cut" that Torino had insisted on following, the adventurers fell on a singular scene: a group of primitive, wild-looking men were putting to death a huge elk. The heroes cautiously approached the group of hunters and managed to establish a rudimentary form of communication. The poor wretches had little to offer, except for a few provisions in exchange for trinkets exchanged with the group. Our friends decided to turn back and continue north, without pushing to the village of prehistoric men they saw in the distance, carved on the side of a cliff. Indeed, there was no chance that such a primitive people has any treasure or magic object ... right?

Before being able to continue their journey, it was necessary nevertheless to the heroes to put out a pack of wolves, then to treat with a dryad. Each time, it seemed that the events arose from a fad in Turin about the road to take. As if the destiny fought to push him on the road of meetings more hazardous than the others.

Going north, the group finally arrived at the Temple of the Moon, immersed in an eternal night and surmounted by an enormous sphere like a little moon. The place was therefore logically known as '' 'La Boite de Nuit' ''. Approaching La Boite de Nuit, the heroes discovered that the artificial moon was floating above a humanoid statue holding a scepter at the entrance to the box (the bouncer). There they met a disoriented-looking woman, who urged them to enter as quickly as possible. Feeling the trap, they summoned her to unmask herself. She then appeared to them in her true form, a witch with blue skin, and was quickly put to flight. After part of the group fell into the river along La Boite de Nuit, they came upon two humanoid animals which, following a skillful maneuver of Valentin to provoke them, attacked them savagely. Once dead, they resumed a human appearance, and our heroes discovered on them a letter indicating that they had also been instructed to find the Moon Stone by the old woman ...

Our adventurers began to explore La Boite de Nuit. After having managed to skillfully get hold of a treasure of pieces becoming invisible to the sun and visible to the moon (they are cons these priests anyway, it is not very practical ...). They met a group of owls, the last inhabitants of La Boite. At their head, an impressive sized bird named '' Piafabec '' (to be verified), able to speak in the language of men (but not gnomes, nobody ever speaks the gnome). The falcon tried to discourage the heroes from taking the Moonstone, because this one, although able to provide its bearer with wealth, eternal life, love glory and beauty etc., was also a bearer of a curse blablabla worse nightmares become blablabla realities disaster on the surface of the Earth. This, of course, only made our heroes redouble our efforts, anxious to save the world from such mortal danger, and to put it in their pocket.

After triumphing enigmatic puzzles (But who had the idea to do something so crooked? They did it every day to go home? How did they do when they had to go to the bathroom?), The heroes managed to the Moonstone. They began to hesitate, remembering the raven's words. Turin, more brave than the others, decided to touch the stone. A female silhouette began to materialize, causing a great trouble to the gnome who let go so early. After a few tries, the adventurers went to the evidence, the woodpecker had not lied to them, and the stone materialized well the worst nightmares of the wearer.

The heroes therefore wisely decided to follow the advice of the ostrich and leave the stone in place. So they left the temple, rich only with a little more wisdom, and a treasure with the unfortunate tendency to disappear in the sun. One last mystery troubled them. While exploring the temple, they had to fight a spider-woman who, once killed, had turned into an elven adventurer. Apparently cursed, the elf had probably suffered the same fate as the two adventurers met outside. In his wallet, the heroes had found a map of the region, signed only initials "EZ" ...

Players: Tristan, Daniel, Sabine, Valentin

Duration of play: March 10th to April 11th of Year 2 (32 days)

XP : 1250 / players


Session 16 of December 5, 2017 - Complicity of kidnapping

GM: Arnold

Artieris, Galdor, Mur and Brother Touche are thinking of crossing the desert to explore. During a stop at the Crystal Tower, Aeline (the crystal mage with the body of crystal golem) advises them to follow the river, but to turn back when it stops in a strange way. After about two weeks of walking in a desert surrounded by mountains, the heroes reach the Ray of the River: the river suddenly stops in the middle of the desert.

Of course, they do not listen to the crystal mage and move on. It is there that an immense city appears before their amazed eyes, and that the river continues in fact its way: the Ray is a magic illusion! The city is beautiful with in its center a huge crystal tower similar to that of Aeline, lined with some crystal domes. The inhabitants of Tyret (that's the name of this city) are terrified before our heroes. They refuse to speak to them and hide or flee. Only a few officials are allowed to talk to them. Indeed, the millennial mission of the city is to repel forces of evil (that no one really knows) from the west dangerous. So it's hard to get info. Thanks to the three-humped camel / camel merchant crossed earlier in the Floating Islands, who recognizes the heroes, they get an interview with the Dean of the University of the Invisible (an institution more or less independent of the city, based in the crystal buildings, and who practices a general baston contest to death to recruit the students in magic).

The latter is a nelfe (or an elfaine) worried, even cantankerous. She is very annoyed when the heroes cleverly mention the name of Aeline. She signs a paper "These people do not matter", which is a kind of pass for Dug and withdraws. The heroes then freely explore Tyret. They then meet "by chance" the dean who charges them to deliver a letter to Aeline. The heroes accept in return for favors that I do not have in mind anymore. They make the trip quickly thanks to the animals with three bumps.

Aeline is upset that they have not listened to her, and that they have revealed her existence at the University of the Invisible. She is actually the founder of the university (3764 years old) she left because "it was too much balls that always asked too much stuff". Unaware of the danger, Galdor convinces her to take the letter, even if she does not read it, just to be able to say that the heroes have accomplished their task. However, barely Aeline touches the missive that it is teleported we do not know where ... (but probably in Tyret).

It was then that Mur, pregnant with Gerard, began to feel his stomach waving. The heroes drift to the Floating Islands where she resides with her lover, to put down. And it is not one, nor two, nor three, nor four, nor five, nor six, nor seven, but EIGHT little gnomelins that are born under the defeated eyes of Gerard. They are "promptly" named Am, Stram Gram, Pic and Pik (the twins), Co, Leg and Ram.

Without wasting time, the heroes intend to help Aeline.

Summary by: Jeff

Players: Adriana, André, Madie, Jeff

Duration of play: April 12th to June 2nd of year 2

XP : 1550 / player


Session 17 of December 6, 2017 - Ah crocrocro crocodiles crocodiles

Our favorite adventurers (1) meet at their favorite tavern (2) to decide on their next plan of attack. Finally, their next adventure, we are like that in the East peaceful and peaceful. Aware of their inability to communicate with the lizard men encountered (3) in the South during one of their last trips, because of the departure (4) of their head shaman only being from the village who was the only one to speak their language, Sabine (Akakamo) tried to ask for an interpreter in the guild of translators, who kindly tells them not to know this language. In the face of their failure, they decide to give up their visit (5) to the men lizard ... ahaha, and why not buy Frontier while we are there, or meet a Titan?

So they go south, determined to massacre this village (6) of greedy beings who give neither xp nor gold ... sorry, beings '' 'evil' ''. And so arrive in a swamp. "A swamp ?!" exclaims Arnor as a voice-over explains where they are, "Oh yes, last time we went through the Arakokras!" (7). They meet on the second evening in the marsh a ghost (8) that it smells smoky, accompanied by other ghosts that appear later and that they also reduce to smoke (9) (10). Amnon and Akakamo then see about 50 meters from them lizard men spying on them. In no time Amnon take control of one of the lizard men and have him attack one of his mates while the others are charging towards them, showing that he too can be useful. Of the five lizard men, two try to escape, and three others remain to fight, finally, two and a half remain. Siegfried is the first to arrive at the fight, the others being somewhat distanced by his charging technique. Akakamo then launches a magic order to one of the lizardmen, "fezzrsfrefe gfre zfe rfze!" (11), who returns to her. After eliminating the first lizard man with Arnor's help, Siegfried runs after the lizard man who is still fleeing, leaving the rest of the lizardmen to the rest of the group, who teaches them respect and end up mastering one of the monsters to ask him some friendly questions.

By questioning the lizard, he finds out that they have replaced their dead chief ... Keuf Keuf ... by "OUR CHEF WARRIOR, ZVERSNUR, THE MOST POWERFUL HE WILL CRUISE YOU" and that lizard men try to invoke Maloghurst, before that this one does not die while struggling (12). The word "invocation" hardly pronounced, our adventurer go even faster to the South, after a quiet rest anyway, do not mess!

They finally arrive in front of the rocky mound at night, and perceive to their astonishment that the city seems very enlightened, and that there are no guards on duty. Our adventurers think of a party, but prefer to send owls as scouts ... who fall sharply over the city. They decide to change their original plan "quietly enter the tower during the festivities to explore" by "discreetly enter the tower, fire the fire at the other end of the village, go get the owls, return to the tower and explore the said tower ". More festive will say we. While they follow the path of the village, they send Cailloux scouting, who tell them that a man is in the place attached and throws things from time to time and that Owls is also attached. They advance discreetly towards the tower (13) after having a glimpse of a banquet on the village square, and a particularly (14) tall warrior. Once in the tower, they send Cailloux to set fire to the other end of the village. Waiting for his signal, he digs a little, and end up hearing repeated explosions! They take a look towards the square and send Siegfried and Amnon to look for the man and Owls (15). The man once inside, he realize that it's Arpent! Wounded and weak, they carry the rest of the adventure and we will designate it as the number 1 ball.

The group decides to go up in the tower, explore it, discover some pieces, meet a lizard man lying down that they leave lying peacefully (16), arrive on the last floor of the tower under construction, notice that the lizard men do not seem interested by it, return to the penultimate floor to enter the room that seems to lead to a small tower, leave the ball number 1 in the bed of the room and enter the small tower after looted the room, where they find in particular books on the Titans, a diary of an adventurer (17), and other books they take (18).

The small tower brings them into a room containing many vials, and a chest. They open the chest. It hurts. Amnon collapse under the explosion, the others are well bumped up. Akakamo has a flask that explodes on her and starts to feel bad and hear voices in her head. Listening only to their courage ... keuf keuf ... they go down to the basement, "because we only have one life". They discover a strange piece with red lines on the ground and a strange wheel, which makes deformed animals turn, and seems to operate a borehole in the ground. They detach the animals, and notice a viscous red liquid under the wheel. The voices in Akakamo's head calm down, and she hears a voice that dominates the others saying "THANK YOU". They decide to "break" the lines by hacking it at the same time. Barely notched, the red lines crack, and the ground begins to tremble, and viscous liquid gushes on Amnon and Arnor. A "FINALLY ... FREE" sounds. The adventurers then run to the top of the tower (19) to access the winch. They arrive in extremis, and all climb, with the ball number 1. While Amnon down the winch and launched on him a spell of "paw spider". The tower moves suddenly, and ends up horizontally ... the titan on which the city and the tower had been built rose! In the movement, the hoist pitched, and the whole group falls except Arnor, who catches in a surge of friendship his companion Siegfried adventure. Arpant falls, barely awake. Akakamo falls into the void too. Taking advantage of his fall, the latter heals as best he can to prepare for the fall. After the last move, Amnon can not hold the crank and the load rake begins to drop almost free. Arnor and Siegfried fall ... The first also takes the opportunity to heal, the other fools and insults the soil by drinking a potion. It hurts number 2. The adventurer ends up talking to the Titan, who learns that an adventurer is always behind his back makes him fall ... Amnon falls in the lake, which is not really made of water and cushioning his fall. After learning from the adventurers that his name is Stornga, Lord of the Dunes, and that Maloghurst had imprisoned him, he is leaving "in his kingdom". The adventurers then look at each other, noticing the new appearance of Amnon and Arnor, desecoming the first of the Plexin and Epic Half-Orc race.

(1) Favorite, favorite, in any case it is the case for Arnor, Siegfried.

(2) Favorite, favorite, it's because we have no others, for the moment!

(3) "Encountered"

(4) The departure, the disappearance, huh what? He was murdered without warning (a)? Slander!

(5) "Visit"

(6) Except Siegfried, who believed in a peaceful visit

(7) Arnor is a good ranger. And he's smart.

(8) "Oh yeah, I've already met that, it hurts (b), but Caillou killed her with 1 damage arrows, not understood," exclaims Bilson, smiling at the GM.

(9) "What I should have known was that my necrotic spell was not going to do anything about ghosts?", Amnon, a brilliant adventurer.

(10) "There is nothing falling?", Akakamo, the most avid paladin of the East. (vs)

(11) Who in draconian means "come back right now!" (D)

(12) No, really. At the same time, he had been wounded by the brave Arnor!

(13) With Arnor and Amnon as less noisy adventurers, that's saying.

(14) Really particularly big. How come it's so big this thing?

(15) Siegfried because he's fast, Amnon ... why already?

(16) "Peacefully"

(17) They read the last page and the first page. We are like that in the East.

(18) We are cultivated.

(19) The adventurers are smart, you will see.

(a) That means without giving him the time to defend himself you've seen.

(b) Yes, it hurt.

(c) But also the only one, I grant it.

(d) The attentive reader will understand that lizard men speak draconic.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Bilson (Amnon), Augustine (Arnor), Juan (Siegfried), Sabine (Akakamo)

Duration in game: June 3 to June 20, year 2 (17 days)

XP : 1550


Session 18 of December 11, 2017 - The lethal test of rappelling

Akakamo, Jarod and Galdor go on the adventure, the two sorcerers are well counted to enjoy the protection of the hoist. Their goal is to visit ("appropriate?") The Crystal Tower. They resist the urge to look at the strange mirror at the entrance, and discover a secret and inaccessible room at the top of the tower and a secret "closet" underneath. Succeeding very hard the test of the Rope, they discover a strange piece, and recover a little loot.

They then go on an adventure, and visit the prehistoric tribe. Chaining magical spells, sorcerers are well accepted, and the group integrates the tribe; alcohol included. They then make a detour to the moon temple to say hello to the owls, Akakamo with interludes, Galdor with curiosity, Jarod hesitantly, but the owl chief seems not to hate him too much.

The group then goes to the mermaid temple, face giant crabs, almost dying, but finally gets half a pearl of ice, warm to the touch. Tired, the group ends its trip to Tieret for arriving in time for the entrance selection to the university.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Valentin, André, Sabine

Duration in game: June 21st to August 25th of the year 2 (65 days)

XP : 450 XP / player


Session 19 of December 20, 2017 - Pirates and Swamp

Adventure in the marshes. Pirates break and flirt with death. Meet the Princess Peach, daughter of King Tomato, who is a little pest.

GM: Arnold

Summary by:

Players: Sabine, Jeff, Madie, Bilson

Duration in game: from 26th of August to 2nd of October of year 2 (37 days)

XP : 760 / player


Session 20 of December 21, 2017 - Rescue of the Archmage, the Crystal Penis

'' Rescue from Aeline to Tieret ''

The weather is a bit ... weird. Some idiots would say it's a big ball of wobbly wobbly ... time-y wimey ... stuff ... The real ones will tell you that it does not always fold back on itself. This is in any case what the most cultured ranger explained to the two useless mages when he and Tùrin caught up with them on the way to Tieret. In any case, it was the best explanation, because on the drawing, it did not make sense. By the way, drawing, let's talk in a squiggle band, what's this card huh? Do not you know how to draw small? You know not to take a pencil not fat? You know how to write? You can not write in the right way?


Our adventurers decide to enter Mordor (yes, it's a metaphor for your mother) and go straight to Tieret to save their pot of always Aeline the funny. Cautious, they go through the East Gate of Tieret to look like normal people, after sending a useless mage to be useful while shopping for the rest of this tidy company. Once inside the city walls (yes, it's a metaphor for ...), they are heading to the penis 4 testicles that represents the University of the Invisible ([https: // www. | "That's a penis!"]), in order to spot the places.

So it is like sexual predators that they wait for nightfall to spot the release of two mages of the '' 'Penis de Cristal' '', which they follow to a bar which will not be mentioned. name to preserve their anonymity (That of the wise men of course ... - No, not because I forgot the name, it was not given OK?). They begin to sit at a table next to the mages in order to listen to their conversation, and skillfully decide to approach them by asking them for information about the entrance contest to '' 'Penis de Cristal' '' after those They said "I'm tired of the competition blah blah - Ouai, there are only crazy blablabla -And then we all know that the wise is useless". It is very effective. But not as much as drinking beer for information. They then accompany the drunken mages to '' 'Penis de Cristal' '', to leave them in the nearest street, in the simplest of apparatus, but leaving them their purses (hehe ...), "Because nevertheless, we are heroes ".

They then head to the University with the firm intention of posing as drunk students who return to the University after a night of rave. Clever. Arrived in the place of '' 'Penis de Cristal' '', he noticed that one of the testicles is lit. Classroom. They enter the university tower and go NOT TOWARDS THE TESTICLE. Because one, a good explorer is always the opposite of the quest indicator (well, a real removes), two, that means that there are people and our adventurers are sneaky. They explore the tower under the look of their mischievous MJ (A rumor indicates that the song said "If there is a price for lack of judgment ... I think I have the winning ticket").

They go around the '' Penis de Cristal '' 'in the trigonometrical direction to find the famous "lift door". After a while, they notice that their path, which until then had been going up, is starting to come down, which they consider to be the right place. Malin. A little less clever to open the door, since they can not. BUT, the door opens itself ... to let pass the elf-gnome that is the director of the university. The group splits in two, Tùrin follows the mage while Arnor protects the two balls. After some adventures on the theme "Hmm you are naughty rascals" (hehe ...) for each group, our friends in the second group eventually drop their cover (hehe ...) and answer honestly to the director more or less consenting (of the wholesale spirit viol), who understands that they are seeking Aeline. She leads them in a room located +3 / 2Pi radians in the trigonometric direction to let them see Aeline they are obviously afraid to lose. Arrived in the room, she notices that Tûrin had cleverly stolen an object and sends the group number two to seek it. What theyre doing. But they do not find Sani on their return. They sway ash everywhere to make sure it is not invisible. Style. They do not spot it and decide to find the secret passage they find. They follow the long corridor to reach a cell where Aeline's head is (Oh my gods, it's horrible!) And find that the door closes behind them. But that's without counting the clever intervention of a mage who stuck his stick in a crack to prevent the door from closing, and the muscular intervention of Arnor, which has its effect on Sani who falls unconscious in front of the muscles Arnor (or can be knocked out by the door).

Short. Tùrin takes the head of Cristal and runs shouting "find me where you know!" The others decide to go explore Sani's apartments. What theyre doing. They learn by excavating that the '' 'Penis de Cristal' '' was built 3764 years ago by the first crystal mage in order to fulfill the sacred mission, but they also learn that the president of the university in the year 1112 of the university fled by killing all its board of directors, carrying with it the order of the sacred mission.

Then follows the flight of Tieret, the exploration of the Mordor, the crossing of the desert towards the Mountain of Fate, the fight with flying machinery, the fainting of a useless mage during the fight, the arrival of a Friendly wyvern who did not seem to fly very fast and who died of exhaustion, the happened to the mountain of fate. Aeline, driven by Tùrin finally confessed after a while that the sacred mission was to protect the evil to the IS (yes, it's the right direction), that after a while they have found that the source of evil was in the Volcano, so they decided to monitor the area, starting to build an outpost (stars in Arnor's eyes). But Aeline realized that they were going to become evil and killed them all before running away. End.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Valentin (Jarod), Antoninus, Tristan (Tùrin), Audric (Arnor) Where is France? Here. Where is Brazil? Here. Where is Sedric? Here.

Duration in game: from 26th of August to 6th of October of year 2 (41 days, parallel to the previous session)

XP : 1500 / player


Session 21 of January 8 and 12, 2018 - the Tower of the Shadow

During this session, no less than 5 adventurers meet at the inn of the line. Since they are the finest of those who do not hesitate to brave the East, they decide to embark on a difficult mission, offered by Siegfried: "I have a magic compass that leads to a city very far to East, and we need to explore it! " Everyone took the road, full East ...

The first two weeks were rather quiet. But when they had recently entered the desert lands, they fall on a group of four statues in unusual positions, and features particularly realistic ... seized with fear and knowing their classics, the adventurers look for mirrors / Polished weapons to look at and avoid directly crossing the eyes of vile basilicas. Well. But they do not find basilicas. In addition to the statues are old then the basilicas may be dead, or gone, or something else. So they leave.

After a few more days of walking, the adventurers distinguish in the distance a crowd, and hear screams ... cries of orc! Arnor's blood is just a trick: we're going to beat up some orc. But things are not so simple in the east and, as they get closer to each other, the group finds that four orcs are grappling with a bench of "piranhas of the sands": carnivorous fish that jump out of the sand and attack the unfortunate . Already one of them falls and is slowly absorbed in the sand. Adventurers decide to fly to help the orcs (Arnor has a plan). The fight is tough, but the sand piranhas end up giving up and leave. Two orcs survived. One of them is in a coma. The other is called Crünch, and it is an orc of the Tooth. Arnor wants to know where the Tooth Clan is (to bring them gifts, of course). Crünch is evasive. But the adventurers learn that he is going on a mission in the west, and that he will continue even with a small group. Siegfried tries to eradicate information. A double critical failure on the part of the two protagonists leads to a strange dialogue of the deaf. Crünch also grants the adventurers the opportunity to arrange for them an appointment with emissaries of the "clan" of the teeth. He also explains that he must send a message to Frontière (in a red house with three chimneys). And to do this, he planned to use a pigeon traveler! Advanced technology for the empire, the concept of carrier pigeon shines the eyes of Siegfried who, neither one nor two, offers to lend Bougon his hawk to carry the message to Border. But, clever, he tells his hawk to come back to him discreetly as soon as possible. He launches Bougon towards the sky who ... will land on the nearest dune. And do not do anything anymore. Never mind, Akakamo and Siegfried explain to the orc that we will send Boubou, and that the two birds will do the relay by passing the message of dunes in dunes. Bright idea. The orc is conquered, the logic is unstoppable. Siegfried takes the opportunity to retrieve the message and learns that it is an appointment for two months at the foot of the flying islands. Mysterious. Orc seems also interested to be introduced to Tieret, but the adventurers do not finally do it. All this discussion with the orc lasts a long time ... Eventually, the soul of the adventurers votes for or against killing the orc, and this one is spared. All finished well.

Then our happy heroes resume their journey. They also understood, reading the message, that the orcs searched a nearby tower (as well as through a clever ploy based on a subtle misunderstanding). They decide to go there.

The tower is very sandy and very ruined. Turin climbing to get in but it does not lead to anything. Meanwhile Akakamo awakens a specter in the ruins that attacks him. This one, in a rattle, said to look for "the magic word". The adventurers kill him. They find a weird dictionary and a sheet of parchment ready for him. Turin decides to take it brutally and without precaution, and suddenly it crumbles without being read. Then the heroes enter the tower. There they face giant scorpions, other specters, and manipulate strange mechanisms based on power gems. They understand that they can be recharged by kneeling in front of statues and thanking them. They end up activating a mechanism that invokes spirits. A terrible fight ensues. Siegfried spends his time talking to ghosts who definitely do not want to be his friends. Turin is trying to break a statue. Dori and Arnor type, they are useful. Akakamo dies (his maximum of PV falls to 0, no bowl).

Finally, Turin eventually broke the statue, freeing the lord of the place. The adventurers teach him the magic word (which is "thank you"). So he thanks them. He seems a little sad about the state of his "kingdom" and offers a present to the heroes. Benevolent, they decide to revive Akakamo, which will have the fatal consequences that we know, but do not anticipate.

And then they go back to Frontière.

'' 'BONUS: The adventure seen by a hawk' ''

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan (Siegfried)

Players: Tristan (Tùrin), Audric (Arnor), Daniel (Dori), Juan (Siegfried), Sabine (Akakamo)

Duration in game: october 6 to november 22 nd of year 2 (47 days)

XP : 1450 / player


Session 22 of January 16, 2018 - The Tattooed Expedition

After a session where the adventurers saw their first real death, '' 'tattooed' '' (1) decide to calm down a bit and stay at Frontier ... to investigate! They walk discreetly (2) to the round house with three chimneys in the north quarter (3), and begin to monitor the house. Then came the arrival of an elf who knocked on the door and entered without leaving any trace, the door-to-door attempt of a localized brother, his failure, his attempt to register with the '' Adam's Boy Band '' '' '(4), a new failure, and his successful attempt to overtly knock that left traces while the rest of the' 'tattooed' '' fail to follow Dalton's group (5) who was leaving discreetly from the area. Our expert investigator leaves a word of explanatory excuse for the inhabitants or the authorities: "I heard a thud coming from your house, I snapped insistently then I entered by forcing the door for fear that it will something happened, sorry for the door, Adam ".

Faced with the success of their first investigation, they go to the floating islands (6) and then go to their love meeting with orc emissaries. They meet a group of 3 orc warriors and two shamans, tell them of their willingness to help their cause, fail, get in for helping the orcs previously, and see the emissaries orc go and head south. They follow them for half a day difference for six days, are apparently identified, and fight to fall one by one slumber after killing a fighter, except Arnor who is kindly beaten, and Dory who wakes up at the end of fight to intimidate the three foaming orcs by shining his eyes. It is very effective! Afraid the orcs are beating him too.

Faced with the success of their second investigation, they say that they do not need to follow the emissaries and head south after making sure that the traces emissaries had changed. Our adventurers are advancing serenely towards the promised jungle! I

They advance quite quickly, meet two hippogriffs. Arnor tries to tame one, whom he believes to be '' 'Gentile' ', the hippogriff he had already met, while Brother Touche jumps on the other to try to make his next meal ( 7).

They continue their way and enter the mountains. They find a tiger baby with saber tooth injured in a fault, which Arnor tames and names '' 'Gentile' ''. They continue 5 days in the mountains, and meet 4 orcs ... Brother touch makes his '' mea culpa '', fails, falls asleep and tie up, global surrender. Our friends pass by the tattoo artist and finally enter the '' '' broken boy '' band.

Proudly sporting their tattoos, our friends continue to the promised land (a kind of lush jungle), to arrive in a swamp. Sadness. Follows an encounter with ridiculously adorable frog man, the "capture" (8) of the adventurers, the gain of honor of their captor, animated discussions on the geopolitics of Dory with the great C'roi, liberation, discussions, promise to return to recover their gold statuette stolen by the crows.

(1) Nickname by anticipation

(2) "discretely"

(3) Housing district my faith very boring, without empty houses or abandoned to do a good surveillance. Sadness in Arnor's eyes.

(4) Or the Tooth ...

(5) "A large, medium and small form"

(6) The children of Mur are doing well, his husbands are very organized

(7) Arnor's disappointment, and struggle to free the poor beast.

(8) Their hands held by very strong twigs

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Audric (Arnor), Madie, Jeff, Daniel

Duration in game: Nov. 23 to Dec. 25, Year 2 (32 days)

XP : 2250 / player


Session 23 of January 18, 2018 - The Bacon War

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Bilson

The day had started well for Henry. As usual, her night had been disturbed only by the grumbling of the village's many pigs, a sign that no danger had arisen during the night. He had long since learned to appreciate their company. Recently, the village had new visitors, a merry band of men and women poorly dressed. Their behavior, sometimes brawler, sometimes enticing, was both a source of delight and desires for the village. It was not uncommon to hear them moan and kiss, which did not fail to amuse the children of the village. These spice merchants are a real spice to the monotonous activities of the village. It must be said that this small village, nestled several days north of the border, bordered by a forest silent, has little entertainment. When the monsters of the surroundings do not disturb the monotonous existence of the inhabitants, they can entertain and eat at the pub held by "Le Verdâtre". The only brand of modernity, the village has a dispensary where "Ratspoutine? Tries somehow to cure the ills of the villagers.

Grogg, the village chief, had left the day before on an expedition to the north. The village, without its leader, went about its daily activities, all relating to the well being of the many pigs that populated the village. It was that morning that a troupe of four troubadours chose to come to the edge of the village. Henry, who watched then Berta, the biggest slut in the village, to roll in the mud, noticed the first this troupe atypical. At his head, a tall, muscular man with finely braided mossy green hair and fine clothes seemed to be talking with an imposing mass. In his life, Henry had never seen such a big man. But although his impressive stature impressed Henry, his gait and posture seemed like those of a feline. How could so much fat move with so much grace? Behind the two companions, a masked being does not reveal any portion of his anatomy works slowly. Without knowing why, the approach of this individual, without appearing hobble, reminded Henry of a chicken. In the back, a skinny man with a pointed hat, dragging the dough while tiring to deblaze. It seems to Henry that the man in question is languishing and complaining.

Faithful to the tradition of welcoming the ancestors of the village, Henry greeted with great joy these newcomers, and it is quite natural that they found themselves all together at the pub, to taste the fine food of "Blabla vert", all delight in its generous beers and other fragrant wines. The troubadours came from the Border Inn, further south at the eastern boundary of the land. He was coming to the area and heading north up the river. On their way, they had met creatures made of lianas and mud which, it seems, had brought them to an epic battle. Henry smiled in the village, we know these monsters well, they serve food pigs. These new visitors asked a string of questions about the village. Who lived there? How did they protect themselves? Who was their leader? Henry, as a good host, responded without any mystery to their answers. The village was founded several moons ago by an adventurer group. They had settled here in the arms of the forest, protecting themselves from external attacks. The pigs were defending the village against the monsters, and fed on their enemies. Thus, the villagers lived peacefully, trading with passing travelers. One of the strangers, the one with the hood who did not drink and did not eat, asked to go talk to the pigs. "What a funny idea," said Henry, "but as a good host, he invited her to go and talk to the pigs. After all, pigs never failed to talk. The evening ended with beer and songs, and the stranger who was always complaining began to tell stories to the children. Marveled by these epic adventures, delighted children demanded more and more history. But the day was ending, and here we go to bed early, says Henry. He proposed to the strangers to rest in the barn of the village, and took his new friends there. As they passed in front of the carriages of the men scarcely dressed in light dances, the group of foreigners, attracted by the caresses and other pleasures of their individuals, went towards the carrioles. The stranger with mossy green hair made an exception, seeming to completely lose interest in these naked individuals, but also in his companions. He asked Henry to drive him to the barn. Henry hoped to be able to take advantage of this interaction so he could continue to watch the naked women, but true to his quality of being a guest, he accompanied the mossy-haired man to the barn, and wished him good night. On the way to his house, Henry saw the hooded man in the arms of one of the women. He smiled, and the red rose to his cheeks. It was a nice day.

As always, Henry would get up at dawn. He enjoyed enjoying the first rays of the sun with the pigs of the village. As he made his way to the paddock, he saw the group of four companions come out of the barn. Henry gave them a friendly hand gesture and they started the conversation. While Henry expected to have compliments for the quality and safety of their rest, the four individuals asked Henry for access to the village cave, located behind the big rock. Henry was surprised, how such polite beings yesterday could be so gruff on waking. But Henry is a good man, and he explained to them that only Grogg could go into the cave, it is dangerous. The strangers tried to negotiate, first by charm, then by money and finally by fear. But Henry knew that Grogg was the only one who could help them, he told them the same thing every time. Grogg would be back tomorrow, they could ask him. The biggest of the four, hungry for not having breakfast, asked for bacon and grilled pork. Henry did not believe what he had just heard. His face, usually cheeks red and illuminating the joy of life, suddenly became pale and marked by a dark look. The hooded man seemed equally shocked. Henry did not like violence, and he was not a being of anger. But to propose to eat the pigs, the protectors of the village, was undoubtedly the worst offense that could be done to him. Henry exploded with a black rage and his words swept away in a deluge that overwhelmed the four individuals. Too excited to do anything, Henry decided to calm down by cuddling Roger and Bertha, his two favorite pigs. Sitting in his chair facing his house, Henri cajoled his pigs while watching the strangers. He never looked away from them until they entered the clinic. At least, Henry thought, the pigs know about it and keep an eye on them. But Henry knew that a wise man was worth two, so he asked Olivier, the most handsome man in the village, to take five more companions and go guard the entrance to the cave until Grogg's return. The stranger at the hood was trying to talk to Roger and Bertha, but the pigs were no longer in the mood for discussion. They surrounded the stranger and Bertha bit his hand. At the same time, a devil, screaming like a lunatic, ran into the village and fled towards the cave. Two pigs, alerted by the noise, pursue him. Henry remained unmoved, this is not the first time such an event has happened. The pigs will take care of it. The man with the hood, as for him, had disappeared.

The day went on and noon was approaching. Henry, still pissed off by the words of the big stranger, could not really do his business. He was just carrying straw boots from one place to another. It was first the noise that drew him from this state of semi-consciousness. Then he saw Olivier, carried by two of his companions. Olivier and another villager were injured. Henry ran to help his friends and understand what was going on. One of the villagers told him that an imp had tried to enter the cave, but that Olivier's arrow had solved the problem. Later, the four strangers came to the cave. Seeing her guarded, three of them turned around. But the hooded man had stayed and murmured sentences and made strange gestures with his hands. At the same moment, a crown of thorns appeared in shafts of black energies which came to rest on Olivier's skull. Olivier, his eyes filled with rage, began to fight his friends and it was necessary to take three to be able to control it. When Olivier had recovered his spirits, wounded in the skirmish, they had run to the village to inform Henry of the event.

Henry's face was closed. He had, however, been a good host, offering bed and board. He had, however, answered all their questions, even offering his help as far as possible. Henry could not conceive of strangers behaving in this way. Foreigners had flouted the laws of hospitality, there must have been a reason. Henry took three villagers and five pigs and went to the barn where the strangers were to live. The situation needed to be clarified. It is the biggest foreigners who spoke. The man with the hood seemed not to be found. The other two, dumbfounded, remained behind. The stranger preached misunderstanding, accident, clumsiness. But Henry, too eager to protect village, could not believe these words. He asked for chains and told the strangers that he would be tied up while Grogg returned. It was the best solution to protect the village. Henry did not want to hurt strangers, but they seemed to attract chaos. No sooner had he finished his sentence than the biggest of the foreigners jumped in the air and attacked Henry with a kick forward. Too much, it was too much. The pig's clan was attacked, and all, villagers and pigs, then dug into their ancestral forces. Henry changed shape soon, and in a rage like no other, took the form of a beast half man, half pig. The pigs, in a hysterical growl, changed to a half-pig, half-man. The fight did not last long as the pigs are formidable opponents and soon, the foreigners began to run to save their lives. Henry, who was once so good, no longer controlled his anger. "Repatriate them! He shouted. But as he was about to engage in pursuit, the shoots of dark energy crackled again and one of the villagers, in his turn, became furious. The rest is still troubled in Henry's memory today. He remembered catching up with the biggest foreigners and circling him. But this one, like a cat, managed in a leap to escape. The strangers were gone, and the village safe. However, the laws of hospitality had been flouted. The pig's clan had been forced to violence. Henry would never be the same again. The village, which had always honored its guests, regardless of their condition or appearance, either ...

Players: Altur, Amnon, Brother Tuche and Jarod

Duration in game: from 26 december of year 2 to 6 february of year 3

XP : 2250 / player


Session 24 of January 22, 2018 - The Monastery of the Broken Tooth

Arnor explained around a beer to Tûrin his theory of time that folds half on itself to offer an explanation to the loss of time near prehistoric men when the latter interrupts. It would also be logical for the adventurers to forget one day during their journey ... It does not take more for the two adventurers to speak to Siegfried of a hidden people who needs to be relocated and recruit an elf named Atieris passing by (1).

So they leave quickly, after Siegfried tried to create a society of racing pigeons (2) and that Arnor bought a newspaper that he starts updating (3). They gorse themselves on the way to hunt the elf and bays of each other and arrive after 19 days in the mountain arm leading to men returned to the Stone Age. They split up into two groups, one with each ranger (4) to find this famous area of u200bu200boblivion. After three days of marches and messages, they find themselves in front of a ravine that rises in the heights. Tuir advances, freezes, and finally turns to Arnor who seems annoyed and tells him to continue.

They found the famous area, and waiting for the other group to join them. They discover that the cave was inhabited by a group of pacified Orc (5). The converted caves are a mass grave, and they continually uncover corpses in the area. Our adventurers explore caves from top to bottom (6), and discover little by little the history of this clan.

The broken tooth is a peaceful monk clan who has fled their clan, the tooth, in order to live according to their peaceful principles, and their way of life. They found their haven of peace in the mountains and installed a powerful fate of forgetfulness, but live in fear that the tooth will find them. This is what happens when [], the successor of the clan leader [] decides to betray his clan to the benefit of the tooth. The details are unclear, but the tooth attacked the clan, first sending a demon that was locked up by the leader of the clan [] (which seems the most logical assumption, explaining the altar and the loss of the eyes), then sending men directly.

Only the shadow of the apprentice remained, it is released from its receptacles by the adventurer, questioned, then destroyed. Our adventurers then leave the caves leaving the devil they have discovered, then return when they have forgotten why they have left such a being, and kill him in an epic and more than close battle. The men in the valley have certainly heard the echoes of this epic battles, maybe the cry of the GM when mortal finger hit with 60 damage, or when Arnor shrieked close to that of the barbarian, but they certainly heard the screaming of the demon under the last blow of Siegfried.

After the battle, [[List of_player_characters # Tristan | Tristan (Tùrin)] and Adriana (Atieris) returned to the border, leaving Audric (Arnor) and Juan (Siegfried) to their idyll in the mountains. Finally, to their creation of a peacemaker cult.

(1) Arnor tick, it's a prowler this thin thing? Which clan frankly?

(2) "My pdf is not working ... -I can make a partnership to make a racing pigeon society -You tried [insert name of software] -Ouai ouia ... " Disappointment of Juan.

(3) The narrator repeats himself, but Arnor is clever. And he can read and write yes.

(4) The only real class, the one with the class. Classroom.

(5) Technical term used by Arnor.

(6) Corridors, corridors, always corridors.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Tristan (Tùrin), Audric (Arnor), Juan (Siegfried), Adriana (Atieris)

Duration in game: from the 7th of February to the 23rd of March of the year 3

XP : 5450 / player


Session 25 of January 24, 2018 - Farewell, Amnon!

Following previous misadventures, Jarod and Amnon decide to return to the village of men-pigs to try to fix the situation. Galdor, Dory and Akakamo accompany them with pleasure. Along the way, they meet a group of forest elves, including one who watches the owl-like pigs, and a young elf named Laureline with whom Galdor gets along very well.

In the village of men-pigs, as announced by the elves, there seems to be no one, people are gone. There is still one, the innkeeper, with whom the group tries to discuss to fix the situation, to say that it was a misunderstanding, etc ... But the innkeeper, like his pitiful race (Jarod becomes racist anti -cochon), seems to get angry easily and it starts in combat, with the intervention of a harpy who supports the pig-man. The band wins, but at what price? Amnon succumbs! Before the healers intervene, a strange portal appears beneath him and his body is carried away by black tentacles. Akakamo, the noble paladin, succeeds happily in saving the wizard's bag.

The group then asks for help to the elves, an outside intervention could help them to secure the area. They then explore the famous cave, with a well inside where murmurs are heard. When in doubt, they break everything ... The elves then arrive and take care of the prisoners of the pigmen (apparently, they were about to concert them) and the male-pig children.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Galdor, Amnon, Dory, Akakamo, Jarod

Duration in game: March 24th to May 10th of year 3 (47 days)

XP : 2025 / player


Micro-session 25.5 of January 26, 2018 - The loss of Fort Tubercule

GM: Arnold

Siegfried and Arnor were training at the Monastery of the Broken-tooth Monks when they thought it would be handy to have apprentices do the housework and all that. They naturally thought of the kobolds and goblins of Fort tubercle. On their way there they came upon a white stone road that did not exist before. Once arrived at the fort they came across a massacre dating back several days. The tuber was severely burned and many people were dead. One of the dying told them that lycanthropists had made the move and that there may be survivors in the new mine. A young kobold had also survived which confirmed the existence of the mine. They decided to entrust it to the husband of Mur to the flying islands.

Once in the flying islands they realized that the facilities had evolved well here. Many of the mechanisms were renovated or under renovation. They asked a few questions and then returned to the fort. Following the white stone road in the other direction they arrived at the mine (whence apparently extracted this whitish stone). Rummaging through the tunnels they found an underground canyon that led to a succession of rocky arches and then to a great troglodyte city where they saw dwarfs with grayish skin.


Arnor before sleeping: "Amnon, brother touches, altur, Jarod, Amnon, brother touches, altur, Jarod, Amnon, brother touches, altur, Jarod ..."

Summary by: Audric

Players: Audric (Arnor), Juan (Siegfried), Brother Touche, Wall

Duration in game: May 11th to June 12th of Year 3 (32 days)

XP : 1000 / player


Session 26 of February 5, 2018 - The oubliettes

That day, the departure from the border was somewhat hasty for the adventurers. Indeed, after unsuccessful attempts to sell real estate, Jarod was the victim of an assassination attempt that injured him and caused the death of two people who came to hear his stories about the Titan Guild. Someone is trying to silence him! Oh, of course, there will always be some bad language to tell that it was once more a result of the instability of Jarod's magic, but Galdor the burned was of course eager to confirm the impossibility of such an assumption.

So that's the group leaving again to adventure. Coming to learn the sad events that took place in Fort Tubercule, they decide to spend there. On the spot, they conduct an investigation again to try to find out more, but do not find much, except traces that confirm the hypothesis that the pigmen would be responsible. That said, when studying the bodies, the low number of goblin and kobold bodies challenges them: would there be any survivors somewhere?

No time to deepen, because Jarod receives a message from the forest elf king: the group of elves they had met previously, including the metamorph and Laureline, are missing. The blood of Galdor made only one turn: it was necessary to find the chosen one of his heart! Head north, to the last place where the group of elves was seen, west of the pigmen's village.

The group ends up locating traces of the passage of the pig-men, which Atieris followed until arriving in a clearing with ruins, and a deep well in the middle. A hazy transformation made it possible for Galdor to go scouting at the bottom of the well, to discover dungeons, then to make a plan on the ground. Above all, they learned that just down the well there was a hole with spikes. To go down, the best plan would be to go down the rope.

The rope: the worst enemy of Galdor and Jarod, who had failed to die when they tried to drop one previously. But overcoming his fear, Jarod decided to come down, after insisting that a second security rope be tied around him and held tight by Akakamo, just in case ... So here he is descending to the bottom, throwing some lights in front he, then warning his companions to stop him down with a line of fire which, fortunately, did not burn the rope, he stopped just before the spikes and was able to hang the rope on the side to allow his companions to descend . Turin then chose this moment to say that he could make everyone go down in dead leaves ... But hey, the rope was still necessary to get off badly.

No luck, zombie creatures came out of the hole to attack Jador who, under panic, reacted with a fireball that burned the rope. But many physical and magical tugs from the skies of Turin, Atieris and Galdor allowed the creatures to be slaughtered while Akakamo healed Jarod from his weekly coma. They left to explore the dungeons, Galdor in the lead in search of his beloved, but still behind Akakamo history to let him take the blows.

Here they are, facing a water element protecting a huge treasure of 500 pieces, which will prove to be vulgar copper. But the powerful creature was resistant, and took Akakamo by covering it, this derness surviving only thanks to his immovable resistance. The fight became complicated, but now, creature prisoners, elves arrived, including the shapeshifter and Laureline.

Muted as jam, Galdor unleashed his magic, boosted by chaotic and timely effects. He could only admire the courage of his beloved who, armed with a simple pebble, took part in the fight. The shapeshifter demanded a weapon to fight while healing one of the adventurers, but the latter finding his osse spells very convenient, preferred to leave him to the care while they slaughtered the elemental. Thus ended the fight.

The elves then told them that they had been ambushed by the pigmen, who had thrown them into this dungeon. Laureline explained that only 6 of them survived through a dead leaf spell. It surprised Turin who knew that this spell only worked on 5 people, but it turned out that Laureline had not counted well. But the most important thing was the news she gave them: the pig-men, always in search of the adventurers, were heading for the realm of the elves. They were too hurt to get there, so Galdor stayed with them to make sure they (well, especially Laureline) were fine. While already, the others went to the kingdom of the elves, having sent a message to the other adventurers: the war was declared!

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Galdor, Turin, Atieris, Jarod, Akakamo

Duration in game: June 13th 003 to July 26th 003

XP : 2200 / player


Session 27 of February 7, 2018 - Meeting with the people of the mines

The '' 'Boys' Band of Broken Adam '' is reunited again to investigate the massacre of the Fort Tubercle. On the information of Arnor, they went to interrogate the dwarves with the gray skin which are in the mine.

They met a charming people, they are the allegory of joy (1). A people who live from commerce, but the only thing they want is time (2). The discussion with one of the figures of the city, to lead the adventurers to discover that someone, no doubt very friendly, to bring the goblins of Fort tubercule to their city. To obtain the identity of this person the dwarves require time (3 units).

Alas the adventurers did not have time on them. They decided to take leave of this person to fetch time. But this person was already very attached to the adventurers (3). She did not want to let them go. But thanks to their speed and the strength of Brother touch, the adventurers managed to get out of the city.

But this people is very sticky, arachnoid riders have insisted that the adventurers stay with them (4). After intense negotiation, the adventurers managed to leave. They thought they were clear but on the way out of the mine, the dwarves again insisted that the adventurers stay in the city. This time it was giant dwarves (5).

Once out of the mine, the adventurers decided to hide near the mine to find out who traded with the dwarves (6). They met spice sellers (7) already met in the village of lycanthropes. They recognized Brother Touche, so they invited him to their hiding place, which is in the mine is full of food (8). Arrive in front of the mine Arnor wanted to help them get us down in the mine, but for the barbarian who held the crank took it as an insult they attacked us.

After an epic battle (9), the adventurers negotiated with their leader to fight alongside them in the coming battle with lycanthropes (10) (11).

(1) A warrior and slave people.

(2) Persons (the agreement of the person is optional).

(3) To leave the city you must leave them a person of the group.

(4) After the fight there was a survivor we tried to sell it they did not want.

(5) The dwarves were under the spell. (Brother Touche kept pieces)

(6) We know how to hide behind a bush, but we are very bad.

(7) He had a carpet wrap with them.

(8) Subtle the trap.

(9) A 20 to the die roll.

(10) She's a mercenary, we have to pay her.

(11) In the carpet there was Princess Peach.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Dory

Players: Arnor, Dory, Brother Key, Wall

Duration in game: June 14th 003 to June 25th 003 (11 days, in parallel with the previous session)

XP : 3250 / player


Session 28 of February 12, 2018 - The Battle of Fallonde

On the verge of war, the Titan Guild heads almost entirely to the Fallonde kingdom, to save the elves from a deadly fate. They begin their march from Frontier, and head north and arrive two days before the pigs according to elven scouts. A battle ensues with the pigs ... who brought friends back. Indeed, while the adventurers sought them, men pigs, or conversely, they meet some groups ready to smash adventurers, or elves. It is therefore against two giants, dozens of pigs and harpies that meet the elves and saviors of titans. A fight with no survivors ensues for the pigs, with the death of one-third of the elves, and the loss of one of their spirit trees and some buildings.

Benevolent, the adventurers stay to help the elves rebuild their cities, except Tristan (Tûrin), because he is a bastard who prefers to kill Cristaeline.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Tristan (Tùrin), Audric (Arnor), Juan (Siegfried), Adriana (Atieris), Daniel (Dori), Sabine (Akakamo), Valentin (Jarod), Sedric

Duration in game: June 26, 003 to August 18 003 (53 days, should have started on July 26)

XP : 5400 / player


Session 29 of February 15 - The Tower of Perlimpinpin

With the battle of Fallonde over, the Titan Guild helps rebuild the Elven realm. Gudra goes off among his people, freed from his contract by Arnor. Note his participation as discreet, but effective (according to the mj, the players are not sure). Tùrin disappears, so we note its performance down, for its lack of cooperation. The rest of the adventurers remain and help rebuild the houses, heal the wounded and observe the people who have lost so much manage their grief. Good point for the guild of titans, except Tùrin, nobody likes it. Apart from the loss of more than a quarter of the population, the elves have lost one of their two spirit trees, and do not know how their race will evolve with this loss. They blow me in the atrium that they will become small. One month after the battle, King Sylvain meets the guild leaders, Arnor and Siegfried, who are accompanied by Akakamo. He introduces them to a woman with Elven features that he introduces as Cayana, a survivor of the Dragons' Circle, a group of Druids from the north. Seeing the three adventurers in full preparation, he asks the guild leaders to their stooge to show him the world (perverted smile of the stooge). New good point for adventurers, they accept.

So it's at four-and-a-half that our adventurers leave, Arnor, Siegfried, Cayana, the stooge, and the more intelligent horse than the stooge. Having first asked the elves if they could build them a boat, mixed for the adventurer, but they accepted with pleasure, the group goes down the river that begins with the elves, secretly hoping that the river is in closed loop. But we must believe that their goal does not hold so much to heart, they abandon the idea in the first round come. Loss of point for lack of consistency. Whoever says trick, says magic, so they call this tower the snake-tower and go in without blinking.

The first piece is my very nice faith and we know immediately that the tower is no longer inhabited when we see the 5 cages with corpses completely decomposed. A number 1 tells us that we are in the entrance, practical. Some critics all the same, the corpses continent little loot. Sadness. The room has not been much ventilated lately, so that the very realistic appearance of the corpses in a cage is somewhat spoiled by the strong smell of their decomposition. But this does not distract the adventurers from their friendly little tour, and they advance by following one by one the numbers left in the rooms to indicate the direction of the visit. Small bonus for the visit, a light turns around each adventurer to light the way. Clever. Lack of coherence in the windows, some of them face south when they should face north, and seem to be high, while the adventurers did not climb stairs. So this is a bad point, especially for the stooge who does not really seem to understand the logic of the architect. Exhibit Number 7 leaves the adventurers, a pretty fountain and the loot doubtful, but snake shapes seem to want them to swear. To be nice, Siegfried swears, but the adventurers are rather disappointed by their first contact in the tower. In addition, the latter is a triplet of troll (?) Stupid who do not know what to type. Audric (Arnor) does not like their drive to want focus. Bad point. Room 9 is poorly indicated, the adventurers assume that it is the room occupied by giant pelicans, which is covered with straw. Bad point for cleanliness. They cross the latter despite the fury of the pelicans. Follows sequence of pieces, arrived in room 21, then 22 with many papers speak of magic plans. Black point of the visit, they could not make a plan directly? Exhibit 23 gives no indication of the last piece, so the adventurers decide to get high. Siegfried who climbs first on the summit (bad point, we force the adventurer to climb the tower after having them down to the rope), takes a flash from the lake (bad point). A ghostly form coming out of an altar asks him what his wish is. Already disappointed by this adventure, he asks for the destruction of this place, and he is right. It's done. Rain in the area because the note of the adventure is negative, jostling to go out.

In the end, the adventurer is rather disappointed and lessened by this flat and sad adventure.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Audric (Arnor), Juan (Siegfried), Sabine (Akakamo), Lani (Kayana)

Duration in game: from the 18th of August 003 to the 22nd of October 003 (65 days)

XP : 3100 / player


Session 29.5 - Interlude - End of an Archmage?

'' 'CAUTION: The following scenes contain violent descriptions that shock the sensitivity of the youngest and most heart-loving players.' ''

After the Fallonde battle, Turin quickly returned to Frontière. Worried about the looting of the Tower by other members of the guild, he wants to talk to Aeline about it.

Aeline seemed delighted to see you and talk enough before. But that's the big silence. His face freezes. "But of course, you're a genie, we have no time to lose, come and take me home!"

'' Turin and Aeline then go to the Crystal Tower and enter the secret room using a Misty Shape spell ''

Aeline: "Go go quickly!"

She looks very ecstatic, very impatient '' (Tristan: Houla) ''. So you arrive in the attic. And you see ...

Armor on display. Standing on supports against the walls. They are made of metal and crystal. Each armor is made of a different metal and holds a weapon in its glove.

Aeline did not even think and said to you: "Take off the helmet of the gray and put me on it". The armor in a kind of iridescent crystal silver, accompanied by a sword in a similar style.

'' Turin runs and places Aeline's head on the designated armor ''

She stops talking and fidgets and concentrates. The little lights that you had already seen in his skull are triggered. In small quantities and then stronger and stronger. The gleams begin to traverse the crystal veinlets of the armor. Everything starts to shine.

And just before closing your eyes you see all the light, more and more intense, that goes to the head of Aeline.

'' Dazzling light ''

And then you hear a few clicks and you open your eyes while the armor, Aeline, puts your arm on your shoulder.

Aeline: "Thanks, it worked I think"

And his face begins to fall apart

She does not lose her smile

'' (Tristan:: O) ''

Turin: "Aeline?"

She tries to say something, but you do not hear well, she can not articulate

Turin: "AELINE?"

The armor stays standing in front of you

Covered with a little crystal dust, motionless.


'' ... ... ... ''

"After staying in PLS for a day in a corner of the room, Turin gets up and grabbed his stick, decided to contact the Dean of Tieret via a distance communication spell."

"Aeline is dead, I must speak to you."

You feel that the message is coming. And the answer is like a kind of muffled murmur that you do not understand: "mmmffmfmmffffff".

'' Tristan: rha bug ''

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Tristan

Players: Tristan (Tùrin)

Duration in game: from August 18 003 to ???

XP : ???


Session 30 of February 19, 2018 - Rescue of Archmage II, Contamination at Tieret

'' Plague epidemic at Tieret! ''

"The Tyrant has fallen ill. The First Councilor took power (being the only valid Triumvira since the "accident" of the president of the university). In order to change their habits, the heroes decide to mix with each other in order to end up against the authorities, cause the elimination of a member of the Triumvira of Tieret and escape like thieves by kidnapping an archmage (already seen ?) ''

'' And incidentally we met a silver dragon who let us ride on his back in exchange for 3 porcelain bowls. ''

The adventure began when the group just learned of the accidental death of Aeline (!) In a magical experiment to give her back a body. After a mourning of about 2 minutes, they decide to go looting their tower, discovering the four armor of the legendary knights-mages having defeated the necromancer thing (Aeline having been the silver knight). And more of these armor, they find an assortment of equipment including a shield which according to an old legend would be handled by the person who would unify the kingdoms of the desert (and which sports an old version of the coat of arms of Tieret). The adventurers spread the spoils and continue to Tieret, having learned from Turin that something was being fomented on the spot ...

On the way they meet a rather nice silver dragon (!), Passionate about traditional human craftsmanship ("so typical") who agrees to carry us on his back to Tieret in exchange for an assortment of bowls of Brother Touche. At the moment of leaving, he invites us to visit him occasionally in his domain at the Eternal Mountains.

Arriving at Tieret, the heroes discover that an epidemic of "plague" has spread throughout the city. Akakamo arrives, starting to look after everyone. But quickly the group is brought before the authorities, and especially before the Prime Minister. The latter shows suspicious behavior, wanting to treat some of his guard above all, and refusing to let the group access the president of the university to treat her. The group still manages to impose to treat the Tyrant (aka the mayor) ... who is murdered during the night. So with the help of a friendly guard (but not too much) the adventurers decide to exfiltrate the president and bring her back to Frontière to try to cure her (discovering in passing that she was poisoned a small fire).

The group leaves Tieret hurriedly, but not without Frère Touche dripping the pie sold by the Kobolds of the sewer guild. The secret of this mysterious pie, which seems to protect against the epidemic despite its composition based on sewers, remains intact ...

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Tristan

Players: Turin, Akakamo, Brother Touche, Wall

Duration in game: from october 22nd 003 to december 30th 003

XP : 3300 / player


Session 31 of February 22, 2018 - Tieret Inquiry

At Border the adventurers have tried everything to save and heal the president but in vain [, this one, although purged of poisons and without curses or fate weighing on her, does not rise]. So they leave her in good hands and they go back to Tiret in order to heal the rest of the population and understand the plan of the first counselor. On the way, the adventurers cross a lizard [Basilic] that nearly turned Galdor [Jarod] into status, but luckily ["happily"] he was swallowed by a huge hungry and racist crawler (dragons) [by a showy creature and very tall, a Beir]. Of course she was slaughtered by our invincible adventurers (Arnor nearly died in her stomach) [the creature swallows Arnor who is the only one to go to the body with the creature, but eventually she dies open wounds that this one he had left it before]. [As he stands up, Arnor notices the glowing orc scriptures on the blade, "Stronger," "Lighter." He touches "Lighter" by pronouncing the words, which fit into the blade.]

Arrival in Tiret, the city has resumed its usual activity, the university is still without a president since it is necessary to wait a year to confirm the death of the Archmage disappeared and the pie sold by the Kobolds of the sewer guild became the PIE of Dash.

A rumor of loss of body from the cemetery had been answered so we suspected the Kobolds. The adventurers conducted an investigation and indeed the kobolds were caught red-handed and the adventurers followed them to their hiding place. The hiding place was guarded by humans and after a legendary fight with a unicorn and two other round creatures (who attack with their vomit), one of the humans showed us the secret passage. The secret of this mysterious pie, which seems to protect against the epidemic consists of corpses ^^ yum yum [well, that's what the stooge believes].

Ah I forgot to mention that Galdor [Jarod] is now blue (I hate smurf: p)

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Sabine, [Audric]

Players: Jarod, Akakamo, Galdor, Arnor, Dory

Duration in game: Dec 31, 003 to Feb 24 004 (56 days)

XP : 3520 / player


Session 32 of February 24, 2018 - Rescue of the Archmage III, intrigues at Tieret

Our adventurers are always in Tieret. After finding the hiding place of the kobolds and ratmen, they go to the hostel (not that of the orphaned dromedary to be discreet) to decide what to do about these poo pies (and corpses ??) [and d 'wait three days tranquilou pipou, because ... why already? Not because it does not really make sense what, it's a bit like a rogue could advance alone in the East three days after the group head]. There, they find Turin which followed them since border.

The adventurers then decide to go to the hiding place of the Kobolds to see the secret of these pies. They went down the drain and there were no more humans to keep this time. They enter through the secret passage [after the explosion of a poison trap, "I told you they had to be careful," Sabine's sulky look, whose character is resistant to poisons ...], go down a long ladder, enter a small room with a waterfall and two entrances (plus the one by which they came back, plus another they had not seen). Akakamo skilfully crosses the waterfall (with his magical ring of aquatic breathing) and bravely decides to go explore the small tunnel.

Once at the end, he falls into a cradle basin trying to get up with his spear (magical too ^ ^) but it crashes into something soft (poop). After a fierce fight with an unidentified white creature, Akakamo managed to leave the basin with the help of Arnor (who followed him through the tunnel). Of course the others have followed their leaders and everyone is at the edge of the pool. Turin (or Dory !! we do not care, it's not the chiefs) skilfully notes an opening in the room and climbs to see what is there. Meanwhile, the others explored the room next door but there was nothing special: a locked iron door, a staircase to the room where there are hairy creatures with claws (that Turin has already seen) and a staircase going down.

Many other events have occurred, and for short, the four adventurers kill the mouse-men and the kobold shaman and then argue with the god Albino (the unidentified white creature of earlier who is actually a white crocodile). They discovered that the corpses were the food of the albino god and that the Kobolds recovered the poop of the god to make the pies. They also recovered sewers: ceremonial clothes, two prayer scrolls, an earring (which gives the advantage to the constitution jet) a stuffed raven (which is absolutely useless) [, a crocodile statuette, and Akakamo also takes poo (we notice the Akakamo's apt character by his fascination with poo, see the swimming pool). This is nothing very nasty (the corpses are already dead) and it heals the people of Tieret so they decided to stop there with this story.

Now that the origin of the poop pies is discovered, the adventurers wanted to stay still in Tiret to look for what to do with the political problem: the bad first counselor. The next day, they were walking around town and they noticed that they were followed, so Turin hid in a small alley by throwing an invisibility spell to know by whom. Suddenly, Arnor was called by someone (The person told him that he was circled and that he had better surrender ["hmm, chords," Arnor turns around as he leaves]), luckily that the dessert eagles intervened and saved it by eliminating the guards. The dessert eagles are representatives of a rebel movement of dessert towns.

The adventurers (Turin too but being stealthily invisible) followed them into a house (without the steed of Akakamo who was supposed to wait for him at the end of the street) to discuss and hide from the allies of the first councilor who wanted to capture them . The eagles wanted to destabilize Tieret to be able to de-unify the dessert [, Maïté way no doubt] and win their independence (Akakamo obviously hid his shield well during the discussion - '). The adventurers then decided to help the dessert eagles and they agreed on a plan:

Just before sleeping, Dory casts a curse rescue spell on the necklace glued to the neck of Turin and the black specter ["Urodire", which will be changed to Urudur, to be more real] comes out of the necklace and shouts, "I told you that I would take revenge "and black smoke to Akakamo and bring out his specter (called MoKAKA , no, Simba!). The battle was long between the adventurers and the two ghosts, towards the end, Urodure flies away but Turin catches him skilfully and kills him by throwing his magic dagger. Mo [n] KAKA [, finally, Simba,] was as strong as him (so very very strong [uh ... she's not even barbaric!]), He hits Akakamo so hard that he propelled him through the wall. Akakamo on the ground and could not move when his armor to rise from the ground alone (Akakamo no longer controlled his gestures) and goes to MoKAKA and destroys it. MOKAKA's smoke crashes to the ground and goes to AKAKAMO, where AKAKAMO hears a metallic voice saying, "Do I let him in?" and Akakamo says, "NO" {On this armor stands, animated by a life of its own, and cuts the shadow in two with a sword.}

This metallic voice was the voice of '' Aeline ''! {Indeed, his spell attempt did not kill him, but only transferred his consciousness into his old armor, making her unconscious. The adventurers just take the time to celebrate their reunion with the ex-deceased, before taking refuge in the sewers to escape the possible attention of the guard. [Boooring]} Yes the sewers was the safest place and thanks to Turin, they were able to sleep in a pleasant and dry dome after telling what happened to Aeline.

D-Day comes, around one in the morning, Dory has created a door in the city hall wall, on the side of the First Counselor's office. Turin made Dory and Akakamo invisible and Arnor drank an invisibility potion. The perfect plan that turns into disaster in a few minutes, with Turin stumbling when entering, take shots by the guards (which makes Dory and AKAKMO visible), the guards who sound the alarm and therefore the adventurers escape and take refuge again in the sewers (yes the sewers again!). Having nothing to lose and being desperate for their failure, Akakamo offers to try one last chance and try to use the shield to provoke the revolt of the people.

The next day, the adventurers head to the market next to the west exit of Tieret. Akakamo gets a little high and removes the fabric that covered his shield and says:

"'' People of Tieret. ''

"The first counselor manipulates you for his own interest."

"He betrayed the city."

'' Here is the shield that bears the emblem of your city! ''

"Join me for the truth to triumph, unite the cities of the desert!"

Two bright silhouettes representing the coat of arms of the dessert kingdom rise from the shield. The crowd then begins to gather. The guards try to stop them. Akakamo asks the guards to remember the pierced copper piece they wear around their necks, the symbol of their care during the plague. Some guards change their attitude and start going to City Hall, soon followed by their colleagues.

Unable to call his steed (the spells caused the appearance of a glow going west, mystery to solve) Akakamo is carried by the crowd.

Once in front of City Hall, he asks to see the First Counselor. Eret, the chief of the guards, is first retuire but ended up looking for the first counselor. Akakamo challenges the First Counselor to answer questions in an area of u200bu200btruth. In front of the anger and the enthusiasm of the people this last one is obliged to accept and agrees to answer 3 questions.

He manages to lie to the first question. He managed to dodge an honest answer to the 2nd question. The third will seal his fate. His face turns white as his lie fails to pass his lips. Eret, covered with blood, is then led by Turin, Dory and Arnor. Now convinced that the First Counselor must be dismissed, he declares his imprisonment and slaps him in front of the whole crowd. The applause and the vivas of the crowd echo as Akakamo is raised from the ground and Eret is acclaimed as a new member of the triumvirate.

After a little discussion with Eret, Akakamo accepts the role of first counselor. To keep the tradition, Akakamo accompanies his friends to the exit of the city. Once again, the heroes caused the elimination of a member of the Triumvira "the evil first counselor" and came out of the city with an archmage (Aeline in Akakamo's armor). But, contrary to the usual, the heroes come out glorious and proud.

[Akakamo remaining in Tieret, Dori and Turin head for the fake dwarf mines, while Arnor, happy to have participated in a solid, stable start to the post, is preparing for a long trip.]

{Review of the sitting loot: a magical earring, an albino crocodile statue, a stuffed crow}

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Sabine, [Audric], {Tristan}

Players: Dory, Turin, Akakamo, Arnor

Duration in game: january 29th to march 2nd 004 (33 days)

XP : 6155 / players


Session 33 of March 01, 2018 - Rescue in the mine, ee attempt ...

'' 'It's three nai ... small people (and an elf), who go to the mine. The first takes the shovel, the second takes the pick. What does the third take? A TROWER OF INVISIBLE NAIL WARRIORS LARGE GEANT SPIDER HUNTERS IN THE HOPE, SAY WHAT IT TAKES! '' '

Following the liberation of Tieret from the yoke of the oppressor, the adventurers full of ardor and stars in the eyes decide to take advantage of it to go save the goblins (and the kobolds but shh not say to Dori) prisoners gray dwarves slavers. They leave Akakamo to Tieret to take care of the paperwork, and returns to Frontier to find Atieris, having fun with his new bow which ignites the arrows drawn (found in the crystal tower). Wanting to do things well, they decide to spend some time at the local library. There they learn that the empire long ago waged a war with the kingdoms of depths. As a result, the Empire camp said "Fuck It" and collapsed all known passages between the underground and the surface, for several kilometers if possible.

The group then goes to the mine near Fort Tubercule, and goes down to the depths until they reach the dwarven fortress. There Turin made a deplorable attempt to infiltrate the fortress, failing miserably (and repeatedly) to climb the walls ("what is the idiot who decided that the rogues were dead in climbing ?!"). Following this failure, the adventurers retreat for the night, just to give Turin time to recover from his shame. [Legend has it that the dwarves watched it from the beginning up and down from the wall in slow motion].

When they return the next day the double door of the fortress, previously closed, is ajar. [The dwarves, certainly tired of waiting for the adventurers to finally climb their walls to capture them later decided to ease their entry]. Advancing cautiously, the heroes realize that the dwarves seem to have begun work to condemn the corridor by building a wall. Turin and Arnor skilfully discover that the dwarves have also strewed the soil with poison and invisible stilts, using the traditional and proven method of arching (well known to lego lovers). Dori then casts a magic spell to dispel the invisibility spell. The traps appear then ... and the half-dozen invisible dwarves who surrounded the group since their arrival! (and Turin, whose invisibility spell is also dispelled '' thank you Dori! '')

The ensuing fight, initially well engaged, turns against the group when the dwarven reinforcements arrive while climbing on the wall. The adventurers then decide to perform a tactical retreat ('' we get out of the way! ), And find themselves pursued by the dwarven soldiers in the depths. The escape happens ... rather badly, Arnor being constantly pulled back by the other limbs ( when do we arrive? I'm hungry! I want to pee! ). However, as the tunnel narrows, Arnor and Turin exchange a knowing glance and a smirk. The final phase of their plan ( in one phase ), drafted for a long time ( 5 mins while they ran '') is about to begin ...

The heroes, taking advantage that the dwarves are separated into two groups during the climbing of a wall, turn around and fire their weapons again. Arnor, sneering, throws a "YOU ARE FALLING IN OUR TRAP", and begins to slaughter one to one all the pursuers ... seriously WTF! What is this guy? He massacred them ALL! [By magic infusion] * Reading this passage, Brother Touche exclaims: Arnor found opponents to his size! HAHA! *

In short, this battle won the group decides that for the rest of the war we will see later and return home. On the way, to find a little heart in the stomach, they decide to go through the forest (heart, no belly). Once there, they decide to finish the monster representing the corrupt part of the Spirit / Titan / Me of the Forest, and massacre it cheerfully without the latter having been able to place one. Need to say, having a nature priest who charms the plants helps ('' We did discover that Atieris's arc burned his arrows completely without touching their target on a critical hit, when she made two 20 natural knock on shots, we had a good laugh. They then meet the Spirit "I am not a Titan, do not put in your boxes I am a unique and precious flake" of the Forest ('' It's a titan ''), which does not teach them '' 'absolutely nothing '' ', by the limit a little "I wish you killed my dark side I wonder what it will give LOL" (' 'he still a little hesitant when asked if he knew Elemenzer! ''). )

On this, ashamed and confused, our heroes swore but a little late that we would not take them anymore.

GM: Arnold (who else?)

Summary by: Tristan [Audric]

Players: Dori, Turin, Atieris, Arnor

Duration in game: March 3rd 004 to March 23rd 004 (20 days)

XP : 3675 / d


Session 34 of March 05, 2018 - Intrigue, Unicorn and Dragon

Akakamo sur sa licorne

Become a full member of the Triumvirate, Akakamo discovers the throes of power. Paperwork, official announcements, politics ... all that is very painful. Fortunately, Jarod soon returns to Tieret, and with him, perhaps, a little adventure.

Meanwhile, at Border, Jarod falls on Siegfried who returns from a long training at the monastery of "fire-the-orcs". The latter has learned a lot and explains to Jarod that he can now put mandalas to his enemies at the same time that he puts them with two-handed sword (which, when you think about it, is super balèze), and this thanks to his spiritual and martial training. Jarod is not impressed.

They decide to travel together to Tieret. Jarod has to bring back the president of the university who is in a coma to re-form the triumvirate. They are attacked by a hippogriff, Jarod the oneshot, they arrive at Tieret.

Siegfried is a little lost, this is the first time he comes here ... The guards of the city, although anxious at the sight of strangers from the west, lead them to the palace. There they find Akakamo, in full discussion with his advisers. He seems a bit exhausted by all the bureaucracy he has to deal with. He summons the tyrant to prepare the president's room. It's a little overkill, but Akakamo explains that it's to stay discreet. The tyrant, perfectly polite, explains that it would be better to make an official announcement for the return of the president, without mentioning her condition. The adventurers argue, and agree to announce his return but specifying his condition to the people. Akakamo and Jarod would also like to organize the replacement of the president (Jarod will see interim archie if the function existed it would be even better ...). Yes but no, because the tyrant insists that it does not happen. Siegfried wants to investigate in more detail those who assaulted the president. Yes it's not very clever because he forgot that it's Arnor. The others tell him to shut up, then the tyrant leaves. Jarod and Akakamo plot a little more, then they choose to announce the return of the resident by a company of peeps: the company of the flying dog (what the people will find moved ... hard, hard to be sovereign. is this people stupid).

Then they go to the prison to talk a guard who served the former counselor. Objective: to make it speak. Siegfried has the unpleasant feeling that we are talking about torture, but he thinks no, his friends would not do that ... The guard is well settled in prison (it must be said that his family is influential). The adventurers negotiate his testimony against the counselor, but he seems sure of his impunity. Siegfried, subtle, tries a bluff (a very clever story of witches magicians from the west). Jarod, clumsy, ruins his effect. We should always let the barbarians negotiate ... Reluctantly, Siegfried insists on the pain of the action of a wither, to create fear in the heart of the guard. There it looks a bit like torture ... In short the guard agrees to testify against impunity. It's good. Finally, the adventurers go to see the former advisor. He seems determined and ambitious, and his outspokenness seduces Jarod. It evokes a fourth quoted in ancient times in the desert. Then they leave.

Then the adventurers think about what to do for the president ... Jarod and Akakamo regret not having eliminated him instead. Something breaks in Siegfried. He proposes to try to find a cure for his illness, which would be more worthy of a member of the triumvirate. Jarod and Akakamo say yes it's a great idea! She might NOT SURVIVE the trip! Well ... Siegfried he explains that no we do not do these things. He gains a point of inspiration thanks to his incredible charisma. Jarod and Akamomo finally agree. We will not switch to the dark side this time.

They go to the library, they find a map of even more to the east and prepare to go a little at random. While Akakamo calls his mount, a light (his mount) appears. He tries to reach her, and he is sucked by this light far to the west. Perfect.

Jarod and Siegfried go back to the west. Cross ettins. Siegfried kill them. Jarod is incredibly close to death because the ettins like to hit people on the ground. It's their culture, we do not judge.

They arrive in the west. Siegfried yells for all the wolves in the forest to tell him where are the 101 Dal ... Akamo and his mount. Meanwhile Akakamo at sight a spectral vision of his mount, then a unicorn, which merged. Then the unicorn presented itself as the queen of the forest. Akakamo accepted him as a mount, and then they rode together in the forest for days. Then all the adventurers end up finding themselves. Great !

They decide to explore north. They meet high elves. Siegfried licks ... and the elves tell him the location of their city because he looks like an elf. He thinks he's one for real, but that's another problem.

They continue north, enter the black forest. There they cross very disturbing ruins, the unicorn freaks out. The wisest adventurer proposes to retreat, others insist to move forward. Suddenly they are seized by an abject fear that paralyzes them all on the spot ... and a black dragon comes out of his lair! He comes to them. Akakamo, who is not afraid of him, tries to negotiate. The dragon wants him to kill his unicorn in front of him and he will let them live. Akakamo revokes her in a rather impressive bluff attempt, but the dragon is not born from the last rain. He spits a breath of terrible acid that fails to kill for good Jarod on the spot, then he goes in pursuit of the unicorn. The adventurers then flee very quickly ... (Some have seriously thought about going to plunder the ruined castle of the dragon, but they finally preferred to survive)

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan

Players: Akakamo, Siegfried and Jarod

Duration in game: March 24th 004 to July 7th 004 (105 days)

XP : 4450 / d


Session 35 of March 11, 2018 - Release of slaves at the Duergars

At Border, Dory, Arnor, Mur, Siegfried and Frère Touche are working on a plan to liberate the goblins of Fort Turbecules held in slavery for over a year by the gray dwarves of the mines. Should we arm ourselves? Should we gather knowledge about the underground world? Should we recover magic artifacts and potions? Would we find that sort of thing in Tieret? After long debates, our heroes agree that they have no idea. They decide to attack head-on [by applying the famous Arnor trap].

In the mines, before arriving at the dwarf fortress, Arnor finds a condemned secret tunnel, facing west. Dory opens a door and our heroes engage. After a long day of walking, they are attacked by giant spiders, easily routed. They continue in this tunnel for several days, after which the tunnel turns to the north. A wind stronger and stronger push our heroes in the back. Arnor, in a flash of genius, understands that the tunnel leads to the great chasm of the Heart of the Forest. Against the opinion of half-orc-half [and spades], our heroes decide to go to the end of the tunnel to confirm his suspicions. The demi-demi-orc [and spades] were right: the tunnel leads to one of the walls of an immense gulf where sinks a very powerful wind that fails to bring down our heroes. Seeing that this detour was useless, they turn back and reach the dwarf fortress.

Ignoring his past failure, Arnor begins a new escalation to the windows. And he succeeds! But being only half a half-orc [and spades] with limited intellect, he climbed, forgetting to take a rope long enough to allow his companions to follow him. Brother Touche then climbs in his turn, carrying a supplementary rope and finishing his ascent with a step of well-felt shadow. While the others join the two accomplices, a troop of gray dwarves, some of whom are giants and invisible attack. They are easily decimated.

The fortress is gigantic and labyrinthine. Fortunately everyone is small in this group (or knows how to slip into the shadows) because some passages are only borrowed by small beings. Several fights take place, all easily won by our group of raging barbarians and a priest able to dispel enemy spells. Our heroes cross dormitories, an arena, a forge and many corridors. By questioning a dwarf, they learn that the slaves work in the mines. But it also turns out that some slaves are given to mysterious beings, and those who return are then released (we will call them Returned).

Our heroes are thinking of who slaves are given to, and what happens to them then. They continue their exploration. They arrive at a cage holding about fifteen goblins (including two goblins). They release them, and enjoin them to follow them in the mines. The group then passes in front of a kitchen that Frère Touche hastens to visit. There, a frightened goblin is chained. He offers Frère Touche a dish that tastes him and ... it's not so bad! It's a cook's feat to do something edible with the garbage heap that serves as ingredients. Recognizing the potential master cook of this goblin, Brother Touche frees him and offers to take him under his wing. Taste, since it is his name, accepts and becomes the assistant cook of Brother Touche.

Exploration of the mines is rather quickly abandoned as they are immense. The heroes retrace their steps, accompanied by goblins, to open the doors they had hitherto left closed. One of them leads to a gigantic place that looks like a market. Using discretion, Brother Touche approaches but triggers a trap: a fireball in his head. This attracts attention. Heroes recede and negotiations ensue.

The heroes first discuss with Wellfast, the captain, then with the real leader, Madreus. The dwarves claim to be hundreds. But they still want to negotiate. The heroes understand that dwarves are afraid of people to whom they spin slaves, but nothing more filters despite the subtle insistence of the negotiators. There is still a very fishy thing with the Returned ... A deal is over: the dwarves leave the heroes with the released prisoners and they go to the prisoners of Fort Tubercule still alive (apparently it remains only Returned ) but in return the heroes promise never to set foot in the underworld (from which entrance) and to guide the Returned to existing communities, which is very suspicious [(1)] . The time to find them, the prisoners of Fort Tubercule will be delivered in a few weeks. Heroes accept, with no real intention of keeping their promise.

The released prisoners are brought to the Floating Islands, before the heroes do not wait for the Turns of Fort Tubercule at the exit of the mines. These arrive after a week of waiting. Tafruk is not there, nor Tintuck. The Returned do not manage to explain what happened to them after being given to the mysterious beings. They only remember whirling lights ... Continuing his rehearsal work, Siegfried takes all these people to bear monastery (where a demon was defeated) in the hope of forming a community there. Arriving, Brother Touche has a vision of a roaring bear that turns into a tattooed bear on the muscular back of a man who walks with a heavy and assured step. He feels a call to the abyss of the monastery and discovers a hidden treasure: the cape of the bear that protects the monk wearing it, a band of intelligence and a beautiful necrotic sword.

Most adventurers then decide to stay at the monastery.

[(1) The attentive adventurer will notice the strange coincidence between the demand to take goblins into civilized areas, and the goblins high up in the hierarchy of the Empire.]

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Jeff, [Audric]

Players: Dory, Arnor, Wall, Siegfried, Brother Key

Duration in game: from 8th July 004 to 14th August 004 (37 days)

XP : 3000 per player


Session 36 of March 12, 2018 - Rocstars

'' 'It's funny the mirages anyway ... You see those two one-eyed playing petanque there? Bah seen from here it looks like giants swinging rocks on us! How is it, "not a mirage"? '' '

The group, consisting of Akakamo (who for a moment seemed a little ... distant), Atieris, Galdor, Jarod and Turin, finds himself at Frontier for their next adventure. After "a few" hesitations, they decide to go to the East of Mordor to explore the places on the map discovered in Tieret. In particular, they hope to find the Oasis (?) On which is a siren figure. Indeed Galdor still holds one half of elemental stone, found in a temple indicated on a map by a similar siren. He hopes to find the second half.

They set off and arrive safely to the Crystal Tower. The second part of the road to Tieret will be a little more difficult. Quickly, 3 Perytons begin to run high above their heads, and follow them for a few days. Suddenly a gallop is heard, and eight saber-toothed tigers flock to the attack of the heroes. Feeling their hour, the perytons melt on the group. In the end, the adventurers are not doing too badly (Jarod dies a little, but he is used ... And then he killed a hippogriphe too, what was he expecting?) And the last tigers has saber teeth flee tail between the legs.

The group finally arrives at Tieret. Akakamo tries in vain to heal the dean thanks to the power of her unicorn. Meanwhile, Jarod sets in motion a mysterious plan to confuse the University by asking questions he already knows the answer to (probably in order to seize power). Turin goes around the city, and visits a certain bakery, obviously still active despite past events (and even recruited some humans, probably to replace the absent staff). Galdor, when he decides, decides to do something useful, unlike the rest of the group. He goes to the Town Hall library, and discovers new information on elementary stones. The legend speaks of original elementary stones, allowing to create other stones of less power. The elementary stones would allow to invoke ... I let you guess ... elementals!

Learning troubles in the other cities, where the voices of the separatists are growing stronger and the aggression of guards more frequent, Akakamo decides to make a great unifying speech ... to the people of the city in favor of unification . Satisfied with the harsh hurrahs ripped out of the crowd, the heroes set off again towards the East (hence the title of the wiki), accompanied by a three-humped camel bought by Galdor for the occasion.

They bypass the peak of the Mordor without particular trouble, and arrive on its eastern slope. There they encounter a strange phenomenon: a flame of a meter seems to float above the ground. Assuming a fire elemental, they decide to wisely get around it (not without having fanned the flames "just to see").

After a few days of walking, the desert seems to become more rocky, eventually giving way to a cactus forest. Soon it becomes so dense that the adventurers end up having to fight their way with the aganazzar incinerator. After passing this thorny place, the heroes emerge on a strange purple road that runs from north to south to the horizon. This magical road comes from castromancy. People walking on it smell pleasantly fresh, and seem to move faster. The heroes decide to go back to the North, since their map seems to indicate that it is at its end that they will find the oasis. They meet on the way a strange bird posed on a pole, has the immense eye. After a quick study of Jarod, the latter declares that the bird is under a divination spell, and proposes to name the species "Kamerah de Survayantia". Continuing the route they will cross several birds of the same kind.

Along the way, Galdor is experimenting with his elementary stone half. He ends up getting a tiny pearl stone, too weak to produce anything other than a simple Kiss Cool effect.

Finally, the adventurers arrive at the end of the road, which leads to ... the desert. A careful observation of the bricks suggest that the road continues to grow! Which means that the old map they found is probably out of date. The heroes then resume the search for the oasis blindly, going back to the South (according to the proven strategy of "we zigzag until we find"). After several days, Akakamo shrieks! A rock will crash on the group. The heroes disperse somehow, but it is finally Jarod who will be hit (hippogriff, misery coughed). A cyclops then emerges and attacks the group, quickly joined by his accomplice stashed under a dune ("Turin would have exclamated" It's me who makes insidious attacks normally! ""). After a hard fight, the heroes end up completing the two monsters and resume their way to nowhere.

The next day, it is the turn of Turin to exclaim showing the sky. This time it's not a rock, but a Rock flying over them. Atieris, studious, informs the others that these huge eagles with gargantuan proportions ('' Who are you talking about gargantuan? - It's not me, that's the guide of the monsters '') make their meal of giants, cyclops or elephants. The group looks admiring the giant bird pass majestically above them ... and crash much less majestically a little further. Accompanying the scene of the crash, they discover that the Rock is covered with giant scorpions (decidedly, there is a theme in this desert) that pierced through their darts. Throwing themselves into the fray, they manage to kill the arachnids before they do the same with the bird. This one is however very weakened by the poison of the creatures.

The group then decided to spend a few days taking care of the Roc, which ended up recovering from his injuries thanks to the care of Akakamo and his unicorn. As for Atieris, soothes the worried bird and earns its trust. Finally, after giving him the dromedary has three humps grazing (RIP), the Roc is finally ready to take off. Atieris then manages to convince Roc to take the group on his back for a flyover to "the nearest body of water". The adventurers climb the Roc and take off in a flutter! For some, this is the most incredible and intense moment of their lives (for others, it's almost a routine in their adventurous life). From above, he realizes that in the absence of an oasis, the only expanse of water in the region is an immense ocean (which some have already seen before from the top of the Mordor), much further south of what 'they were looking for. The map in their possession represents a region south-east of Mordor, and not in the East as they thought! (Which means they were badly barred)

Satisfied with their adventure, the heroes are dropped by the Roc at Mordor ('' The giant eagles, it's not for '' '' '' '' leave '' of the Mordor normally? ''), And promise to their new friend (and means of transport) to find him again soon here (perhaps reviving an old prophecy ...).

Met : - perytons (3) - saber tooth tigers (8) - fire elementary? (1) - asymmetric piaf (1 + n) - Cyclops (2) - rock (1) filled with giant scorpions (15)

Loot of the session: +3 pieces of cyclops, +0 elementary stone, -1 dromedary with three bumps, +1 rock

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Tristan

Players: Akakamo, Atieris, Galdor, Jarod and Turin

Duration in game: from the 15th of August 004 to the 12th of December 004 (120 days)

XP : 6900 / day


Session 37 of March 18, 2018 - Grill of octopus

At the Auberge de la Ligne, Galdor tells his previous adventures to Mur, Dory and Frère Touche. In particular, it reveals a map of the east, far after the volcano. On this map is indicated a mermaid, North East of the Sea Elbow. Our heroes decide to go there.

On their way to Tieret, they meet a troop of goblins and kobolds from the Floating Islands. Wall and Brother Touche recognize the captain and exchange news. The goblins return from looting and offer a healing potion to Mur, for the rest of his adventures. Further, after having atomized a manticore (of which Brother Touche has recovered with delight some samples), our heroes fall on two kobolds in distress drinking at the river. Dory is not calm but Mur takes the front and gives his potion to the kobolds. She became very generous with the time this one! Even further, the group meets Jaspar Collinadous, the merchant. Hoping to enter the good graces of the First Counselor Akakamo, this one offers luxury clothes to the adventurers.

After a brief stop in Tieret, the group leaves towards the volcano. En route, he avoids with cowardice an elemental fire and then arrives at the summit without hindrance. After a few days at the top to wait Gratouille the rock, Dory decides to contact Turin by magic message so that this one calls Gratouille. A few days go by ... Brother Touche spends time exploring the culinary arts with previously collected samples. His manticobold-flavored gray dwarf steak is divine, and may even be resistant to manticore damage. Unfortunately, Gratouille comes to put an end to these experiments in a majestic landing in the middle of the crater. Galdor approaches and scratches Gratouille at the top of the beak while Dory speaks to him calmly. He mates and lets the group rise on his back. And it's gone to the big east!

Every day, at the end of the afternoon, Gratouille lands for food. Heroes take the opportunity to camp. But one evening, as the group sets up camp in a desert on the edge of a jungle, a crash of thunder is heard! Gratouille gets scared and flies away. Brother Touche clings to a paw, lets himself take a little height, and sees in the distance a troop of furious animals. He lets himself fall and yells for others to hide: a tyrannosaur is chasing a troop of triceratops, and they destroy everything in their path! Dory and Galdor cause swirls of sand that hide the group. The fight is raging outside, the triceratops come out winners. Dory heals the surviving animals and Brother Touche recovers pieces of Tyrannosaurus. But this one wakes up and crunches the monk! Fortunately, Mur was quick to rustle the already dying beast.

Still on rock, the group now flies over the north shore of the Sea Bend. They pass over a river coming from the north and pouring into the sea. Further, the color of the water turns green, the algae are everywhere and some dead fish float. Gratouille drops our friends near the shore where the shoreline begins to move south. While Brother Touche searches for underwater caves, and the other three explore the marshy shore, a tsunami appears on the horizon. Dory warns Touche that goes up as fast as possible. The sea retreats a bit with the arrival of the wave, '' 'unveiling a sunken temple' ''. With a short time to react, Galdor goes into gaseous form and flies away while the other three, finding that there is no high point behind them, head for the sea, hoping to pass the wave before it broken. The strategy works and the adventurers are alive, although shaken and slightly injured.

To their surprise, the swimmers realize that the sunken temple now seems to float on the surface of the water. They swim there. After about thirty minutes to paddle, the adventurers arrive on a small island of wet rock encrusted with seashells. A cliff rises to the top of which is a temple Dory shapes stairs in stone, Galdor arrives in gaseous form, and the four advance into the temple. They are welcomed by ghosts. They are passive at first, but this is just a pretense. Spectra attack the adventurers and they are strong, numerous, led by a slightly bluish specter and ... are bursting by the priest powers of Dory (but also the fireballs of Galdor, the magic flails of Mur and the magic fists of Brother Touche). That said, our heroes come out wounded and weakened from the fight. They continue nevertheless the exploration of the temple. And unfortunately fall face to face with four evil nagas that bewitch Galdor. The fight is bitter and very difficult but the adventurers are doing well. They explore a little more, find an oxidized key and a fresco telling that humans have called for help from the Goddess of the Sea and that a Kraken "guardian of souls" lurks under the temple.

The adventurers decide to return to the entrance of the temple to rest. But just arrived, other specters arrive, with among them the same woman-bluish spectrum! At the end of their strength, the adventurers get rid of ghosts. They then spend a bad wet night nevertheless relaxing. The next day, exploration resumes. Heroes find a new key. Brother Touche reaches out to seize it, when, coming out of the wall, the ghostly woman returns again, uttering a shrill cry, able to bring down a dead person who hears it without being able to resist it! Fortunately all the adventurers resist, this time. The ensuing fight is quite brief and the exploration resumes. After a few more fights (shrieking ghosts that kill Mur, and skeletons), the adventurers open a double door with the two keys found earlier. They enter a room in the center of which is a black water hole. Galdor makes a little noise, and small tentacles come to explore the room. Dory starts the discussion with the little octopus. He claims gems as an offering. Galdor, on a good intuition, asks if the octopus has a half-pearl a little hot (the second half is in the bag of Galdor!). Octopus nods. In exchange for some gems, he agrees to pick her up and disappears a little while. He goes back up, holding the half-pearl of the water and whispering "I do not know if the others agree but ...". It is then that an immense tentacle arises which seizes the small octopus. In a superhuman reflex, Galdor manages to extract the half-pearl! A deep voice sounds: "give me the pearl!" and gigantic tentacles blindly attack the adventurers and bring about the collapse of the temple. Everyone is rushing to the exit.

Outside, the kraken appears in all its immense size. The adventurers are helpless: it is impossible to escape without passing by the sea and a certain death. Valiantly, they fight on the tentacles. The monster is gargantuan and its many tentacles hit often without missing their target. Wall screams the names of his children as his plague comes to life for even more damage against this legendary creature, Brother Touche manages to climb on the monster's skull but is crushed there and then project on the precious Dory. Galdor spends time repairing the pearl of the water and then invoking a powerful elemental thanks to her ... But it remains inert, probably under the influence of the kraken ... The fight looks bad ...

And indeed, it turns out long, difficult, and very indecisive. The kraken drives down the edge of the island to approach. Dying, Brother Touche managed to absorb some of the life of the beast with his sword and continue the fight. The scourge and the frantic and reckless rage of Mur do wonders, just like the few well-placed spells of Galdor, and especially the care of Dory who keeps Mur standing up and takes Frère Touche back four times from his coma.

Finally, Galdor casts a spell that he does not see the result, chaos prevailing on a mysterious plane. But the other three companions admire with relief the beast screaming in pain, collapse, and sink gently into the water. Brother Touche rushes to cut a delicate sample before the carcass disappears under the waves. The souls of ghosts now liberated rise towards the heavens ... Happy and proud, the adventurers heal themselves and go back to the shore, where they meet Gratouille, then the volcano, then Tieret, then Frontier.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Jeff

Players: Wall, Dory, Galdor, Brother Touche (+ Turin)

Duration in game: December 13, 004 to March 7, 005 (84 days)

XP : 18000 per player (+1100 for Turin)


Session 38 of March 20, 2018 - Mage Useless

'' At the monastery, a quarter of orc and pikes are fed up that for him each wall is a rampart and each house an alcazar. With the return of big fat bacon, he suffered stories of squid (which he thinks is a hoax) and jokes about his size of this tocard that is now taken for Escobar. He is tired of having to get on a chair under the hilarious look of the bastard to reach the jar that the other had placed at the top of the cupboards. ''

"He wakes up one morning his two companions of misfortune, Kayana the druid of the circle of the black dragon and Siegfried the barbarian, tells them to pick up their bazaar dare-dare, and that it's time to leave to become big again. The two find it odd, but since it's not uncommon, they follow him for fear of being left behind. " "On the way, they offer to Akakamo the last companion of misfortune, who tells them preferred to stay small, but wants to see. Jarod, unable to let go of his star, decides to follow the band. "

Two days from Tieret, they discover a big hot record and decide to study it according to the rules of the art: Arnor touches it with his iron hand, it's hot and it hurts, Jarod launches the liquid to drink above, a flame appears and scorched his blue brocade. An Elemental Fire appears and is soon no more than scattered sparks. Continuing their way as it is not uncommon after the discovery of a portal to the Plan of Fire and despair, but the ignorant quickly fall back on a new portal my nice time. Siegfried genuine Persian eagle eye again the illusion of the disc and spots a humanoid climbing up to them through the portal. They are waiting for him. On arrival, it grows up a lot, and finally emerge from the portal a big fiend, with two blue rings. He begins to engage the discussion "zgzgzzggz gfzeqogfezqfez f", the group understands nothing. Then suddenly they begin to understand "SLAVES" "SUBMIT AND YOU WILL GET POWER AND GLORY", to which Siegfried asks hope if it's a good situation it scribes and what to do. The demon tells them that it will be necessary to set the world on fire and erect a tower to his glory. Siegfried tries to compliment the Demon so that Arnor approaches from behind, obviously annoys the Fielon, but reacts before this one by shouting "YOU ARE FALLEN IN MY TRAP" under the approving glance of Arnor. The Demon is clever, he flies away after summoning an elemental and spits fire on the blue wizard "THE MAGE OF ABORDS" while a part of the adventurers strikes the elementard and the other fights the Remote demon. Akakamo creates an ice cage around the elemental. Jarod creates a portal for him and Arnor to fall on the Demon. They cling to this one, but he teleports after Arnor's first blow, shouting "YOU WILL PAY IT TO MOUNTA 'ELI'". Jarod "creates" a portal and falls to his feet lower, Arnor insults the ground. Confusion, Mounta what? The adventurers jerk off and continue their plan. They cross the desert, meet giant scorpions, use the advanced technique of "we do not care we have lots of PV y Jarod sends a ball of fire on us".

They arrive at the purple road and begin to follow it to the south. After a few days, they meet a horde of deformed creatures they dezero. Creatures die leaving charred papers. They continue, meet a horde. They continue and arrive in front of a brown tower, split at the top. They meet (?) Who thought they had made them understand subtly not to come. Discourses to enter the tower, refusal, animation of the two statues of 4 m Stephane and Truc, flight of (?), Arrived deformed snakes. Destruction of creatures. Entering the tower, "But you have destroyed Stephane and Machin ??", the adventurers begin to descend a staircase, "I forbid you to go down", start to climb another, "no, you must not go up!", Arnor answer "YOU MUST CHOOSE", hesitation, "you have no right to go up!", descent, discussions with the underling, which suggests that his master is at the top. Ascent, "But you did not say go up!", Meeting with a passionate cartomancer mage who lets buildings build themselves: Bargle, aka Garble, aka the mage who will make the group again big.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Akakamo, Jarod, Arnor, Turin, Dory, Siegfried

Duration of play:

XP : per player


Session 39 of March 22, 2018 - Rescue of the Archmage IV, the end of a cycle

'' It is very dangerous to leave the house, we take the road and if we do not look where we put our feet we do not know where it can lead us. It's even more dangerous to let a group go before an ellipse.

Full of envy, the last adventurers are thinking about what they will do before the famous ellipse (which does not understand too much the inhabitants of the East) which is coming soon (from Arnor). They are reluctant to do the wiper technique in the more gray expanses for more than a year, go see the gray dwarves, set fire to Tierret, tell the dragon the city of Frontier, kill Bargle, bring the goblins in Tieret and finally create a community of man pigs.

So against all odds he decided to start their misdeeds through Tierret (the dragon was cool though). When they arrive, Eret tells them that the Archmage seems to be blowing abnormally, which suggests a death in a short time. Full of remorse, Arnor and Turin look at Dori "kraken killer" with hope. The latter, finally useful, has a powerful spell of higher restoration. They decide to give it a shot, Arnor pays 50 Po to participate in the Archery discount service. IT WORKS. Arnor blows, the hardest is coming. Turin is hiding. Dory stays proudly next to Sani with Eret and Akakamo. They announce to the Archmage still convalescent that she was in a coma for 2 years, and that things have changed: the tyrant is dead, and the first counselor has been arrested. Then they leave Sani in peace, so she can rest.

The next day, taking advantage of Eret's announcement of Archie's return, the group decides to take the lead and help Sani to remember. They tell him that his coma is due to an accident for which they are responsible. This one starts to get scared when '' 'THEY FINALLY DECIDE TO KILL IT' ''. I'm sorry, when Akakamo, the only one she trusts, starts from "in the corner", a bit forced by Aeline, and starts calling the guards. Turin hints that he knows the sacred mission, she finally tells the guards that there is nothing. He tells her that we saved her from poisoning the first counselor, getting her disappeared when she was going to be murdered, bringing her to an area further west, bringing her back, and finally when they finally had enough power to save her. "You have a strange way of telling things, starting with the moment you made me comatose," yeah sorry that's the chronological order. Discussions about their actions, justification of the accident by the kidnapping (of their friends Aeline that they say to be DEAD), bad point because they know the sacred mission ... But the adventurers end up leaving Saani who is tired. .. '' 'OF LIFE AND FINALLY DECIDE TO KILL IT' ''. Finally, they decide to let the nailf (elven dwarf) still convalescent to rest.

Relatively happy to have created shit in Tieret, they decide to fuck shit in the East by going to '' 'KINGDOM OF SHADOW' ''. So they go to the '' '' '' TOUR DE L'OMBRE '' 'almost arrived at the' '' 'TOUR DE L'OMBRE' '', scratch the joins and they told him to come back the next day. They arrive at the tower and notice that houses have emerged from the sand, and see a white form approaching. The ghost is very nice and tells them they came back because they wanted to come back with Endrim. The adventurers enter the tower and Endrim, the specter they had released from the tower at their first coming. The spectrum is less dark than before, but it keeps a gray color. He tells them to be called Endrim, he tells the story of his people, the creation of Tieret, the ascension, and finally the treason by one of his advisers.

Adventurers end up exploring the East, and start making a slightly better map made with metrics and everything. They finish their journey after a meeting with rather aggressive non-humanoid snake men.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Akakamo, Jarod, Arnor, Turin, Dory

Duration in game: June 22, 005 to Sept 22, 005 (92 days)

XP : 3000 per player


Session 39.5 - Ellipse of one year - April 17, 2018

See the ellipsis summaries: D

Link to Ellipses

Fight against the black elves who captured Turin.

GM: Arnold

Players: Wall, Brother Key, Dory, Nyx (Tristan), Arnor, Siegfried, Jarod, Akakamo

Duration in game: Sept 23, 005 to Sept 22, 006

Summary by: everyone!

XP : 30000 per player for writing and 3300 xp per player present for the end-of-session fight.


Session 40 of April 18, 2018 - We were looking for Shamba, we found a lizard village

Siegfried realizes it now. He lost too much time. Too much wandered. Too wandered. Balance is under threat today. It's serious. This concerns Shamba. Maybe if he had carried his letter before, there would have been no problems ...

Dori, Siegfried, Wall and Brother Touche meet at Border. After a few discussions, Siegfried convinces them of the importance of finding Shamba by following his watch-where-is-Shamba. They drive quietly to the east, until in the desert near Tieret they hear young red dragons. neither one nor two they decide to flee (Siegfried: "I am afraid of the dragons, let's flee"). Brother Touche would have tasted them well, and his wishes will quickly be granted because the dragonets, endowed with a fine hearing, locate the group and the attack. They die (the dragonets, destiny of all the dragons). The adventurers search the nest in a hurry, fearing the arrival of parents. Nothing. Disappointment.

They take the road again. They meet Quasits. They kill them, except two or three whom they leave leaving after having interrogated them on their motives. They are not very clear. They resume their journey, arrive at the lonely mountain, and call Scratch. He comes and takes them to the East.

Gratouille is the best in terms of long distance transport. He goes fast, he is nice, he eats the flying dinosaurs, he eats the quasits. In fact he eats everything that is not us. It's good.

They arrive in a jungle. One night they are awakened by a herd of three-horned dinosaurs. Dori communicates with them. When they ask the adventurers who they are, he answers that they are not dangerous herb eaters. The triceratops look happy. Siegfried begins to try to communicate with them by launching a ritual of communion with nature that involves hitting the ground with fury. The triceratops are intrigued and accompany it by hitting the ground. It is very impressive. They end up bored and leave. Siegfried names them tremblers, not that he does not know the word triceratops.

Then they arrive in sight of a huge swamp. Gratouille does not want to cross it. Never mind, they take the road to the north to get around it. On the way, one evening, they spot an ambush of lizardmen. They cut short the confrontation and discuss with them (take in the seed! The kraken was surely nice if you took the time to make a friend!). Obviously they would like to have "domestic" animals as big as ours. We can understand them. The adventurers offer to teach them their knowledge in communication with the animals. They are taken to the village of the lizardmen. They seem to be skilled craftsmen.

Dori and Siegfried try to learn what they know about the reality manipulators (the lizard mages). They eventually conclude that they are big nazes because they can not. Moreover, they discover that the leader of the clan is a worshiper of Sessinek (the lizard god of sacrifice for pleasure). Lizardmen of this ilk often become evil tyrants, as Siegfried teaches to others. Well, the diplomacy failed, so ... the adventurers go to his tent at night, and kill him.

Then they flee into the night, with an impression of unfinished ... but the impression of having avoided a malicious destiny in the village.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan

Players: Wall, Brother Touche, Siegfried, Dori

Duration in game: Sept 24, 006 to Dec 21, 006

XP : 2925 per player


Session 41 of April 19, 2018 - Towards a better world

"Arnor, Alture, Aeteris, Jarod and Akakamo find themselves at the border in the branch of the Titans Guild, the branch of which. Which building? The magnificent and IMPOSING new building of 4.5 cubic meters which is located just outside the Empire at the level of the inn of the line that just created Jarod.

Arnor saw that K'Sai was worried about the rest of the half-succubes. Apparently, the balance would be broken, and the lizard would have disappeared, which for K'sai is a harbinger of an imminent massacre of his peers (not those pairs, thankfully). Reflecting a little, Jarod thinks the lizards are dragons, maybe even the dragons that Kayana saw during the past year. The group agrees, it is likely ... Arnor announces his willingness to go help them. Moreover, it would not surprise him that Ram was also in this plane, since he was talking about heat and flames. So it is decided, the adventurers follow Arnor to go to the monastery of the palm and the fist in order to save the half-succubes. ''

The beginning of the path is relatively easy for adventurers. The gray expanses have almost no secrets for them, especially for Jarod who often travels more than 100 days in this part of the map. The group thinks about going through the monastery of the broken tooth first, to check the arrival of the gnomes that Nix was talking about, and check that they are alive. Arriving at the entrance of the cave, they are greeted by a tall goblin. Arnor remains speechless, then he serves in his arms the goblin, "I thought you were dead Rigrig, I told you dead ...". Then releasing Rigrig, he asks hesitantly "And ... Tafrouk?" Rigrig's sad death, "Tafrouk is dead, he allowed us all to run away from the pale elves", "Tin-Tuck?", "He's fine, he's with us". The monastery is a little full, and lacks a somewhat common authority, but adventurers have other concerns. Arnor, happy to see that his friends are not all dead finally, celebrated the event simply because the monastery is far from opulent.

The next day, the group leaves towards the monastery of the palm and the fist. They cross a forest, then find the cold mountains that Arnor hates. A few days from the monastery, they hear noise from a nearby cave. Akakamo knows the language, since it is Drakonic and translates: "When will she come back? I'm hungry." The group decides to hunt summarily then to go to see the creature with the result of their hunt to offer them. They come face to face with 6 baby dragons of their size. They claim to be independent, and consider them servants. After some discussion, the dragons find that they are bad servants and let them go. The insults of Altur may not have helped. The group is reluctant to kill them. They prefer not to upset the dragon mom and survive one more day. The next day, the group meets 4 giant wolves. While Akakamo and Aeteris are trying to find food to feed them, Arnor excited about having a wolf mate start trying to approach them. It's going badly. For the wolves.

The group eventually arrives at the monastery palm and fist, everything goes well in the valley, although it seems that winged creatures flew over the area, and they were rather big. The group meets Tormir, who asks them for news of Brother Touche and Siegfried as well as Litneg. Short version: Blabla. Arnor asks where is Janela. BLA bla. They will see Janela. BLA bla. "Can we bring succubes here?" "WOWOOW, you calm down" "Well, we'll find a solution with Siegfried the rehearser ...". And the group decides to go to the portal. This one is closed, Arnor begins again to pronounce the words which he had pronounced, the portal opens, and they enter the demonic plan. And our adventurers pass the portal. FINALLY.

Hardly come out of the monastery of the fist in the demonic world, in which it is hot (it is obviously a better world according to Arnor), that they are approached by a demon scout who warns the group of the state alert. The succubent are preparing for a departure to avoid death. The group advances to meet K'lia, the head of succubes. They learn that the succubi know that the demons are moving towards the monastery, and that the succubi are preparing to flee to the West. The adventurers try to convince the succubes to come to their world. It's hard to convince them, their world is cold (Arnor's * hmmm, they're right), she sees survival rather than life. They prefer to avoid the attack of the Machikubun demons which is several weeks to the south and to go towards the West, by skirting the torch (?). The decision rocked when K'lia realizes that the adventurer world is not dying according to their statements. Misunderstanding. "Your world die? ..." Akakamo hesitates. "The earth is sinking little by little, we think that the giant who held the world is gone ..." answers K'lia. She finally accepts the offer of the adventurers and tells them that it will be ready tomorrow if it anyway, since the enemy had to put more time according to their estimates.

Adventurers prepare to sleep before evacuation. Before, he tries to see if Ram is around. Jarod uses an observation spell ... it works! He sees Ram! In front of a demon my faith very horny, who asks Ram "'' 'ALL THAT [SA] SAI [T] ON SHAMBA' " (feel free to completed I forgot). Gram does not weigh much in the university field, it must be said that he is a little young again, but apparently not too much to go on an expedition to face dragons, whateveeeeer. The demon ends up sending Gram back to the dungeon when he does not seem to know anything, without taking into account the child's cries. What an unworthy parent. Then the demon directly looks at Jarod through the observation beacon, " '' '' SEE YOU '' ''" and destroys the beacon with a sword stroke. Jarod, who has finally seen Mur's children, can use another spell after that to enter Gram's dream. They try to calm the child, who does not teach them much, except for the presence of a snake woman, and the place where he is hidden moves. Bouge. The adventurers announce the news to K'lia, who did not seem to have foreseen that. The evacuation will have to take place earlier than expected.

The adventurers sleep, some very badly. Do they already succumb to fear? Or are they affected by this world? Altur, Jarod and Aeteris seem to have trouble anyway. Arnor and Akakamo seem to resist this evil. The next day, Aeteris left to join the front line to watch while the others helped with the preparations. Suddenly, Aeteris spots off a moving mountain. She stays a little and estimates the speed, then go with the scouts to prevent the phenomenon ... They arrive, I do not know what, but it's big. Arriving at the monastery, she thinks that they will arrive in 1 hour. Arnor is active, we must evacuate now! Some adventurers hesitate, should not we fight here and now all the demons? With the succubes? The majority wins, there will be an evacuation. Arnor uses the codex terragnosis, and passes successively each group of succubus before joining the last group. Kli'a, his general and the adventurers are the only ones left. They decide to try a plan proposed by Alturn in slightly modified version: to infiltrate the mountain to save the kid while the armed ones pour to attack the monastery (rather than to wait in front while only one infiltrates) .

The plan is just finished as the mountain approaches ... it's actually a fortress ... that moves. Aeteris throws a shadow veil over the group, so that it moves more easily. They go around the fortress and advance towards the walls while the ranks of fiends of all go out and their leader Machikobun, a demon of 4 meters arranged the Goristo to charge these succubes who only have them too challenged. The group does not fear and climbs the walls of 10 meters and find themselves in the fortress ... which is far from empty. A dozen huge gorillas are still present, and have heard other demons in the buildings. They approach one of the towers in order to descend in the course, bursts a dozen weak demons. Arnor concentrates to detect the humanoids and direct the group to the right building. While they arrive in view of the said building, a gorilla detects them, although Arnor dashes to inflict heavy damage to the gorilla, Aeteris may even launch two lethal features, it still has enough force to alert the fortress. A stroke of Altur stops his cries, but already the fortress is agitated. Jarod, advances and casts a spell to imitate the Balrog's voice, hoping to create confusion. Arnor begins to break the door of the building where Ram is, and Akakamo finishes the work already well begun. Alture, Akakamo and Aetiris enter the building and trap the child in the back of the dungeon. It was at this point that Machikobun appeared flying and landed on top of the dungeon. He snaps his fire whip on Arnor who finds himself on the roof after the whip is wrapped around his arm. This one goes down quickly while gorillas throw themselves on Jarod. Arnor stands in the doorway and is beaten by Machikobun, his female companion, a snake with multiple attacks and a gorilla. Aeteris is one-shot by a demon who protects the boy. Akakamo attacks the chains of the child and releases him. Jarod falls under the blows of the gorillas. Arnor opens a portal to a better world and passes through. Altur carries Aeteris through the portal. Akakamo heals Jarod in the distance and passes the gate with the child. Jarod gets up, begins to cast a teleport spell toward the portal, and falls under the watch of a gorilla on the lookout. "Useful Mage" murmurs Arnor, as the portal closes without Jarod following. If only his name had started with an A ... and if he had not killed a hippogriff.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Audric

Players: Arnor, Altur, Aeteris, Jarod and Akakamo

Duration in game: 22 december 006 to 8 march 007 (76 days)

XP : 2860 since Jarod is dead by player


Session 42 of April 30, 2018 - Country Incursion Drow

Wall, Arnor, Artieris and Touche are at Border, distraught by the death of Jarod. Finally, except Mur, she does not care, she is just glad to have found her brat! This is now three missing companions. Our adventurers decide to go in search of the one who seems to them most likely to be alive: Turin.

On the indications of Nyx, our heroes leave towards the south. The trip is unhindered until you reach the marshes. Here, they fight valiantly Yuan-Ti, of which Brother Touche will make a wonderful dish (those who manage to digest it realize that they support the poison better). Then, they fight valiantly mosquitoes and continue to sink deeper into the swamps. They end up arriving at a jungle where they meet monkeys. Brother Touche can not resist the temptation to taste one, much to the chagrin of the rest of the group, who wanted to tame him, paint him in blue, rename him Jarod, and make him look like our missing mage who would have had a backlash chaotic unhappy.

Further, the adventurers find the entrance to the well described by Nyx. They get into it, and after a day of underground walking, kill black elf guards (also called drows). Arriving near a chasm, they are attacked by a Behir. The fight is tough, but our heroes are doing well. They then spend a lot of time exploring the maze of mines [, they fall at a time in front of a chasm. Brother touches, discreetly hits Arnor and his armor splint ... the noise spreads in the abyss ... and a huge roar is heard. The three adventurers then lean over the edge of the chasm and receive a blast of lightning and see a creature climb the chasm at full speed. Arnor recognizes a Behir. They are preparing and waiting. Hardly the creature arrives she receives the blows barbarians prepared, but it is tough and immediately swallows the smallest. We shorten everything, the creature is destroyed from the inside and the outside, and begins to slide into the abyss ... an iron hand emerges from the mouth of the beast to grab the edge. She stands there firmly, while the beir seems to continue to slide. The behir falls thousands of feet down while Arnor stands as best he can ... and then goes back up with his friends.] They end up falling on gnome slaves of the depths (svirfneblins) watched by four black elves. The ensuing fight is somewhat messy and one of the elves fled. But the slaves are released! One is called Tolgur and, although weakened, agrees to guide the heroes in the mines. They learn that since the liberation of Nyx, the drows have raided the city of the poor svirfneblins. Thanks to the indications of Tolgur, the heroes release all the slaves of the mine (about twenty).

Two paths now open to them: - Marchesa, the city of drows. Two to three hundred black elves live there. - The "very dangerous corridor" where the drows send prisoners that no one ever sees again.

The adventurers choose the corridor "very very dangerous". The place is infested with giant spiders, normal, the drows worship these critters. But curiously they do not attack [, or almost not]. After long hours of wandering in entangled corridors of cobwebs (which heroes burn with their torches), the adventurers arrive in a large room in the center of which is the spider mum. She is gigantic, and surrounded by dozens of her "little ones".

But, they do not attack. Nobody attacks. They seem on the defensive. Artieris uses his talents to communicate with the queen. The conversation is tense, it costs some samples of meat to Frère Touche to appease the debates. But Artieris ends up getting a lot of information: spiders are a buffer zone between the Drow realm and "the others", spiders only eat prey "marked" by drow, they are offerings, and there are a few months ago, an unmarked person has already come, and she has escaped the spiders! It is without a doubt Turin!

The adventurers sought, and called Turin in vain, then had to retreat. Turin is alive, they are sure of it, and it has probably crossed the lair of spiders. We will have to come back, well prepared.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Jeff, [Audric]

Players: Wall, Artieris, Arnor, Brother Touche (and the spirit of Akakamo)

Duration in game: March 9th to May 4th 007 (56 days)

XP : 6500 per player


Session 42.5 of May 4, 2018 - The blue nightmare

He had time to see his hero give him a tragic look, before passing the gate about to close, the child in his arms. He did not blame them, it was he who had insisted on trying this dangerous rescue mission. He was ready to die, having seen a last heroic act of Akakamo, reassured to know the little chaotic sorcerer alive. The blow fell on his skull and Jarod sank into the darkness ...

He opened his eyes, he did not know how long he had been unconscious. Immediately, he was crossed by an interrogative thought: was not it supposed to be dead? Then a pleasant thought invaded him: his friends had come to save him !! He opened his eyes and found himself facing the gigantic Balor ... "And shit" he thought ...

Thus began Jarod's captivity, which lasted three months. The fiends had healed Jarod to interrogate him about Shamba, and mastered the torture well. A very short time, Jarod considered resisting, then went to the obvious: it would eventually crack sooner or later, as much accept his situation and immediately post a total bid, so as to keep control over the information he would give. To give way did not prevent the demons from torturing him regularly, but certainly he escaped much worse treatment. Using his charisma and mastery of speech, Jarod delivered some of his knowledge: that it came from another plane, and that he knew that there was a city called Shamba, which was attacked centuries ago. by a dragon and saved by a group of unicorn knights, and one of his friends was looking for that city and had a book about it. Wisely, he managed to keep for himself the existence of the compass that indicated the city ... The demons were perplexed: many did not believe in the existence of other plans, and most importantly, they were totally unaware that Shamba was a city . They seemed to have no idea what Shamba was, the name represented only a hope for them ... Survival? Most likely, because their world would die. It "crumbled" to use the words of Balor. It was difficult for Jarod to learn more ...

The fortress stopped moving one day, and the demons brought Jarod outside. Nearby, the huge ocean of flames burned with unbearable heat for Jarod. He had been weakening continuously since his arrival on Igniza's plan, and it was getting harder and harder for him to keep up, the harsh treatment of the demons, especially Paf his jailer, not helping. He was then brought to an outer portal, similar to the one inside the monasteries, as if part of a monastery had been moved there. The demons forced Jarod to study the portal, in order to open a passage to the eastern plane. Anxious to stay alive while accumulating information, he agreed. Fortunately, the demons knew nothing about the portal and did not know the difficulty of the task they were asking: in 3 days, Jarod managed to learn how it worked. As Arnor had explained to him, there appeared to be two gates per plane, one to enter, the other to go out, and formed a complete loop. The portal was set to a world that is now gone, but could easily be adjusted to go to Jarod's plan. Long weeks, Jarod delayed the inevitable, looking for a backup plan to avoid opening the way to demons.

However, he had one advantage: the demons handle a form of instinctive magic, but do not know much about sorcerer. They had deprived him of all his belongings, including his focus, and tied him up at night. But his passivity had pushed them to a relaxation in their surveillance. Thus, at night, Jarod could use his teleportation spell that required neither physical nor somatic components to break free from his chains. And later, a shrinkage that required only a little iron powder, he could shrink time to put his hands in his handcuffs. But for the rest of the plan, physical components would be needed: attempting the bluff, he asked for ink and a parchment to take notes during his studies, which he managed to obtain and keep in his cell. The 3 required components, pen, ink and dust, were available. He cast his dream spell.

This spell only allowed to contact people on the same plane, but he knew someone about Igniza. Someone whom the demons did not like: the elemental lord of the late Mounta 'Al' Eli. He knew that the elementals could apparently change plans by specific portals, but the demons seemed to hate them and even preferred to rely on Jarod to open a portal rather than deal with them. A flaw to exploit? It was tempting: projecting his mind in search of Mounta 'Al' Eli, he created for him a dream where Igniza had been destroyed because of demons, and where the elementals were banished to the plan of the lands of the east, and subjected to slavery to demons. Jarod perceived while Mounta 'Al' Eli was currently in the ocean of fire: it was apparently the aggregate of all elementals of fire, sharing a common consciousness especially in their dream. Jarod joins forces, and extends the spell to all the elementals. Hard to say if it worked, but the next day, the ocean of fire seemed more alive ...

The next days were tense for Jarod: he was watching the ocean of fire, but nothing seemed to be happening. And the Balor was already impatient two guards had died under the angry wrath of the demon, the fear invaded the sorcerer blue ... One night, he retented to connect to the ocean of fire, where he perceived anger in dreams. He again generated a dream of oppression by the demons, and felt that it had been very effective, and the next day the ocean burned with a really intense heat. Was his plan going to succeed?

But things got quicker: feeling the suspicion of Balor, Jarod tried to make him believe that he was moving forward but that it would take some time, but the immense fatigue that overwhelmed him made his attempts to lie more difficult, and Jarod understood in the light of Balor that he understood that he was playing him. His anger was terrible, and he put Jarod at the foot of the wall: open the gate immediately, or die. Jarod had no choice: the months of torture and fatigue were piling up on his shoulders. With a resigned gesture, he activated the portal opening to his world. He expected the Balor to stop him from crossing, but on the contrary, he ordered him to do so. Making a final bluff, he begged the Balor to give him his things so as not to die on the other side. The latter remained impassive for a moment, no longer plunged his hand into his bottomless bag at the waist, and took out the flying carpet which he threw at Jarod. He hoped to recover his focus but did not dare insist, and walked to the portal. Surprised, he noticed that the Balor did not follow him and was content to display a big carnivorous smile. But he did not have time to question him for a long time because, getting impatient, the demon pulled out his whip and attacked the mage to force him to advance. Dodging the attack, Jarod crossed the gate ...

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Jarod

Game time: March 8 007 to May 8 007 (61 days)

XP : 0 (but a bonus of 10,000 xp to share for the players of the next session)


Session 43 of May 5, 2018 - Slaughter to Shamba

Akakamo, guardian of the United Cities, has heard about insect attacks of demons on Tieret. Fortunately, the Titan Guild is here: Arnor, Siegfried and Akakamo meet with the subtlety of the upcoming mission, accompanied by Dori to ensure the survival of the warriors. But things will evolve very differently from what was planned: after three days of travel in the desert, the adventurers saw a strange phenomenon: a magical portal opened before them. This one started to sizzle, then after a little while, they saw ... Jarod!

The latter, wounded and exhausted, crossed the portal in the opposite direction of the adventurers, on his flying carpet, but managed only with difficulty to fly a few meters before collapsing, unconscious. Immediately, Akakamo fumbled on his unicorn to heal his adviser, while Dori invoked a wall of blades in front of the gate, and Siegfried and Arnor stood near the gate in ambush. Hailed by the paladin but still exhausted, Jarod awoke and warned his companions that the Balor would follow. Akakamo invoked a circle of protection around the gate, but they noticed that it was getting larger. A good while, the circle managed to limit its expansion, but eventually exploded and reached almost 20m wide before the companions admit the terrible truth: it was not the demon that would cross, but the entire mobile fortress.

The adventurers gave an appointment at Gratouille at the level of the volcano, in the East, because it is in this direction that was Shamba, where they had decided to go to warn them of the possible arrival of the demons . From afar, they saw the fortress that emerged and headed east. This astonished Jarod, he doubted that the demons know the location of the city. Unless it was he they were following? No analysis, however, allowed to find any trace of magic element to indicate its position. When in doubt, they walked quickly until they were two days behind the fortress. On the way, they sent a message to Saani to warn her of the arrival of the demons. They passed to the volcano, quickly killed the poor cyclops who tried to kill them with rock, then found Gratouille, one day two days after the volcano. But the fortress was out of sight, and it was better to know what the demons were doing. Riding the rock, they turned and saw a surprising spectacle: the demonic fortress, stopped at the level of the volcano (which, according to a prophecy recall, would be the birthplace of a powerful evil), were attacked by a horde elemental fire. Despite the remains of fatigue, Jarod could not contain his joy: his plan had worked!

For a moment, they watched the battle taking place before their eyes, until Arnor proposed a plan of great caution: use the spell CATACLYSME contained in his plan keeper's book on the elementals and demons. He put his hand on the formula, and magic lay in his arm, and Arnor's head tilted back as his eyes cast an intense light. Then the earth trembled under the battle, and a multitude of rocky peaks sprang up, some of a few meters, others immense, piercing demons and elementals, and several immense peaks even crossed the fortress which, yielding little by little, ends with collapse on the ground, immobilized. Despite the spell, the battle continued until the demon's victory. In the end, the last elementals surrendered: the Balor decapitated their leader and had the 50 prisoners locked up. As for the demons, they had about 80 left. After a little mathematical analysis, the adventurers consider it more reasonable not to attack, and to continue the search for Shamba, now that the demons were immobilized (yes, next to the volcano a prophecy says that ... etc).

Jarod then initiated his RIO (Dream Information Research) process: each night, he contacted a different person to glean information about Shamba: -Saani, to whom he asked to inform himself by giving him all the information he had on Shamba to help him search. Of course, he never contacted her again to find out about the results of his research [, RIO did not answer any more]. He discussed the hypothesis of attacking the fortress of demons, but was not very excited: the risk of losing the whole army of Tieret in case of attack was worrying. When in doubt, they agreed to keep the army on the alert, even if an attack was, for the moment, not envisaged. -Barghel, the kastromancer. He was a little frustrated that his apprentice interrupted his erotic dream with wizards, but rather happy to know it alive. On the other hand, Shamba did not tell him anything at all ... He was interested in the mobile fortress and was motivated to start building a mobile monument, but very little interested in spinning a hand against the demons . At his age, when we see demons we move, and that's it! -The chief of the high elves met in the north. Their seniority could have been a pledge of information, but it was hardly effective. The elf seemed stupid enough ... or ignorant ... -The Inactivus Emperor himself !! But an immortal must know things, and since Jarod had already seen (his mother is assistant to the Minister of Commerce, practice ^ ^), so much to enjoy. The emperor, though sympathetic and relatively impressed with the ability to travel in Jarod's dreams, did not want to talk about the East. "The West is not interested in what is in the East". A small allusion to Altur has fortunately amused the Emperor a little, who, thus put in good humor, said that a pact had been sealed and implied that East and West should not interact. Nothing was said about who was the other signatory of the pact, but the Emperor explained that this pact was at the very foundation of the creation of the Empire. Not daring to insist further, Jarod saluted the Emperor, who, in return, dismissed him from his dream of a flick. Unsurprisingly, the Emperor was obviously a powerful mage ...

In the end, despite the information gleaned, the best solution was to go to Shamba, described in Siegfried's book as the city of guardians of balance and / or entropy. Thanks to Roc the trip was fast, but did not happen without a bad meeting. Avoid lingering on small red dragons attacking hinds, nor on a portal in the desert where a fire elementary was, and quickly fleeing an ethereal black dragon who dared not pursue it beyond the limit of the forest black, they could not however escape during their horrible encounter with a powerful drakoliche. From the beginning of the fight, Gratouille managed to grab the creature in its beak, and they clashed like that, but the drakoliche was much more powerful. Siegfried used his Raye Manta statuette to fly on the back of the drakoliche. For his part, Jarod teleported with Arnor on the back of the drakoliche, chaotically generating a flask of fat on which they managed despite everything to stand. Opposite, Akakamo tried in vain to give spear strokes to the creature, while Dori failed to convince his deity to intervene. A shock of the drakoliche, which alternated between attacking Gratouille and Arnor on his back, terrorized Jarod and Siegfried while throwing them into the void. Getting to the air on his carpet, Jarod managed to get close to Siegfried who climbed onto the carpet, but had a good time finding enough courage to start the fight again.

Although Akakamo and Dori struggled to face the drakoliche, Arnor was in a perfect position to inflict heavy damage on him, before he himself suffered enough to fall, unconscious. But Jarod again used his carpet, decidedly handy in aerial combat, to catch him, before sending Arnor and Siegfried back on the creature's back. Just in time, because another wave of chaotic fat made the carpet slippery too. On their side Akakamo and Dori continued to help Gratouille but a frost attack froze them all 3 and led to the fall of the rock, as well as the drakoliche always seized by the bird. But if Gratouille had been able to inflict heavy damage, he was himself very badly in point and it is very courageously that he managed not to yield to his fear, with the help of the aura of courage of Akakamo and Dori's encouragement. Finally, Siegfried struck the undead beast very hard, but getting angry at the lack of success, he ended up accidentally sliding over Jarod's fat pound and banged his head against the spine of the spine. drakoliche who, already wounded, ends up breaking himself in front of the solid skull of the barbarian. The creature, very talkative during the fight, tried to say something but his words ended in cry of agony.

The adventurers agreed to a night's rest, especially to cure Gratouille, to whom they were full of gratitude to congratulate him. Siegfried was worried because he had seen a gleam coming out of the drakoliche and heading north. Now, Dori knew that when he died, a dracolich saw his soul expelled from the body and sent back to a stone of power from which it was possible to resurrect it. For his part, Jarod ends up getting fed up with his head scratching at an area where his hair did not grow back. Akakamo swayed and noticed that a horn was pushing him to the side of the skull! After discussion, the adventurers decided not to attempt a preventive decapitation, but remained cautious ...

While searching, the adventurers found a cave nearby. Driven by their instinct, they went up the long tunnel for four days until arriving in a treasure room with lots of gold on the ground, 6 chests, and a pedestal with a magical necrotic stone that pulsed like a heartbeat: soul of the drakoliche! The paladin of vengeance of course eagerly opened a chest, then a second. His counselor, following the model of his hero, did the same. The multiple explosions of traps eventually caught the attention of the Lich who seemed to live there. She appeared, pointed her finger at Siegfried and said in a loud voice, "Die!"

No one will ever know if it was a real lich, because she will never cast a single spell, or "Die," or "Fund," or any other overpowering horror she apparently wanted to do, because Jarod applied When he himself tried an attack spell, the lich countered it, which Jarod found very immature, while Siegfried and Arnor began the fight against the zombie soldiers of the Lich, who In a brief moment, Siegfried fell under the control of the lich, but managed to free himself mentally.Dori managed to destroy many by his magic anti-living dead.The lich, already wounded by the Siegfried's first attack, even attempting to teleport himself, was again countered by Jarod, who, moreover, had an extremely cautious plan again: he teleported himself with Akakamo in the back of the lich, and let the paladin unleash his strength on the living dead. her life lasted little longer, and she ended up beheading by Akakamo, while her henchmen fell under the hands of the warriors.

Finally quiet, the adventurers could share the immense wealth of the Lich. They spotted some notes on how to make a drakoliche that Dori recovered, and burned the rest. Of course, they took the trouble to destroy the soul stone of the drakoliche. In the midst of the treasures, there are some magic objects including paint that draws objects (or protes, or anything actually) that becomes real, currently in possession of Jarod who was eager to show it to his master kastro. Then they went back to Shamba. Sad mistake, they did not destroy the body of the Lich ... For the forest was always sick, and Dori learned from his god that the Lich was responsible. The source of the evil was in a box, probably the heart of the lich they had not found, but there was another cave somewhere that the adventurers could not find. Someone had gone after them and had searched the Lich, and probably took something to resurrect. It will sooner or later take care of that, to cure the black forest ...

But the adventurers were only too impatient to finally go to Shamba! Siegfried was keen to finally be able to transmit his letter, while Arnor was worried because the landmarks during their journey confirmed his theory: the orcs of the black tooth lived in Shamba! They eventually found the city which was actually an Orc Fortress. Yet his true vision allowed Siegfried to see that there was also a city. At least he seemed to catch a glimpse of her, but it was very strange. Aeline confirmed that it seemed to be a magic linked to a half-plane. The group ends up going to meet an orcs patrol.

Arnor was a bit nervous about the orcs he saw as his enemies, but Akakamo ran as a representative of the United Cities, including Tieret. He discussed with the orc who seemed to rule the city, the High Priest of Entropy, who said that since the Transition, and the departure of men and elves, it was the orcs who were doing the task. But after an attack a few years ago (centuries?) They had no more leader, and did not know how to designate it. In addition, information about the arrival of the demons and the destruction of the other plans confirmed their fears: they had failed to maintain the balance with their rituals. Then finally, Siegfried handed his letter.

Its content ? Very succinct: the bearer of the letter was designated as the new Entropic Commander! Seeing the seal of the commander placed directly on his forehead, Siegfried was led to the Gate which, thanks to the seal, opened. And so was the time of Revival and the return of the city of Shamba to 30 sublime turns.

Annex detail: yes they massacred the broken tooth, traitors who had deserted their mission. This question was put aside for the moment, so as not to disturb the nascent relationship between Shamba and the Guild.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin, [Audric]

Players: Jarod, Siegfried, Arnor, Dori and Akakamo

Duration in game: May 5th 007 to August 9th 007

XP : 21300 per player [yes this time it's the real xp, we're not lying]


Session 44 of May 7, 2018 - In search of lost Turin

It is in Tiéret that Akakamo, Jarod, Atiéris, Nix and Galdor find themselves. After some preparations in town, a little visit to Shani who do not know much more about the demons and a failure of Jarod to his attempt to spy on demons at a distance, the heroes of the guild decide to leave for the search for Turin in the mine in the marshes at the edge of the wilderness far behind the mountains to the south. Galdor and Jarod Chaos companions finally meeting on the elemental stone of fire that miraculously appeared in the vault of Galdor at the university, Barguel the master of Jarod would be looking for him. The stone does not work and seems drained of all magic (may be that to a connection with the latest event on the fire plan) a good reason to contact Barguel by dream and ask him questions. He has of course no answer but is very interested in stone, they meet in 1 month near the mountains before the marsh.

Akakamo having given his orders to his order of unicorn knight it was time to leave, grave to the hypogriphs erected by Atiéris the trip was fast and airy, until the crystal tower. The question arose of taking the telescope from the top of the tower to bring it to Tiéret in order to spy on the demons: it is useless to be bothered for the moment we will take it back. Continuation of the journey to the mountains without trouble. At the end of the meeting with Barguel, Galdor lends him the fire stone for his experiments, clearly stating that he intends to recover later. In the evening during the camp, we are disturbed by a group of noisy trolls fighting for a meal (raw goat) taken by these poor hungry creatures Atiéris goes hunting and brings a goat for each troll, they do not really understand our generosity but are happy to eat their fill. In the night Atiéris surprise them stealing a hypogriphe (apparently they were still hungry) they escape to face our threatening faces and leave their prey stunned. We leave early in the morning no trace of trolls and no missing hypogriphe.

A few days of flying suffice to reach the marshes and Nyx guides us to the entrance of the mines. On the way the monkeys do not seem very happy to see us and make a noise of the devil.

We enter the mine by an immense sinkhole with a spiral staircase along the wall, we start the descent by skilfully avoiding the traps at the entrance and once engaged in the mine we grow with the committee d Black elf host stationed in ambush at the bottom of the chasm. A few arrows arrows and fireballs are not enough to overcome, some enemy spellcasters make themselves invisible and escape by a hatch in the ground, only half of the group is decimated. We move into the mine and arrive at another chasm in the mines this time, strange sounds are heard in the bottom of it: a levitating mage is performing a ritual and we all hear "Go there my children protect our territory against our enemies, kill them all. " Two Beir begin the ascent. We will run along the chasm to reach the gallery on the other side, Jarod flying above the void on his flying carpet. A cloud of acid is blocking the passage, Galdor away with his fan of squall, arrived at the entrance of the gallery fugitives of earlier reserve us a little surprise to not slow down and take us in pincers with the behirs. The ambush is thwarted by the acid cloud that causes Galdor's spell to be directed against them. Jarod teleports with Akakamo to catch up and finish the elf who were still fleeing but the Behirs are there and spit out their electric blasts, Jarod Nyx and faster Akakamo are out of reach but Atieris and Galdor fall when the 2nd blows them out. achieved. Luckily, the Behirs are too big to be in the gallery, Akakamo heals Galdor who, coming out of unconsciousness, immediately throws a teleportation spell to put Atiéris out of reach. The 2 monsters leave, rest + care.

A few days of walks in the mines and we arrive in the great hall of the queen of giant spiders. Of course we can not pass because is forbidden and no one passes (except Turin of course). After discussion we learn that the spiders are in conflict with a troll people in the mines, we conclude a deal with them and if we get rid of the trolls they will let us go. After a few days of walking guided by a spider, we arrive at the trolls. Seeing us they take us for their lunch tomorrow, and tell us that the pointed ears have good taste but thanks to a huge bluff the trolls take us seriously, they forget their nascent hunger and a conversation takes place. We learn that the trolls are in turf conflict with the spiders but that this one is very easy to kill for them, after a good dose of manipulation and demonstration of strength and warlike feats we manage to convince some 20 troll of go with us to attack the nest of spiders. The plan is to take advantage of the chaos of the battle to infiltrate this passage guarded by these thousands of critters. The plan goes well, we decimate a large part of the spiders with the trolls, they are routed, the troll eventually fall one after the other, in the end there remains only the queen and a dozen giant spiders. (the others are dead or have fled): sneak attacks, fireballs, ice cones, arrow flurries and vengeful paladin sword blows let us finish them mercilessly and relentlessly. The way finally free we explore the forbidden passage and after days of walks we arrive at a free gnomes village of a little less than a hundred souls. They do not seem to have seen Turin but they reveal to us that a few days further south in the caves there is a fishman people doing experiments on spellcasters, indeed during of his visions, Jarod saw a Turin that seemed in captivity held in a cage can be he imprisoned in poisonous men?

End of the adventure, possibility of restarting the next session from this village whose name I do not remember.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: André

Players: Atieris, Jarod, Galdor, Nyx, Akakamo

Duration in game: from the 10th of August 007 to the 31st of October 007 (82 days)

XP : 10380 xp / player


Session 45 of May 12, 2018 - Life is a long calm river

"A flabby face of a fish man looks at the gnome with drawn features," Speak! ", Turin feels a magical discharge run through it, once again ..." How do you do your spells ?! ", 'I tell them nothing 'says Turin,' my companions will soon come to get me, I do not have any longer '...' '

It is in a cooperative spirit, and the heart full of desire to see their comrade Turin again, that Arnor, Jarod, and Dory meet at Tieret. They talk a lot (a little) and decide with regret (no regrets) that more information is needed before saving Turin. They decide to explore a hitherto unexplored trail: the search for the titan of water. Jarod says he must go up the river, Arnor (who is always right) argues that we have to go south, Dory meanwhile has forgotten the beginning of the dispute and agrees to follow Arnor thinking that he usually will save the people in the mines (wesh I'm tired of doing that). So they are heading south to check the theory of the water cycle. So they buy a longship at 10000 Po, snatching some jewelry Arnor despite it's supplications (it's for the brothel style) and begin to descend the river through Tieret going south. And this time, nothing will stop Arnor, no question of becoming even smaller.

'' 'My skin is starting to stick to my bones, they have decided to starve me to make me more docile ... I'm losing the notion of time ... Are they coming soon?' ''

On the way, Jarod decides to chat quietly with the people he knows visiting them in their dreams. So, of course, he tells his master in the guilds of the observers, but not too much of what he knows about the Empire, that the Empire should not intervene in the East. Three days later, he is visited by two red eyes and threatening in his sleep, quietly explaining "DO NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT HE TELLS IT IN CONFIDENCE TO ANYONE". The trip is long, after 14 days (?) They arrive in an area where the fauna and flora are simply beautiful. They stop for a moment and meet a doe with whom he communicates and who answers them politely. Arnor fights his balls, WE GO SOUTH.

'' 'They suddenly start to treat me well ... they must want to turn against my friends, but I'm not an idiot, they must have trouble finding me in all these galleries ...' ''

Gradually the vegetation turns into jungle. Suddenly songs rise. The group stops, despite the ON VA SOUTH of the epic half-or-half epic. Listening carefully, they hear different voices, dozens to tell the truth. They approach so cautiously by following the voices that sing and arrive before 5 humanoid forms. By watching them, the voices all seem to come from them. WE GO SOUTH, says Arnor. Jarod steps forward to talk about Akakamo ... The 5 creatures stop "singing" and watch the adventurers. "Do you have gifts?" said one of the creatures, turning his head like that of a bird. The adventurers look at each other, Arnor discreetly takes five gold coins in his purse and holds out the coins. Creatures rush, and some get two and some do not. Arnor begin to distribute 5 other pieces to make it fair, by not giving it to the most avaricious ...

'' 'It makes me shine their big project, how much I should join their cause ... I think they start to realize that I will not follow them in their madness' ''

As the discussion progresses, the adventurers notice that the creatures are trying to steal some jewels from them and imitate some of their expressions ... they understand that they are part of the community that stole the statuette of frogmen, and they learn that these 5 were banished from their community because they did not want to accept the association between their community and the "featherless men". A fight breaks out when Jarod mentions his "flying carpet" for information on the statuette. At first simply words, then the creatures get upset and want to steal the carpet. They are easily put in chaos, and the adventurer goes FINALLY SOUTH. The next day they notice that the creatures have followed ... Dory's paralysis and intimidation of Arnor "Do not follow us anymore!" The next day, they notice that the creatures have followed them ... Dory's paralysis and Arnor's intimidation "DO NOT FOLLOW US!". The next day, no kenku around, Dory speaks to them from a distance "DO NOT FOLLOW US". The 4th day, "DO NOT FOLLOW US". 5th, "DO NOT FOLLOW US" "DO NOT FOLLOW US" ...

'' 'Back in the cage, they had to understand that I will not accept ... the tortures have started again ...' ''

Our adventurers end up coming out of the marshes to arrive ... IN A MOTHERFUCKER SEA. Arnor is a little disappointed, it will take time to check his theory ... But he does not lose hope. They begin a journey to the volcano they see in the distance. Along the way, they meet a particularly haughty elemental.

They locate a very informative library, in which he learns the circumstances of the creation of the empire: In the beginning, the West was made up of a multitude of small kingdoms ... until one man created a kingdom combining scattered villages, creating a kingdom, at first peacefully, then violently when others villages began to do the same to oppose him. Rumor has it that he was accompanied by a man, a magical entity with whom he would have sealed a pact. This entity would have lent him his power, making it very powerful. This entity would have imposed a limit to the precise empire, that never exceeded the empire, which would have respected the emperor of the name of Inactivus. Of course, this rumor did not circulate much ... those who spoke about it tended to ... disappear. They also learn things about entropy and balance. In the image of yin and yang (what is it?) Chaos and order must be balanced according to certain beliefs.

'' 'I'm hungry...' ''

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Jarod

Players: Arnor, Jarod, Dory

Duration in game: from november 1st to december 21st

XP : 9400 xp / player


Session 46 of May 13, 2018 - Turin found

It's been a few months since Siegfried's life in Shamba, the entropic general of the city is finally back and this creates some tension among the orcs of the Tooth. Apparently the return of these old entropic things is not to the taste of everyone and the members of the Tooth Clan in a majority had obviously drawn a line on these legends of the past, the legitimacy of this new general is largely implemented. cause but the sudden appearance of the legendary city in the eyes of all makes this past reappear relentlessly. All the same, some of them remain faithful to the ancestral duties of Shamba and see the arrival of Siegfried auspicious, these new allies thus help Siegfried who travels the city to unravel the mysteries. Shamba is deserted without any sign of life, but there are signs of a past life. Magical inscriptions are visible on the floors or walls here and there, a trace of an earlier magic activity. Inert strange creatures, lifeless, immobile and composed of complex mechanisms and cogs occupy the buildings, these mechanical carcasses haunt the old city.

The allies that Siegfried finds in the Orcs of the Tooth seem as ignorant as he is, the help they bring him is mostly political and Siegfried takes the measure of his precarious position with the clan of the Teeth: of these chiefs and commander. Learning the successive failure of the clan to conclude peaceful alliances with the peoples of the area, he decided, in consultation with his entropic adviser, to go west and find his allies in him, in Tiéret and elsewhere, those he has already helped or saved during his adventures and who might be able to help him in Shamba.

Passing through Tiéret he learns that some of his companions in the guild went far south to the south west to search Turin. The companions managed to get in touch and meet in the mines in the village of Carnelia. He explains everything to Siegfried.

Turin must be in the fish men is most likely but the house in the village Lady "...... .." does not want one of his subjects to guide us, we propose to deal with his problem cemetery in exchange of a guide. Indeed since a few years a dragon "ghost" occupies the cemetery preventing Carnellia gnomes from completing their funeral rites. A shadow dragon has taken possession of the cave he tells us to be his territory, we talk to him about the problem he is causing and ask him what is holding him here and what can be done to satisfy both part. The dragon quickly tells us his story: he is an old red dragon of the plane of fire who in the past received a kind of call and it was made on the plane of the shadow where he was corrupted. His current appearance is the result of this corruption, he was teleported into this cavern escaping from the plane of the shadow and finds himself stuck here. He can not come to the surface because the light is deadly for him.

He asks us to heal him of his corruption and to lead him to the open air so the dead of the gnomes will find peace. The adventurers tell him to know a magic able to help him (bluff) and leave with the agreement to come back with the person mastering such magic. Thanks to the magic stick of Nyx the adventurers contact Barguel who says that to his knowledge it is impossible to cure this kind of corruption. By calling Akakamo to Tiéret his research on the subject by his contacts at the university is no more fruitful. The solution to kill the dragon is evoked, some think the danger is deadly (Galdor) else thinks it's downright playable (Nyx) the third think that help him and make a dragon ally for Shamba is the best solution (Siegfried). The Lady is very disappointed by our inability to solve the problem and despises us, we piss them off with their problem and we break. Back at the Spider Queen's cave, we take the second path that the spiders had access to. After 6 or 7 days of walk we arrive in front of a city in a huge cavern, city protected by ramparts 7 meters high covered with a viscous substance.

Approaching the front door we are challenged by the dwarf guard (4 gray dwarfs) Galdor pretends to be walking accompanied by his gnome slave and his bodyguard. During the exchange we learn that we have no right to enter unless we are magi or bring them. That the magi can come voluntarily but if they are not voluntary they are brought by force, all this to accomplish a great project. Unfortunately we do not learn anything about the nature of the big project. Fishmen come out the front door during our conversation with the guard and we learn from the mouth of the Guard that it is the city of the mirror pool, the same one we were looking for. We end the conversation with the guard by telling him that we will return in a few days with mages in exchange for being able to enter and trade with the city. The guard asks us to pay 100 for the time spent talking, we fuck him and we go. Quick study of the force in presence: a hundred guard (dwarves and men fish) along the wall.

The "night" fell, the infiltration begins, Galdor makes invisible Siegfried who can fly above the ramparts without being seen while Galdor and Nyx teleport it inside the city. Discreetly the companions glide in the shadows, Nyx thanks to his stick manages to determine the position of Turin, we pass near a big building sheltering immense giants of the caves and we head towards what appears to be a prison. Galdor makes Siegfried invisible again and the group embarks on a surprise attack. After a harsh fight during which the sorcerer falls unconscious and keeps trying to flee given the alert, Siegfried pursues him and completes him but the alert and given.

Nyx spots Turin in a cage with other human elf and gnome prisoners, with the keys recovered on the body of "martin" he opens his cell and another. At the same time Galdor, stabilized by his companions, begins to cast the teleportation circle spell and specifies that it will have to be done quickly because the portal will be open only 10sec, we can not take everyone the mage can not open than 1 portal. A human does not seem to agree with the idea of u200bu200babandoning prisoners, he takes keys and goes to a cell: Nyx u200bu200bKills him, out of the question to endanger the rescue of Turin and others. The weakened prisoners cross the portal helped by the adventurers, the portal is about to be closed some will remain stuck. Thanks to a heroic action taking the risk of being the only one not to pass Siegfried violently pushes the latecomers into the portal and everyone manages to pass on the other side, in the Nyx movement throws the keys into a cell that she had not opened and Galdor is throwing one of his magic focusers (that could possibly be helped by these mages casting spells and running away). The portal closes and everyone (a little over thirty people) ends up in the portal room in Tieret. Saani arrives quickly enough to see all this mess, it is explained to her, she calm down and seeing that among the saved individuals there are university students missing.

Turin tells us that he was tortured, his torturers wanted to know how he could do magic when he was not a magician, he ended up talking about the stick he possessed and allowed him to cast spells like a mage: they are now looking for this artifact. The prison he was in was made for useless mages or too weak to participate in the big project. There had to be another place where other mages were held.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: André

Players: Galdor, Siegfried, Nyx

Duration in game: from November 1st to December 21st 007 (to stick with the previous session)

XP : 7100 xp / player


Session 47 of May 22, 2018 - Flame Return

It's winter, but it does not seem to have a grip on Tieret. It is in the desert city that Jarod, Brother Touche, Siegfried and Mur found each other. Delighted to meet again, they tell each other their latest adventures: the rescue of Turin, the fight against a lich, the trip to the South Sea ... If Jarod talks about the mystery of some of his travels, Siegfried never tires of tell who wants to hear how he shot down a dracoliche. Then the subject of the demon fortress resurfaces. All four say that it is necessary to intervene before the demons finish the construction of a permanent fortress at the top of the volcano. But the problem comes from how, and they argue at length about how to organize the assault. Finally, they decide to go first to the monastery of Kirage: Siegfried is eager to find the people of the monastery, and Jenela in particular, and Jarod will take advantage of his passage up there to do something [that I did not understand ] to teleport to Tieret when needed. Ah, those magi ...

Neither one nor two (but rather easily 16 or 17), the heroes call Gratouille via Ram. Meeting point: the crystal tower. There, he meets strange raven men without wings. They try to enter the crystal tower. The heroes, charitable, give them the password. These raven men seek first and foremost how to fly. They are more than fascinated by Gratouille, but this one does not let them approach ... it will be for another time.

On the way to the monastery. A quiet trip. Arrived in the valley where the monastery of Kirage rises, the adventurers are welcomed. Jenela gives a short report to Siegfried. Discreet buffaloes continue to be the black sheep of the order. Brother Touche gives them a little time to teach them discretion and subtlety, but it's difficult: they are more buffalo than discreet. Jenela also seems to regret that Siegfried does not come back more often. Some mocking observers pointed out that Jenela might have feelings for Siegfried. If so, he himself did not understand, but it came out of this stay a little troubled anyway. Then the story of the shadow dragon affected by the eponymous plan comes back on the carpet. Siegfried remarks that the demonic plan acts in the same way on Jarod and his horns? * tilt * Mur rushes on Ram and begins to examine him: he also spent a lot of time in the demonic plan. She finds nothing, but notices that Ram seems to hide something. Then he shows him: he begins to have hooves instead of his little feet of gnomelin! Horror! After investigation, it even seems that he is guided by a demon, a bit like Amnon. Jarod and Mur search his dreams, and eventually learn that the demon who speaks to Ram is called Beelzebub. Everything is fine. Then Jarod contacts the emperor, and obviously the emperor and Ram both dream of the same tower ... strange. The adventurers decide to go to the succubes to ask for advice. Clia greets them and tells them that Beelzebub is a demon god. Better and better. She also agrees, a little unwillingly, to help them attack the demons. Nice this bitch.

And it's gone again in flying squirrels. After a stop at Tieret, we go back to the volcano. The adventurers cross red baby dragons that come from the direction of the volcano. Siegfried has a brilliant idea that it could be allies of circumstance against the demons since in their plan they were enemies. But they do not speak draconic then too bad. They land at two days of the volcano and finish on foot. They see a career but decide to go directly to the "tower" under construction. There, they effectively spread some demons, and releases two elementals. They recognize the mark of Siegfried, and the latter turns out to be able to speak their language: the ignisan. But obviously the elementals see the people of Shamba as traitors. Siegfried tells them he does not, and convinces them to trust them. Together, they heroically free the other elementals, and flee in the night.

What to do with thirty elementals? Contact Jarod Bargueul who wants them stock ready from home. On the road they meet a crush that joins the troop. By questioning the elementals they understand that they want the people of Shamba because they have not protected the Fire, and they still use the power of the elementals. Bizarre. We will have to investigate if we finally want to restore balance.

Siegfried contemplates the elementary troop. They did well. He thinks about what Jenela told him: "You go through the extraordinary without even realizing it." He realizes it! It's extraordinary: a whole people of liberated! And can be the possibility to repair the errors of the old entropic lords! What could he imagine more extraordinary? ... Oddly, he was not as enthusiastic as he should have been ...

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan

Players: Jarod, Siegfried, Wall and Brother Touche

Duration in game: 22 december 008 to 2 marsard 008

XP : 10000 and dust / player


Session 48 of May 26, 2018 at 1:30 pm - Three mages and a stick

Barely returned from his elemental rescue, Jarod found Turin recently released. After a year of confinement and a few months to recover, this one is eager to start an adventure again! Leaving his apprentice to rest at Tieret, Jarod proposed to Turin to join Galdor and Dory, also present in Tieret. Of course, you never leave Tieret very quickly, the time for Dory to go rage in front of the flourishing Kobolds shop.

Then, embarking on the ship, the group leaves to the South of Tieret to the library that Dory, Jarod and Arnor had already begun to visit. The path was particularly quiet, no particular meeting ... It was only within sight of the library that we were attacked by small venomous snakes full of colors, but nothing serious. Then they are back in the bookstore. Many books, the description of information retrieved will be listed at the end of the summary. Arriving in the room where the previous group had stopped, they spent a moment to observe the gallery paintings where "gallery" was written below ... Until a flash of genius from Turin who went to see the book entitled "Gallery "to find the key to move forward! And deal with a lot of elemental ink, or something of the kind, first frozen by Jarod, then burned by Turin, electrocuted by Dory and destroyed by the blows of Turin.

The group then met three heads of stone (Pierre Feuille and Cailloux), including a particularly talkative, and who begged them to bring them with them, anywhere, rather than stay again to get bored without seeing nobody ! Because the old residents were all dead during the awakening of the volcano, many centuries ago .. What a stupid idea to create a library next to a volcano, too! The 3 gargoyle heads warned of the presence of Kalankatar, a dangerous mage-book living there. Taking pity on the heads, the heroes brought them into their bags.

The adventurers also met a Mimic who, once massacred, provided beautiful treasures. In particular, they collected the collection of six books telling the supposedly fictitious story of a half-giant of storms, the son of an unseen human and an open-minded giant. They also met with mephities of dust that warned them that they were all going to die because of Kalankatar, but the heroes resisted their murderous impulses and ignored them. After a rest, they went upstairs and faced Kalankatar.

Indeed, it was a giant book. He told them that he had been created centuries ago by one of the inhabitants, he was very small at the time but had grown up accumulating knowledge, and besides asked them all their writings, books or scrolls. A thirst for knowledge almost unhealthy. As a convinced chronicler, Jarod was outraged to see this book that wanted to recover knowledge without sharing it, while Turin was openly suspicious, which made it a victim of a fate of the book-mage who projected it into a dimension- jail. At first shocked, his friends preferred to ignore this attack to negotiate with the mage-book, in search of information. AInsi, against his scrolls explaining how to create a Drakoliche Dory gave him, they retrieved more info. Despite the temptation, they managed not to attack the giant book despite its greed and threats (he suggested to Jarod to come in his pages a few decades for him to study). Galdor managed to retrieve useful information: at the level of the nearby volcano, there was a teleportation portal, so the following objective was found.

But Jarod, worried about his apprentice, decided to return by teleporting to Tieret bringing the heads of Gargoyles, and leaving his companions to visit the volcano, joined by Mur and Brother Touche. Just before, he leaves to interrogate Barghel leaves the dreams to interrogate him on the Tower of Pandemonium, to realize that he ALSO dreams of this Tower! Then he asks her to inquire about a tower on several planes, pretending to believe that Barghel does not know why he dreams of this Tower.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Galdor, Turin, Jarod and Dory

Duration in game: March 3rd to March 30th

XP : 8850 xp / d


Session 49 of May 26, 2018 at 18h - Fire and Ice (but no song)

Having finally managed to sow Jarod, and joined by Mur and Frère Touche (who had been hiding in the boat since the beginning), the adventurers continue their journey towards the volcano.

Along the way, they meet a family of tiger-men (with tiger-woman and child-tigers). They hunt them a little ... then our heroes chase them a little ... in the end all agree that nobody eats anyone (Brother Touche was the hardest to convince).

The group then arrives at the foot of the volcano, where they begin the painful ascent in search of the circle of teleportation. They end up finding an opening, which continues in an obviously artificial corridor towards the center of the volcano. There, they open onto a huge hall overlooking the lava, adorned with a huge statue of what looks like a dwarf. A silhouette stands at the top of the huge stairs. This seemingly nanoid (meh) being is actually made entirely of bronze!

He introduces himself to the band as Azer, the last of the Azers (it's my Azer and so much more!), Proving that the dwarves are not the most destitute race. He explains to the heroes that he is trying to rebuild his people. For that, it needs the most pure copper and tin possible, preferably not already forged (the azers believe in the memory of the metal ... what do you want). He shows them his blacksmithing skills by shaping a piece of metal like clay with his bare hands. The heroes propose to make a deal with him: in exchange for the necessary metals, Azer would forge them weapons. However Azer is reluctant: in the past his race was betrayed by the elementals of fire (or would it be the efreets?) After having forged the City of Bronze (since lost in the void between the plans, it would have been too easy) . The group then offers him the following idea: they bring him the metals, he forges weapons, but it is not a market. What Azer accepts, not without a small smile.

Satisfied with this non-market, the heroes activate the portal and return to Tieret.

They decide to explore the location indicated by the map found in the library. It is a place in the middle of high mountains south of Tieret. Arrived on the spot. They discover the entrance of a cave blocked by a wall of ice. In the center of this one, a frosty star. A biting cold emanates from the cave. The heroes bravely decide to wait outside while Galdor takes care of unleashing his fire magic on the wall of ice. Once the star is broken, the cold, far from diminishing, intensifies further. The adventurers rush into the cave, feeling that they will not be able to drag themselves out without suffering severe frostbite [1].

They open into a large room containing a simple desk and a shelf, as well as several doors. Continuing to explore, they first fall on a small room full of gigantic red and smoking eggs beside which there is equipment obviously intended to handle them (combination + insulating gloves). Then on a humanoid of 3m barely visible under a thick layer of ice. The ice cream begins to melt visibly despite the cold weather that seems to worsen. Changing rooms, they then fall on another of these creatures, when she leaves her frozen prison. This is a formidable ice troll!

The heroes understand that we will have to redouble our efforts. Not only are the ancient inhabitants gradually freeing themselves, but the cold continues to weaken them!

Continuing their exploration, they release a goblin of ice and its brood (because yes it seems that at least some lay eggs ... Wall? A comment?), Posing as the queen of ice goblins, who asks them to to save his children already hatched from the claws of the trolls. In the end, after several fights against the trolls and their giant rams of company, exhausted heroes manage to recover the young goblins. As they escort the goblins to the exit, a roar is heard, and they catch a glimpse of a huge purple creature that is escaping from the ice. No longer able to fight, they run to the exit to shelter the goblins. But just out of the cave, a tremor gives way to the purple worm that springs from the ground!

The situation seems hopeless. In normal times, adventurers would be able to cope with the monster, but their passage through the cave has exhausted them. One look is enough to confirm that the leak seems the only option ... but the goblins will certainly not escape. Suddenly, Turin leapt and brandished his staff. In a desperate invocation, he plays everything for the whole and casts a single spell. As the last word of the incantation sounds, all hold their breath ...

The monster has just suffered an immobilization spell, it is paralyzed!

As one ... humanoid, humans, gnomes and goblins flock to the beast and rain blows. She flinches, and seems a moment about to free herself from the enchantment ... But no fate holds good! It is finally Mur who will carry the fatal blow. The worm crumbles, failing to crush the group under weight. But all, adventurers like goblins, come out unscathed from the meeting.

Heroes can finally blow. The goblin teaches them that his people lived in the dungeon, and took care of raising the worms for a human, who provided them with food and education in exchange (one of the rooms was even a classroom). Finishing to explore the scene, the group discovers a very particular plate armor: it comes alive and strengthens the strength of the wearer when it is fueled by a fuel produced from a grass of the region.

The adventurers finally leave the goblin, who decided to repopulate the place with his children, and finally go back to Tieret.

[1] the characters began to take damage every minute in real time!

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan?

Players: Galdor, Wall, Brother Touche, Turin and Dory

Duration of play: from April 1st to April 9th

XP : 12200 xp / player


Session 50 of May 30, 2018 - The Lich, the Dragon and the Rock

My name is Scratch, and this is the story of my death.

This story begins ... a day. A day like so many others. I fly, I feel the air slide along my feathers. I hunt a few reptilian birds over the jungle. Its good. My beak is still a little damaged since the last time, but other than that I'm fine. That's when I hear the voice in my head. It's the little one, the one they call Ram. He and his brood want to see me, and they give me a rendezvous east of the big nest to human desert. Perfect, scratches in perspective! I would have done better to break a wing that day ...

I find humans in the desert a few days later. I'm disappointed, the little Gnome is not here. There are four of them, and this is the one they call Siegfried, who speaks to me. He does not speak in my head, but he gives chirps that I can hardly understand. His Roc accent is pretty lamentable ... He explains to me that they want to go to Shamba again, where I led them last time, where I confronted the bones of living dragons. I do not like the idea, but I accept. During the trip, Siegfried tells me a bit about what they want to do there. I do not understand everything, but obviously they want to find a magic circle for Galdor. It's not exciting, but I'm always happy to have company.

After several days of flying, we fly over a troop of what they call undead. Me, what I know is that it's not good, and fat, Brother Touche, seems the same opinion as me. We hear a roar that seems to come from a cave that the dead encircle. Let's leave, it will be better. But no. Humans argue, some insist to go see: there is potentially a dragon to save. They insist that I come down. I do not like it very much and I tell them, but I agree to drop them a little further. Then I quickly go back to the sky and watch them from a distance.

The dead are numerous. But humans are attacking them without hesitation. All throw themselves into the fray. Many dead are magic, but they seem not to care and destroy them all or almost. There are flames, explosions, and two horned horses that came to help them from nowhere. It's weird [1]. Then they enter the cave [2]. There I see nothing, but later they come out and a kind of specter appears outside the cave [3]. They discuss then the spectrum without going. So they come out with a dark dragon ... well, as usual they do anything. And I'm hungry. I see them go away, under the moonlight with the dragon [4]. I will wait a bit. Then they come back and leave without the dragon to the east. I join them by wing. Once there, Siegfried explains to me that they are looking for those who want harm to the dragon, according to them, to make it a dragon-in-bone-that-flight-and-fear. Once again they need me and ask me to head east, to the supposed landmark of the lich, which Siegfried has already visited.

After a week of flying. We arrive at the lair. Humans enter it, then come out quickly. They look discomfited and a little panicked. Siegfried comes back quickly and tells me that we must return to the Dragon's Cave, quickly, because the lich has obviously returned recently from his lair. They ask me to do as fast as possible. Very good: I will give the best of myself. The first day, I start to tire, but I fly almost twice as fast. I do not know if humans are well aware of the effort I am providing, but I continue. At the second I begin to be exhausted: I'm hungry and I feel my heart beating fast. On the third day I start having visions, the thirst is pulling me but I told humans that I could do it quickly, so I'll do it. More than a half day ... My heart is racing, I do not feel well. I landed as softly as I can on the edge of the cave. The humans come down and run to the cave after thanking me and being sure they come back quickly. They do not realize ... I push a chorus to wish them good luck and I close my eyes ...

[Continued by Siegfried] Provided the dragon is not dead. As long as we have nothing new to do with a dracoliche ... moreover she looked nice ... No, it's good. She is there, still in the cave. She is going better. We did all this for nothing! Mur tells me that we have to go back to Scratch. We go there, but he is not in shape [5]. We decide to spend a few days looking after him and try to ambush the lich if he comes back. Morale is at its lowest: we are deceived all along the line and Scratch is not well by our fault. After several days when we see no sign of the lich, we decide to go back to Shamba, on Scratch. He is better, thankfully. We will let him fly at his own pace.

Flying over the den of the lich again. I see the obvious signs of the displacement of an army of the dead. No ... it's worse than anything. The lich wanted revenge on me. While we were busy trying to kill Scratch by exhaustion, she was walking towards Shamba. And now it may be too late. After several days we arrive in sight of the Orc Fortress. The lich, on a mobile tower, seems to be negotiating with orcs. We ask Gratouille to make a passage in lowercase and we jump on the walls. It's a very impressive arrival. And if we all managed the landing, Mur did even better. She crashed on a cagibis, and emerged bleeding but alert. A true warrior vision for the orcs: "We needed more of this cagibis." Gashagr welcomes us and explains the situation. The orcs speak, the lich wants to establish an alliance, three orc generals already look convinced. We go to the place of negotiations. The orcs want a leader and I try to be one by confronting the lich in an oratorical duel. I feel that I struggle to convince despite the help of my companions. The orcs seem divided. I remember that we seek above all to fight, and if elves and humans refuse the covenant, we persevere. The lich claims to be able to offer them victory rather than struggle. I remind her that the victory, it's been a long time since she knows what we know: we had her dragon, her lair, and soon her army! The orcs rally, and the lich leaves the tail between the legs (accompanied by some renegade orcs). The tenacity of Gratouille will not have been spoiled at least: otherwise, we would have arrived two days too late ...

[1] Galdor invoked two unicorns with chaos! This mage is amazing!
[2] In the cave, there was a shadow dragon. She seems to have been cast out of the shadows, is an old silver strap, and very scared of light.
[3] The spectrum is a lich with the unpronounceable name. Worthy heiress of the movie villain, it appears, seems to recognize those who were in the first battle between elves and orcs, then pronounces to the attention of Siegfried: "Still you, commander entropic, I would have my revenge!", Before vanish. We will see later that for the lich, revenge is a dish that is eaten hot, see slightly boiling.
[4] We will then look for another cave for the dragon.
[5] No, he is not dead. I just wanted to start the summary like this: p. But he still lost 1 constitution point permanently.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Juan

Players: Galdor, Siegfried, Wall and Brother Key

Duration in game: April 10th to June 20th 008

XP : 13000 / player


Session 51 of June 4, 2018 - Three Magi and a Torch

extracted notes of Dory cleric of nature

First day

Here I am in Tiret, I met Galdor, he told me about his adventure in Shabba and told me sad news.

'' 'Scratched was injured during the trip' ''.

So I decided to treat him. I contacted him to guide him to me.

After my trance, Jarod, Galdor and Turin were in the middle of discussions about the fire elementals. Jarod gagged words ('' incomprehensible '') and in an instant we teleported to his master Bargle.

('' I still do not understand how he can have magic without communing with the goddess of nature '')

('' Note for later studying this magic '')

He wanted to show it to us, unfortunately we cut him off in one of these experiments to study the fire stone (not active). This experience was fascinating, there was a whole circuit [1].

Before resting, Jarod is communicating with Balor ('' his new master ''). He saw her in the company of a mysterious being a sort of air Djinn. They discussed an intrusion, which the Djinn had already paid.

Second day

We are part of the meeting of elemental fire.

We travel in the desert.

Third day

I went into a trance to guide Scratch ('' all right for him '').

Once finished an elemental wind was in front of me [2].

Galdor invoked a water elemental.

We interviewed the elementals on their respective planes. To intersect with the information on the fire plan.

The plane of fire -> disappearing.

The plane of water -> disappearing.

The plan of the wind -> All is well.

Fourth day


Fifth day


'' 'Sixth day' ''

We met the elementals of fire for one of them to guide us to the torch.

Jarod has again scrutinized the Balor ('' I think more and more that it's his new master '').

The Balor was on a kind of silver-blue egg and he was looking at the horizon (it's too dark this).

'' 'Seventh day' ''

I was able to treat Scratch.

('' He loves the scrappers on the left of his head '')

Turin uses a sort of stick ('' no doubt related to the goddess of nature '') that changed our plan.

this shots of the fire and very small and not very welcoming.

Our guide took us to a column of fire, which he joined.

I went into a trance to try to communicate with Altur. He replied with a message full of mystery "I wait".

Once out of my trance, I saw Turin come back staggering with hair of fire and the fire stone [3] (active again)

[1] a goldberg machine can help visualize.

[2] Turin summoned an air elemental with his magic staff.

[3] He protected himself from the fire and ran towards the flames. He managed to convince the fire elementals to trust him to save the plane of fire.

That's why he was able to fire the stone and why he has hair on fire.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Dory

Players: Dory, Galdor, Turin and Jarod

Duration in game: June 21, 008 to June 28, 008

XP : 9250 / player


Session 52 of June 5, 2018 - And let no one speak to me anymore, of this story!

After multiple adventures solo, Atiéris finds his companions Dory, Arnor and Jarod. The latter insists that she helps him to help (very redundant, all that) a group of "kenkus", raven-men without wing. Head to the crystal tower, but the kenku are not there, so they go out looking for them. While Jarod loses his time getting lost (new redundancy), the others find tigers attacking the kenkus, which they obviously save. The latter, grateful, beg Atiéris to convince the hippogriffs to fly, but they are not very hot ... Faced with the insistence of a kenku, they get upset and even starts to attack. Overall, it does not do much, and finally, the group just explains to the Kenkus how to get into the crystal tower, before going off.

A small scan towards the fortress of the demons allows to see that they continue to create a tower, without understanding the goal. For its part, the Balor is in full discussion with a Djinn, an elementary air, the discussion is quite vague, it speaks of debt paid for the intrusion ... Later, a second scan will see that the Balor flies over a flying city towards the mainland, it's quite amazing ...

Then the group goes in pursuit of the Liche, nicknamed Mireille for obscure reasons. The old hiding place of the Lich will not teach them anything, but they will find a secret hiding place containing a trap. By insisting, they manage to extract Arnor but find nothing. Until the discovery of a chest containing a word: "If you have found this word, it is that you have managed to survive my trap, stop pursuing, otherwise beware of you". And next to the word, a map of an island in an ocean, with writing "go there, rather". Now the Lich gives us orders ...

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Adriana, Daniel, Valentin, Audric

Duration in game: June 29, 008 to July 21, 008

XP : 6225 / player


Session 53 of July 10, 2018 - Dungeons and Administration

Akakamo, Jarod and Turin meet at Frontière. Armed with their experience won over many battles, they decide that it is finally time to take up their biggest challenge to date: make the existence of the Titans Guild official with the administration of the Empire!

After long ... very long ... proceedings with an enthusiastic state official, Jarod finally emerged victorious, and the Guild finally knows its official birth! But at what cost ? Turin will never be the same (we would have heard it whisper "I still preferred the demon ...").

As these cases were settled, the founding fathers of the Guild decided to give themselves some rest by taking on a somewhat simpler task: to save the plan of Fire. For this, they decide to go see Kalankatar, the book that knows everything but who thinks no less.

Loaded with a load of books of exchange (and not swapping), they teleport themselves to the volcano Azer Azer Lazer (tm) after taking care to order a ton of metal (because good they have good manners). This last one makes them the turn of his last creations, then they restart on the way.

On the way, they are attacked by a band of tigers, accompanied by a giant half-tiger-Were (or about a quarter tiger). They rout them, and discover on their deceased chief a parchment representing a door, on which is written in dwarf "We wait for the end". In the battle, Jarod was bitten by a tiger-man. Yet he seems reluctant to receive the protection against curses that Akakamo offers. Go know with the magi ...

Arrived at the library, they find Kalankatar, always eager for good books to devour. In exchange for their cargo, Kalankatar teaches them the terrible truth: They are not on their original plane. Indeed, it has been destroyed by the shadows. In an effort to save themselves, the people of their plan snatched a piece of continent and transported it into the plane of the Air where it now floats. The same shadows that attacked their plan would also be the cause of the destruction of the Azer people, after their arrival on the plane of fire.

Shocked by these revelations, the wise men of the guild decide to change their minds by doing something that has absolutely nothing to do: using the magic of Jarod, they teleport themselves in front of the door drawn on the parchment of the man-tiger.

They arrive at the door that refuses to open. In a good group of spellcasters, they decide to just teleport through (that's to wonder why there are people who are still bored with fucking doors ... I have more respect, I swear). On the other side, an immense cavern, empty to one detail: a troop of two thousand dwarfs, armed from foot to foot, in motionless rows like statues. In the center, a dwarf holds in his closed hands a stone of which a slight glow seems to escape.

While Turin examines the dwarf (do not see any bad intention, he has hardly looked at the stone), Jarod and Akakamo decide to open the door story to bring in some fresh air. And by "open", I want to say "disintegrate a cube of 3m by 3" (note for later: avoid asking Jarod to open a jar jam jammed). As the light of day enters the cave, that emanating from the stone suddenly decreases. Turin turns to his companions to warn them but too late, he can only witness his complete extinction.

The dwarf holding the stone awakens suddenly. Looking down at Turin, he asks, in a thunderous voice, "So it's war?"

After embarrassing discussions and clarifications, the heroes learn that the dwarves are warriors of the former King Albart, volunteered to be plunged into a sleep that would end at the time of the final battle against the shadows when they would have invaded the plane. (apparently everyone is aware of this story ...). The "opening" of the door inadvertently broke the spell prematurely, depriving the dwarves of the eternal glory that awaited them. So they are a little disappointed.

Fortunately, not being bad people, the dwarves are quite understanding (especially after the assurance of the group assures them that the final battle is near and will take place "in a few years at most"). They tell the group their presence during the fate that transported the continent in the plane of the air. They also teach them that certain known figures of the group were already present during the event: the mage who is now the emperor of the Western Lands (that he managed to become immortal amuses much the dwarf), the necromancer and ... a certain Aeline! The latter is low profile in Akakamo's armor, and seems to have had a complicated relationship with the dwarves. They also teach the group that they are only a few days from the edge of the continent.

While waiting for the final battle that will not delay (as the group has amply confirmed them), the dwarves decide to get their hands on the demons near the tooth, just to take care a little. They are ready immediately to start walking towards the Tooth. The trip will last 3 months.

And in 3 months, the Titan Guild will find them there!

'' Beginning of credits ''

'' ... ''

'' ... ''

'' ... ''

At the edge of a cliff, the three heroes accompanied by the dwarf warrior contemplate an infinite void. The Edge of the World.

Suddenly, the dwarf turns to them: "By the way, did you wake up the others?"

'' ... ''

'' End of credits ''

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Tristan

Players: Sabine, Tristan, Valentin

Duration of play: from 22 July 008 to 2 August 008

XP : 13350 / player


Session 54 of July 22, 2018 - Eye of the (blue) tiger

Back to Border for arod and Akakamo, which join Atiéris. The latter takes the opportunity to register with the Guild, although giving his last name is still a very complex event. Recently, Jarod has become a werewolf, and he relies on the animal knowledge of Atiéris to help him in his transition. Small passage to the crystal tower where he tries to transform, but in vain ... it will be necessary to wait 2 weeks the full moon, first. Never mind ! They go to sleep, and take the opportunity to visit Barghel in his dream. These stories of flying continent, it intrigues them ... They explain to him then to have repaired the stone but say it franco: the people of the Guild (except Jarod) do not trust him. Akakamo even refuses to tell him anything. Atiéris then finds himself having to decide, a test even more complicated than to say his last name, but ends up deciding: we take the risk! The group then reveals what he knows to Barghel as a sign of trust, and he speaks in return. He knows for the Shadows and the continent, he would have "read somewhere". And he seeks to repair the fire stone to oppose them. He even explains that studying the elementals would allow him to better understand the Shadows, it was he who broke the water mark by studying it.

In short, the group always having time to lose, goes to the ghost town where "lives" the ghost of the founder of Tierret. Along the way, they meet ogres with whom they try to communicate. The little communication spell is taken for an attack, it degenerates quickly ... But a powerful necromantic spell of Jarod encourages them to surrender. They leave then the tail between the legs, with order to cry out to the glory of Akakamo the Great (even if they did not quite understand who was Akakamo, but as long as the message circulates, Jarod is satisfied). Then they arrive in the city that is filled with ghosts, but everything seems peaceful. The group is puzzled: is everything okay? Not even a heroic thing to do? Well, too bad ... The old founder-whom-I-remember-more-than-name does not take the invasion of the demons very seriously, but if the Shadows come, he will propose to his followers to fight or not, according to their choices. It's already that...

New teleportation for the group in the unicorn forest. It's the full moon, but helped by the blessing of the forest, Jarod succeeds in his first transformation while keeping control, and his body is covered with a nice blue coat. But when Atiéris goes hunting he makes the mistake of accompanying him. Because if the elf succeeds without difficulty success, Jarod fails and eventually get upset and lose control of himself, and attack his friend. Akakamo comes to help Atiéris and, with two, they manage to trap Jarod and tie him at night, the time he calms down. The first transformation is a success more than mitigated ... The group is happy to have come here, rather than in the city.

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Valentin

Players: Adriana, Valentin, Sabine

Duration in game: from August 3rd to August 17th

XP : 10600xp / d


Session 55 of August 9, 2018 - Broken mirror

Jarod and Turin meet Altur and Dori at the Guild HQ to celebrate their enthronement. Together, they decide to make a splash with a brilliant action: Return to the City of the Mirror Basin to release the slaves who remained there, and at the same time recover the crystal sword that had been confiscated in Turin when he had been taken prisoner there.

Before they can take action, however, they must settle some administrative details (which shows that the guild is becoming institutionalized dangerously finished the adventure, welcome the paperwork).

First, they will see Azer the Azer to deliver the cargo of metal promised. On the spot, they find that Azer was not idle, and began to tan the leather of fireworm in a superb leather armor. The latter is delighted with the delivery, and goes back to work without further delay.

Then, the group goes to Barguel, at the insistence of Jarod who says he was contacted by his former master about the Firestone. Turin, particularly wary, professes accusations against the mage, accusing him of being a servant of Belzebuth. Barguel is initially evasive and then, exceeded, he teleports Turin out of his tower. He then creates an impenetrable golden sphere around him and the rest of the group to tell them that he is in fact a servant of the Queen of the Air and Shadows, who secretly spies on the lands of the East. . Learning that the Fire Stone is operational again, he declares himself satisfied. It also informs the adventurers of a serious news: the demons are in a strong position to negotiate their stay on the plane, since they have built a tower that could draw the shadows so far if they decided to use it . The attack of the dwarf army that will take place in a few months could therefore be catastrophic.

The group, accompanied by Barguel, finally rejoins Turin, fuming outside. Barguel, a little sheepish at having lost his temper, and feeling that he did not really appease the suspicions of Turin, makes him a gift of a collar slightly reinforcing his powers of mage. The other members explain somehow to Turin the situation, without being able to reveal too much in the absence of magical protection (the latter nods, while taking note of their betrayal manifesto to join the camp of Belzebuth, and begins to mentally prepare to do what is necessary when the time comes).

Concluding that the decision is too important and that it needs to be discussed with the other members of the guild, the group decides to temporarily leave aside the question of the demons, and to stick to their plan for the moment. initial. They teleport themselves near the City of Bassin-Mirroir.

Arrived on the spot, they discover the city in ruin following an attack of the black elves. Obviously, the last passage of the guild to free Turin broke a fragile balance in the Depths. Only corpses remain in the middle of the destroyed buildings. Using his staff, Turin detects the presence of the sword near one of the immense basins. However, approaching the edge to recover, he falls under the influence of Aboleth, a monstrous creature lurking at the bottom of the pool, and began to swim to the depths. At this time, Illithids (also called Mental Floggers) emerge from a shelter and attack other members of the group. After an intense fight, the adventurers manage to free Turin from the hold of Aboleth and to defeat the Illithids (as well as their Devourers of pet intellect). Turin, which has been touched by the monster, sees its tints becoming translucent and viscous, and finds itself obliged to immerse itself in the water or risk drying out dangerously. Fortunately, he will eventually be treated by Dori, who will find how to cure him of this disease (because it was not a poison ... subtle detail but that is important).

The group, exhausted, then decided to return to Border, not without Turin making sure to finally recover the crystal sword. In the distance, towards the Mordor, the tower of the demons stands sinisterly, as if to signify the near fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Loot of the session: +0 freed slaves, +1 crystal sword

GM: Arnold

Summary by: Tristan

Players: Tristan, Daniel, Valentin, Sedric

Duration in game: from August 18 to August 26 008

XP : 6900 xp / d


Session 56 of August 14, 2018 - Lost in waterworld

Jarod, Turin, Kayana and Galdor meet at Frontière to finalize their Titan guild registrations. They then decide to return to the tower strangely folded on itself to make a potion that could make their size to some members of the guild. Following the barely vague indications of Barguel, Jarod the sculptor climbs the tower using his flying carpet to collect stone dust (main element for potion). Meanwhile, the other 3 bathe quietly in the lake, at this moment an entity present in the lake appears before them in the form of a skeleton of shadow surrounded by tentacle of water. The spirit begins by thanking Kayana for releasing him from the tower where he was locked up. The mind has a strange word and reveals to us dream of words that are surely intended for us:

"There is definitely no shading without work,

A former opponent has become an ally,

Until the worst of enemies he let himself go,

to his natural inclinations in his consciousness were,

Few other than him had the sciences. "

Moreover, the spirit tells us to dream of darkness which seems to attract it. After that, Jarod calls Barguel back, he explains that making the potion will take three days, that he had locked that spirit in the tower a long time ago as a precaution in case he was aggressive. Before leaving, Barguel pulls a pebble out of his sleeve, throws it into the lake and says "it is better to be cautious and take the front in case I need to lock up that spirit again".

But what to do during these 3 days, apart from reflecting on the meaning of this strange prophecy. Tell her about Barguel, Kalankatar, the queen of ice and darkness, or something else, the group feels that it is getting closer to the truth but can not find it among all their speculations. Galdor then proposes to visit the last of the Azer Ashiaturas. Upon their arrival he has just finished manufacturing the first member of the new AZER people. To celebrate this moving event Galdor proposes to make a shield with mithril and electric rock: carnelian. After a long ceremony the making of the shield is a critical failure. It remains 2 days to kill. We will finally investigate the water plan, to see if their plan suffers the same fate as the others. Direction to the elves where there is this huge gate or sprung a waterfall. It is difficult to cross the gate by passing the waterfall against the current. This is achieved with the help of the 2 elementals Galdor has invoked and the aquatic breathing spell of kayana. Once the portal is past, the adventurers are found in a huge ocean, kayana is very comfortable in its transformation into sockeye salmon. The group rises to the surface and tries to reach the Turtle Island, in the direction that the elementals of water gave them. Once on the surface they realize that the plane of the water seems to be a sphere of air in water, indeed the sky is another ocean. To save the exhausted group by swimming hours, Jarod casts the teleportation spell to reach the island he sees in the distance. On landing the blue mage turns into a werewolf and faints with fatigue. After a night of rest on the beach, we explore the island and arrive in a village of Tortula: bipedal turtle people measuring about 2m in shell and armor to cook, armed with trident, they are very welcoming to us. After a conversation with the priestess, we learn that the shadows are also going through this plane and have attempted an invasion. The inhabitants of the plan fought them and about 6 years ago they left without apparent reasons. The priestess knows no more but she confirms that the Marides, who live in an island not far from here (2 weeks of boat), could tell us more. The Tortules are ready to lend us a boat to get there, but we have to leave. Jarod's Banish spell returns us to our original plan with plan or less success. Back at the elves' house we get our gear back, and Laureline, Galdor's elf fiancee, wants to accompany her on her adventures. They all teleport to the Barguel Tower to retrieve the large-scale restoration potion. Kayana drinks it but its effect does not seem immediate.

{Session Loot: +1 Azer, -1 Shield, +1 Plan of Existence}

GM: Arnold

Summary by: André, {Tristan}

Players: Tristan, Valentin, André, Lani

Duration in game: from 27th of August to 31st of August

XP : 7500 / player


Session 57 of August 19, 2018 - Lost in waterworld 2: a door to darkness

Dori, Turin, Atiéris and Galdor met again in Tiéret and decided to continue to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the shadows of the water plan. Access to the water plan was much easier than last time thanks to Dori's power to travel between plans. On the plane, our friends the Tortules gave us one of their boat, and the adventurers left towards the Palace of the Marides located 2 weeks of navigation. On the way they met a ban of whale, Atiéris "the friend of the beasts" began discussions and negotiations. They told us that the palace was at the bottom of the sea and we reached an agreement: if we resolved their problem of access to their favorite breeding place they would guide us to the water palace. Thanks to a makeshift harness, a whale pulled us towards the place in question: an immense aquatic cliff several kilometers long and hundreds of meters deep in which huge cavities, which served as whales, were all blocked by a strangely dark substance. After minute observations and experiments we realized that these substances were alive and able to defend themselves. The group decided to destroy one of the substances blocking a cavity and, after an aquatic fight, we discovered that it was hiding a portal. Each of the adventurers each tried to cross the gate, Dori seemed the most affected by this experience. The adventurers decided to destroy all these portals hidden behind these shadow substances. Dori cast the earthquake spell on the cliff, the shadows condensed and retaliated but Galdor managed to thwart their attacks by making short teleports. The cliff eventually collapsed on itself destroying all portals, shadows and releasing the passage to whales. But were the shadows really eradicated from the plan?

Guided by our friends the whales, we then left in the direction of the castle under the water of the Marides. After a rough reception, we were driven in front of Itsekas, the Sultan of KERANG Castle. Itsekas was accompanied by an illustrious visitor, Pemkhianat the maric magician hero who had managed to repel the shadows of the water plane. At first the Sultan took us for his good and wanted to show us at a big ceremony that would soon take place, we were reluctant at first and then he threatened us and we kindly advised him not to threaten a group of mages unknown who travels between the plans without measuring the consequences !!!!! Then we found a compromise by agreeing to play the comedy during the ceremony in exchange for access to information on the castle etc ... We did not learn much about the Marides, we memorized without knowing the sequence of the portal teleportation of the castle and, for three days, we amused the gallery of visitors of prestige with all sorts of tricks and acrobatics. The Great Magus Pemkhianat was unfathomable, he refused to share his work and his knowledge on how to repel the shadows, finally the solution he tells us he found was very suspicious, he seemed to hide something. He revealed to us that agents who were accomplices of the shadows had infiltrated the marids and that he had vanquished them all. The sultan rewarded us handsomely for our superb performances and we left accompanied by Pemkhianat, who wanted to accompany us on our plan, and his servants: 2 stone golems carrying 2 large chests filled with books and personal material of the mage. We make a small stop at the tortures to resuscitate one of their prematurely dead child, which has earned us eternal gratitude.

At the time of departure we were hesitant to take the mage Marides with us. One of the solutions was to teleport his servants with his belongings and leave Pemkhianat in the water plan to steal all his research. We warned barguel of the arrival of this shady character and finally we made the decision to take the mage with us and keep an eye on him, maybe he is a shady agent? Once teleported to our original plan Pemkhianat refused to be introduced to Barguel and left with his suite alone in the desert, he asked us to leave him alone. Case to follow, anyway the shadows arrive we will see if it is useful.

GM: Arnold

Players: Tristan, Adriana, Daniel, André

Summary by: André

Duration in game: From the 1st of september 008 to the 24th of september 008

XP : 13000 / player


Session 58 of August 23, 2018 - Let's walk in Shamba

Siegfried travel diary

Today, I found the guild's companions at Frontière. It's been a while since I wrote anything in this newspaper. But a lot of things happened in Shamba. It was ... complicated. Full of politics with the orcs of the tooth. I wanted some to become mages, but they are way warm. I have a little trouble with them. Gashagr helps me well but it's difficult. Anyway. As I said, today I was at Frontière. Galdor, Kayana, Jarod and Dori told me full, full, lots of stuff. I fell asleep a little. They told me they had to deliver copper to the Azers. So we teleported into a forge in a volcano, I greeted the Azers. They were three and they were very happy to have metal. Tomorrow we teleport to Shamba. With the help of all these magi, we will unlock the secrets of the towers. I look forward. See you tomorrow.

Today, we arrived in Shamba. Teleportation. In the teleportation circle of one of Shamba's towers. But it was a big crack, we had pain, and the circle broke. Galdor thinks he can be repaired, but it could be sabotage. I do not like that too much. We found Gashagr and we went to explore. The first tower contained the circle, and some books on Shamba. The second of sorts ... automata, broken down, with several forms. And weird poems full of mistakes. Galdor thinks he can fix them. He knows how to fix everything. It's impressive. He would make a good mage for the Guardians. The third tower was sealed. But with all these magi it was easy to pass. Inside it was a laboratory for observing automata. I forgot their name. But they come from the Mecanus plane, are headed by Primus, and they love the giant gears and the Order. In the evening we spent with the orcs, and it was nice.

Today, we continued the exploration. We found a tower with a workshop to enchant objects (and incredible speed boots) and a tower for alchemists who make potions, with lots of obscure instructions. Strongly tomorrow, this place is exciting. Even if I do not understand everything.

Today, we found an archive tour with information about Shamba. Parcel information, say. And especially the tower of the commanders. It only opens for me. Inside it is luxurious, there is wine and paintings of the old commanders. All of this belongs to Shamba, but Galdor has poked jewelry. I do not blame him. Gashagr recognizes some portraits of entropic commanders.

Today was the last day of exploration. We found an old barracks, and a magic parchment workshop. Rather not bad. But especially in the evening we talked with the orcs, and they agreed to take back the place and find the spirit of the entropic guardians. Some of them have even been interested in Kirage and will go with me to the monastery. Galdor repaired the circle. We explored well. I am happy. No one has been killed in recent days. And I'm going back to the monastery soon.

GM: Arnold

Players: Lani, Daniel, André, Valentin, Juan

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: 25 september to 3 october 008

XP : 11800 / day


Session 59 of September 4, 2018 - Skinned Dragon and Devious Solar

This story begins at Brother Touche's restaurant on the flying islands. It's been a year now since the latter and Mur have not gone on an adventure, and it is with interest that they listen to Jarod tell them the latest discoveries of the adventurers, as well as the latest political developments. Siegfried listens to a distracted ear, stroking Bougon, who does not seem to appreciate. Wall and Brother Touche, on their side, were a little sidelined by the goblins of the islands. Apparently, there will have been some sort of takeover by Armin the blacksmith, and technology is becoming abundant on the island. They decide to go visit the new leader.

Goblins let our adventurers go (accompanied by Pic and Pic). Gerald and the other children of Mur did not want to come. A trivial event whose consequences will be fatal, but do not go too fast ... The city of goblins has changed. In particular, the stone floor is now paved. It's less convenient, but it's pretty. The adventurers find Maximus, who says that everything is fine but whose face expresses a little the opposite. This new world may not suit him. In any case, he drove them to Armin in the old tower of Svrik, which was well enlarged. They cross Berta, who now has a high-tech kitchen full of "tekilogie". Finally they find Armin who greets them politely but does not seem to want to linger with them. While he finally eclipsed precipitously while the adventurers hold his leg by a strange door, brother Touche jumps to pass at the same time as him. The door closes unfortunately on his huge belly. Panic ! Armin re-opens the door urgently while Mur feels a threat to his children! She teleports them urgently, and they learn little terrified that a dragon attacks their home. Jarod teleports everyone to face the threat.

Indeed, on site, a huge white dragon (large as Gratouille) in his claws poor Gerald. The heroes throw themselves on the beast (except Jarod which is a pot of flower): one does not touch one of their friends. The dragon does not seek combat: "I'll take what you have dearest!" he said, addressing Mur. Then he flew away. No big deal, adventurers are specialized in outdoor dragon kills. The fight is a little technical. Jarod teleports with Wall on the dragon, Touche has had time to hold on and Siegfried flew to Mach 12 thanks to the spiritual power of Bougon. Brother Touche ended up falling and managed to reach the ground using his fat to hover. Majestic. Siegfried beats the beast to death, and Jarod carries the fatal blow. Problem fixed. They teleport urgently to Shamba for Gashagr heals Gerald, but he can not because the latter is dead. Sad. The adventurers contact Dori to resurrect him, but they postpone the operation to later because the most urgent thing is to go and loot the cave of the beast!

Meanwhile, Brother Touche, who has remained out of combat and has not been teleported, goes to the place of the dragon's crash, and begins to trample the creature to the bone. Sensitive souls refrain.

Go hop! Everyone teleports north to the dragon cave where Mur has seen a legendary plague. Several lousy teleports later they reach the edge of the world, where they cross a Solar. He is a great winged human who serves the order and the law. The law rather. He gladly discusses, removes Jarod's horns, and tells the adventurers to continue in what they do, except at Siegfried where he tells him to pay attention to what he's doing. Siegfried will end the adventure by grumbling about the probable duplicity of the Solar. The Solar is very eager to leave but the adventurers are relook and do not stop talking to him. They end up understanding and let him go.

They leave and end up finding the cave. They discover plenty of treasures including a nice foldable boat, and especially a legendary plague +34, invocation of archangels, +60 CA, care of rodents and burning attack of death (+4 against the ghouls). Wall is happy. At the exit of the cave they cross the Solar. He wants to take back the plague. Wall is sad. Apparently it is a channel of communication with the god of light, and he called Mur. Wall ended up giving in reluctantly. But in exchange, the Solar names her first and last knight of light, and gives her paladin powers that tear. Grave the class. And he also brings Gerald back to life, which is very practical. But Siegfried is not fooled, all these gifts and this kindness are surely part of a dark design that remains to be discovered.

GM: Arnold

Players: Madie, Jeff, Valentin, Juan

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: October 4th to October 9th 008

XP : 14500 / day


Session 60 of September 5, 2018 - The great magician Pemkhianat (Revelation)

Jarod, Turin and Dori are settled around the table. They discuss the problem of the "dwarf army" pending the arrival of Arnor.

A stranger breaks into the Titan guild. He is a messenger, he is sent by Arnor.

He tries a message, Jarod reads it:

"I'm caught in an adventure not waiting for me. "

The three adventurers then decide to return to Kalankatar for information on the shadows. Thanks to Jarod, the three adventurers if found in the blink of an eye.

Arriving in the library, they come across a rather strange scene.

The room where it was supposed to be Kalankatar and completely empty and on the walls there are tasks (it looks like ink stains.)

Adventurers think they have identified portals to the plane of shadows. They decide to contact the magician Pemkhianat.

He is very interested in the information and decides to come and inspect these portals.

Jarod and Dori decide to meet him.

They rendezvous with the mage on the purple path of Bargle.

They teleport themselves to Bargle to find out where Pemkhianat is.

Once Pemkhianat spotted on the way, Jarod teleported to meet him and teleported back to Kalankatar's lair where Turin was waiting for them.

Once there, Pemkhianat immediately goes to work and studies the tasks.

Jarod once found these forces decided to go get Dori who stayed at Bargle's.

Once Jarod leaves the library, Pemkhianat's true intentions come to light in Turin. The mage attacks Turin. He is supported by these two golems and these two elementals of water.

The return of Jarod and Dori to the library, their surprise was very important to fall in battle.

Pemkhianat used potions and a parchment to speed up the opening of the portals. And he managed to escape.

GM: Arnold

Players: Tristan (Turin), Valentin (Jarod), Daniel (Dori)

Summary by: Daniel

Duration in game: October 10th to October 16th 008

XP : 12500


Session 61 of September 12, 2018 - Rideau

It all began as a banal adventure for Akakamo, Jarod, Siegfried and Dory. They had received messages from almost everywhere in the eastern lands concerning various news. At the Kiraj monastery, Jenela was worried about the behavior of the succubes, at the monastery of the broken tooth the kobolds were going crazy, and at Shamba a Orc had a confidential message to give to Siegfried. A message that, indirectly, without the will to do wrong, would sound their end to all ...

Thanks to the magic of Jarod, traveling in the east is no longer a challenge. Neither one nor two, they teleport themselves to the monastery of Kiraj. It is with some satisfaction that Siegfried notes the progress of the monks, especially Jenela (now level 10). In fact, he did not realize how important that was. Jenela leads them to the monastery of succubes. There they are greeted by Clia. The succubes are a little strange, quite worried. They say that they dreamed of a kind of black portal that included a large block of stone on a blue background. Diplomats, adventurers point out that this is surely our world. Indeed, Jarod has probed the opening point of the shadow portals in our world and now there is a super grand portal! The succubes express their joy at learning the end of the world by panicking, insulting the adventurers ... in short, in an absolutely childish way. They try to calm them down, Jarod makes a nice speech, it works pretty well, then they leave. Direction the monastery of the broken tooth.

Teleportation. A little walk. They are there. The little kobold that Dory took as an apprentice explains to them that some kobolds have madness attacks, and they watch one live. By the way, this little kobold whose name I have forgotten is now at level 5. A good thing;). Dory takes a little time with him to help him choose his path as a priest, and during this time our heroes deal with a kobold who found it appropriate to smash his head against the wall. They try to understand: is he cursed? is he mentally controlled? Akakamo, thanks to his psychic talents, has an answer: he is crazy. Ah. Well. Pity. Heroes judge that they can not do much immediately. It would take someone clever to handle such problems, and it does not match their profile. Direction Shamba in the hope of finding something to kill.

Shamba. Marvel of the lands of the east, but also place of intrigues and threats. On their arrival, the heroes find Gashagr, who introduces them to an orc trooper. He received a message from the lich that enjoins him to spread the rumor that he is the true entropic priest. Siegfried thanked him for this information, and chose to ignore the fact that he might not have received this message by chance. He summons the generals, tells them that the lich is not nice and that it is about a former entropic priest whose name would be too long to write here (information obtained by crossing different sources and who obtained an "ah Ben finally! "of the GM, sign that the players did not shine). The orcs are shared. They make lots of semantic pitfalls to Siegfried. He dodges them. But, influenced by the generals, he ended by concluding that he must meet the lich. He had sentenced them.

Dory contacts the lich and we offer him rendezvous in his old lair. An excellent idea. They teleport and install a magical mansion in a hidden wall. Inside there are magical servants and to eat for a regiment (mage trick). The wait will be comfortable, and Dory will stay hidden during the meeting just in case. The lich ended up arriving with an army of dead and four knights of death. They discuss and they learn two-three things. They are trying to form an alliance against the shadow, but that's the impasse. Ifulocnis (the lich) wants a counterpart to know Shamba, the adventurers think that an alliance benefits everyone. they do not know what to propose reasonable in addition to that. The lich loses patience rightly. Without much conviction but with a lot of imprudence the heroes decide that the arguments of the Lihe are DISCUTABLE and therefore decide to attack it. Jarod and Akamo teleport on her, and Siegfried joins them flying. They fight like feet, the knights of death beat them. Dory pops up after eating a little too much in the magic mansion and dusting off a lot of the basic undead (the other half will even be forgotten in a corner so the GM did not need to kill everyone) ). There remains only Dory and Siegfried. Siegfried in good shape retains the lich. But it enslaves his mind and pushes him to kill Dory. What he does with efficiency he should have manifested a turn earlier. Pity. Curtain.


Turnips. Always so tedious to harvest. But she works conscientiously. Kiraj teaches that everyone must do their part, at the height of their means. And harvest turnips, she knows how to do. Being an archon did not keep him away from the works of the earth. Siegfried originally wrote that if you were strong, you worked with your muscles, if you were smart, you worked with your head, and if you were neither, you could always find a way to help. She had reformulated a little, but that was the idea. In the end she had almost everything re-written ... It's a beautiful day, it's cool. The work is almost pleasant. A turnip, two turnips, three turnips ... Croarkkkk! Croarkkkk! Jenela turns around. This croaking! It's Bougon, Siegfried is back! But Bougon flies alone. It is rare that he leaves before, he likes better to rest on the shoulders of Siegfried. She has a bad feeling, like a nightmare made many times that would become reality. He lands on his shoulder. He is agitated. It's not like that usually. He is furiously biting his ear, much louder than he normally is. that's it. It happened. Something has happened to her, something very serious, she is sure of it. There's no time to lose. She must name a new archon, organize his departure, and find him. She is ready. She has always been. Bougon is not good. As she goes quickly to the monastery, mistress of herself as she has always been, Bougon seems to calm down. Their eyes meet ... Can the birds cry?

GM: Arnold

Players: Daniel, Sabine, Valentin, Juan

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: October 17th to October 20th 008

XP : none


Session 62 of September 13, 2018 - Team B

This is the story of those in the shadows, of those who should have stayed there if everything had happened as in a tale. If the knight had liberated the princess. If the champion had killed the dragon well. If the heroes had beaten the lich. But this is not a tale.

Ram had made strange dreams. His demon master (finally the demon god who screams him in the head) had enjoined him to go get his master (the other, the one he treats asshole while enjoying and respecting) which was in large danger. And his mother does not believe him. Obviously. Discreetly, and with fear in his belly, he steals a lightning ax and a parchment back to life (to be used within 10 days after death ...), then he calls Gratouille and goes looking for Ssrashi at the monastery of the because he knows that his master was with Jarod: he may have information. But no. They leave together, very worried, until Tieret.

Bougon warned Jenela. She knew that day will come. She entrusts the monastery to one of her most competent disciples and heads south, at a brisk pace, as much as the packhorse of the monastery she has borrowed can do. Nevertheless, she can slightly improve things. She is not like the other monks. Siegfried never understood the difference, but she does not get all the power out of Ki. She is a psionic, and she can distort space by the force of her thought to travel faster. After eight days she is in Tieret.

Destiny? Chance? Or just the fact that Jenela was getting upset screaming about all the guards to have an audience with the authority of Tieret while Ram and Ssrashi were getting into panic in the city? In any case, they crossed each other and finally understood that they had common interests. They eventually found Migalo who was also worried. Jenela takes a little time to unfold her mind in search of Siegfried (the psionics can do that) and ends up finding it north of Shamba. On the other hand, his companions ... they disappeared completely. Surely dead. Jenela does not think herself heartless, but in the immediate future she is very relieved. They manage to meet the university director, but she can not help them. She can not teleport them and Galdor, the only living mage able to do so to their knowledge, can not be found. Too bad, they'll go with Gratouille.

Follows a long journey. They stop as little as possible. You have to go for it. They follow Siegfried's position that goes north. After about twenty days of travel, they arrive in view of an army of the dead. The lich, completely bigleuse, does not notice the rock [1]. Jenela projects a psychic eye to see this army more closely. Siegfried is in a cart, with the lich! Relief for her. Ssrashi sends him a mental message. "How are you, where are the others?" "I'm going to give him Shamba, the bodies of others are in a mansion in the north." After discussion, they decide to go to the manor first and then come back to save Siegfried. Bougon is super revered.

After a day of flight they arrive in sight of the manor. Jenela teleports everyone inside. Ssrashi and Ram, who see in the dark guide others. They explore methodically, very carefully. At the windows, there are terrible curtain-swords. You must not cut yourself. They understand that someone does the housework and avoids it. They also guess that it is a home (or was) of vampires. They identify a painting and learn that she was inhabited by the Filliroi, an ex-family who had been voluntarily exiled from the empire. They climb a tower and find a hand and an eye in a jar that emanates incredible magic. Later, they find a book that tells them that they are the remains of Malogurst, the greatest necromancer. That's good but it's not what they are looking for. At one point, they finally said to themselves that we will have to attack the cleaning man. Ram is hot boiling. He wants to scream like a warrior. Others tell him no, you must not. They fall on the poor housekeeper who turns out to be ... a vampire [2]! They beat him. Everyone galley a bit, luckily Migalo hits hard. And Jenela can also give an extra action to herself and to the whole group each turn [3], another thing of psionics [4]. They also come across a group of undead in some kind of dining room. Their obscure motivations (what are they doing there? Do they eat them?) Will not be studied because a fireball of Ram reduces them to the state of ashes. They then find a hatch. They do not find a trap. Jenela, who thinks that valuable time is wasted that could save Siegfried [5], opens the trap. In fact there was a trap. The fireball burns it and makes a huge noise. Footsteps! Upstairs ! But basically, there are three bodies, including a blue one. they found them! And miraculously, they have been magically preserved: the parchment will work. We must act quickly. They come out painfully the bodies. Ssrashi, Ram and Migalo stand ready to greet them while Jenela teleports away with the bodies and then returns to pick them up. And it works. Without even confronting them. Total success of team B! On Gratouille, Ssrachi read the parchment and brought Dory back from among the dead, who himself saved Jarod and Akakamo. The three heroes were shaken, their painful shoulder covered with mysterious marks. And they would seem that for some reason each of them got a dark boss ...

The sequel tells that they joined the army of the dead and that, in the face of Jenela's powerful teleportation abilities, the lich could do nothing. Siegfried was saved. Their reunion was ... clumsy. Bougon, seemed happy. It was the first time.

[1] "Ahhhhh, but she's not that lich!" - the GM

[2] They already had some doubts at that time.

[3] "But it's too strong!" - the GM

[4] The attentive reader will have understood that the author really likes this class.

[5] Because she may miss the last metro otherwise ... uh ...

GM: Arnold

Players: Daniel (Ssrashi), Sabine (Migalo), Valentin (Ram), Juan (Jenela)

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: from october 20th to november 24th 008

XP : 7500 / day


Session 63 of September 20, 2018 - The Mysterious Y

Shortly after the rescue mission, Akakamo, Galdor, Atieris and Jenala (accompanied by Bougon who was bored in Shamba) meet in Tieret. Their idea is to investigate the portal of shadows, whose ever-present threat had been overshadowed by the victory of the Lich. They decide to go directly to investigate the portal and, by the way, to warn the Azers of the threat.


At the Azers, everything is going pretty well. The portal is not in sight. By cons, a young Azer bored a lot, which plunges their elder in doubt. Did he make it well? It seems so, and Galdor, a fine psychologist, suggests giving the young Azer more responsibility. She is reforging Galdor's shield and making it a very small one, but that seems of good quality. Things should improve. But it's time to take the road to the portal. After two or three days of walking, the noise of animals eventually disappear: we can not hear anything in the jungle. They escaped. And indeed, the portal of shadows is not far. It stretches for several kilometers and is covered with a kind of film of viscous matter. In the distance, there seems to be an island in the middle of the gate. Jenela transports the whole group with successive teleportations to this strange place.

The island is a solid place, covered with ribbons of a kind of dark, Y-shaped, standing straight. Very quickly a fight begins with these creatures who give slaps with their arms. Hard to say if they were hostile, heroes were a little nagging. They fight well but eventually fall. During the fight, Jenala tries to telepathically communicate with the creatures. These creatures say only one thing: "exist, exist". "All over". Malin, the group uses the hesitation of creatures to finish the job. But there is nothing more to find on this strange island. A psychic exploration on the other side of the portal reveals nothing more. Galdor and Jenala try to get in touch with the portal itself, which does not seem alive, but still. But the portal seems to devour their psionic and magical power, while other "Y" begin to emerge from it. It's time to evacuate while Galdor still has a teleport spell. Pfuiiit ... the group disappears. Without having really understood what is happening with the plane of the shadow.

Epilogue: Jenala returns to Shamba, lost in thought and always amazed by what she discovers far from the monastery. She will tell what she saw in Siegfried. But when they meet again, Siegfried's first reaction was: "But where is Bougon?" He disappeared !

[1] "First you have to try to communicate before you finally kill everyone." Siegfried, 8th wisdom of Kirage

GM: Arnold

Players: Sabine (Akakamo), André (Galdor), Juan (Jenela), Adriana (Atieris)

Summary by: Juan

Duration of play: from November 26th to November 29th

XP : 10300 / day


Session 64 of September 22, 2018 - Who killed the great magician Pemkhianat?

Journal of Jenela, December 2, 008

In recent days, Dori, Mur and Master Touche have joined us in Shamba to study the tower of magic objects. I unfortunately had to let them work on their side, because I am very taken by the construction of a series of terraces to help the orcs to grow cereals in the mountains. But anyway, I will certainly not be a great help to them: the presence of Master Touche, a prophet of Kiraje can only inspire them. On the other hand, I feel tired to repeat the same things to the orcs 20 times. All that seems to interest them is to hunt goats from the mountains ... If they want to survive, they must learn to see beyond their immediate appetites.

Good news nonetheless. By combining our powers with Dori, we were able to locate and communicate with him. He is at the Pandemonium Tower and he seems very ... happy. He seems to be fighting, or maybe more soberly biting the ears of some kind of supernatural or divine creature. It seems that the Covenant removed him to suppress their tracks. One day these "gods" will regret playing with our lives.

Journal of Jenela, 9 December 008

It's official. Three quarters of the orcs are stupid to eat hay. Finally, mountain goats in their case. The work for the terraces are well launched but it was not without difficulty. And it will not be great art, oh no ... In addition, I think that if Siegfried had not played his authority, it could have gone wrong with the orcs. And bad news on the side of the other three: despite the wisdom of Master Touche, their study of the manufacture of magic objects did not give much. They discovered that the process consumes a part of ourselves [1], but they do not know how to trigger it. It looks like we are going to leave Shamba empty handed.

Jenela's diary, 10 december 008

We have just made an excursion to Tieret to discuss with the university director, who has been studying the scrolls of Pemkhianat. It seems to be a kind of miasma that covers the portals of the shadows and allows them to maintain themselves. A powerful shock could destroy this miasma, but given the quantities it would take an incredible earthquake to destroy the one that covers the portal of our world. We have been thinking of solutions to bring about such a cataclysm, but no really relevant idea has emerged. Even Master Touche, the wisest of the three prophets, had no solution to offer. I then dared to suggest finding the titans, those colossal creatures that Siegfried told me about. They might have the power to destroy the miasma. Tomorrow, we will look for the titan of the forest.

Journal of Jenela 11 December 008

Well, we met the titan of the forest. But it was not without pain. While teleporting we arrived in a clearing with three statues of wooden animals, jaws gaping. They seemed to have to feed them, but Master Touche, though usually wise, plunged his hand into one of them to get a piece of gold. Hand he was grinding. I do not always understand the prophets ...

We then passed through a monastery full of ghosts of elves who seemed sad in their solitude. Maybe this is a place to repopulate. Then we went to talk with the titan. It has obviously already been put to use by the Covenant long ago, perhaps during the detachment of our continent. But his powers are tied to creation, and he says he can not help us break the portal. He also seems to think that escape is our best chance to live, even if he formulates it in a strange way. Maybe we did not understand it.

Journal of Jenela 12 December 008

We did not find solutions with the titans in the immediate future. So we decided to let our anger speak. We went on the water in search of Pengkianat. We met men very welcoming turtles. They warned us against the Marides and helped us understand or seek Pengkianat: in Kerang. Maître Touche prepared a magic dish for us to breathe underwater and we ended up in the city of Kerang after teleportation. The Marides offer us an audience with their sovereign, but chained. These creatures had already made an impression on me when I learned from the turtle men that they practice slavery, and that has only been confirmed. While my companions were negotiating with the King of the Marides, I searched the nearby rooms with my psionic eye. As soon as the negotiations to meet Pengkianat had failed, the marid ruler invited his guards to throw us in prison, as one might expect. It only fueled my anger. In the meantime I had spotted a marid who could correspond to Pengkianat. Teleportation. Still chained we throw ourselves on the maride. We paralyze him and decide to shoot him, to teleport us with his body and bring him back to life for interrogation. Unfortunately, we learn the hard way that a marid liquefies when he dies. It was a bit disappointing, but it's still a slaver in the wild. And we're not even sure it was Pengkianat ...

[1] We are talking about XP here!

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff (Brother Touche), Madie (Wall), Juan (Jenela), Daniel (Dori)

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: from November 30th to December 13th 008

XP : 11500 / day


Session 65 of September 24, 2018 - The glorious hole of Golram

Everything had started well ... I, Ram, son of Mur and Géralt, forced disciple of Beelzebub, and future King of Demons (my master Jarod forces me to say that, but I do not say it too hard because I'm afraid I was very happy to go on an adventure with Turin, Tonton Touche and my mother. I had with me the booty recovered during my last adventure, the eye and the hand of Maloghurst. Turin had mentioned the idea of u200bu200bdestroying it, but fortunately I avoided it, I did not want it .. Really not ... I wanted to give it to my Master, it would surely interest him. In addition, Turin analyzed, to graft them would give powerful powers! Being mega beefy with the hand, it makes you want ..

In short! We discussed to decide where to go. I suspect mother madrag of going to read books but she shouted at me when I wanted to read one, so I must be wrong. In any case, we found information on an island that moves, a possible way to find the Titan of Water. A little help to destroy the Shadows, it could be good. We practice at the Azer to discuss a little, then we go to Barghel and then walk to the ocean, or the lake, we do not know too much. Touch to a folding boat, so we go to the East.

The first days are quiet, I'm afraid because it looks dangerous but Barghel told me it was not dangerous so I stay on deck to enjoy the scenery. Then one day, we are attacked by sharks! Mom falls into the water, and I hear her screaming as she smashes the fish trying to bite her. I see Tonton Touche walking on the water to give blows, and Turin chain moves to attack them too. I throw a few spells at a distance to help my mother, but she spots me and yells at me to use my ax, so I end up jumping into the water to help her, but a shark hurts me a lot. When I wake up, we are on the boat, the sharks are dead ... But I was very hurt, my right hand is impeded ... Of course, it is envisaged to put the hand of the jar, but Turin s Opposes it: it is sure that it is evil! Too bad, it tempts me a lot to try .. Really a lot ...

I spend the next days crying, I'm scared, I have more right hand, I want to go home. Then one day, we see a gigantic shadow under the boat. The stories of my mother come back to me: a Kraken !! I am very scared so I go for it: before Turin stops me, I put the hand of Maloghurst who merges with my stump; I feel the power gush in me, I am powerful !!

Finally, it was not a Kraken. Too bad I will have massacred. Instead, it's a giant turtle. We explore a little, and we see what we call Aquabold: kobold species but very watery. They do not want to talk, so we kill them. Then the survivors bring us to talk to Golram, the turtle who speaks dragon. So, she tells us to venerate her, that's enough, I'm tired of so-called superior beings who want to be venerated. But we are curious, so we accept his test: get into his mouth. The fat guy says it can be fun to eat a creature from the inside. Turin repeats in a loop that he has ridden a giant turtle so he is happy, what a naze .. We then explore the inside of the big monster. We cross the stomach, we massacre some Aquabolds who are not convinced by the revolutionary delusions of fat. My mother disappoints me a lot, she spends her time to miss, I look down, even if I'm very small. I do not like the suspicious looks of Turin, he looks at me badly, but I keep my spells for later, if he annoys me, he will spend there.

We finally arrive at the end, until Glorious Trou de Golram. As it's hard to get through, my mother is doing it, adults talk about homotroids, I do not understand. In any case, we go out and we fall into the water, but we hear the giant tortoise who gets angry, we hurt him. So she turns to attack us. As she bugs me, I throw a Death Finger at her, while others try something less effective. Well, ok, my mother is doing classy stuff with her Legendary Scourge, but it's not worth the magic of my hand. This turtle bastard makes me a big blow and I faint, but my mother ends up being useful to something while taking care of me. The big one has run off, he is driving under the carapace of the turtle. Good riddance. But my mother and Turin go to join him, so I follow them. Inside, a big bubble with a torrent of water, protected by a hundred of Aquabold, but the big dodges them and, once before the bubble, decides to burst. From the bubble then comes a torrent of water, as well as an aqueous serpentine creature, which darkens and slaughters Golram. The big one unfolds his boat and takes advantage of the current to escape, I do not care, I do not need them, but my mother takes me to get me on it. Turin, he decides to ride the water snake ... It is suspected at this time that it is the Titan of Water. He tries hard to get on Golram to hurt him. Satisfied with having an ally at the height of my power, I also throw a fireball to finish completing the giant turtle.

Finally, the snake finishes finishing the turtle under water but will not reappear to thank me. Phew! I will destroy it later .. For now, I'm tired, I teleport home with my companions. It is when I arrive at home that I realize that I have nothing to do there. Why stay on this island, to submit to the orders of my mother's granny? She is a ball to my foot. I've made my decision. I attack it ...

(Ram is no longer there to tell the rest ...) His pathetic attack failed his mother, who had already planned to cut off the evil arm of her eighth son, and his fast blade sliced u200bu200bMaloghurst's arm. will collapse on the ground ... Death ...)

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin (Ram), Jeff (Brother Key), Madie (Wall), Tristan (Turin)

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: 14 december 008 to 30 december 008

XP : 12125 / d


Session 66 of October 9th - The last master Castromancer

It was with a dark face that Jarod came to ask us for help, we had all received his message, it was to rewrite the fatal destiny of RAM, his apprentice died a few days earlier. So we went to the floating islands or wall guard his son until Jarod found a solution. Unfortunately our powerful healer did not manage to bring back the young gnomelin: his souls had to be locked up somewhere and could not come back, he had to look for something else. After a little tour of the city, the examination of its curious architecture, the attempt of intimidation of the chief architect and the creation of the hymn of the floating islands by the new bard of the guild, we went in search of a way to bring back the missing AKAKAMO unicorn since its recent deaths and resurrection. Arrived in the sacred forest, now corrupted by a dragon, we faced young red dragons and we struggled to defeat others before the 4th came back with the black dragon mum. A strategic escape allowed us to rest before returning the next day to finish the job once all the fate of the magicians. But an urgent call from Barguel did not turn from the fight, we surrendered immediately to his turn. At that moment, we saw this powerful magician engaged with forces beyond him, his magical barrier was not going to last very long. he tells us that the three of us had given up on him that he had broken the pact and that now they were going to make him pay for his betrayal. His exact words were: "The three plan to abandon the world to avoid being corrupt, I broke the pact". The barrier was broken and strange force began to act on the body of Barguel and tried to attract him to somehow or. Our struggle was vein, we did not find any way to put Barguel safe, our magic was systematically canceled. Barguel's body torn from all sides broke up, but before he could say a few words.

"Take that Jarod" [he throws a book]

Looking at Siegrifed: "A lord is the master of his domain."

"Good bye, and say goodbye to each other too."

Jarod, in shock, failed to contain his wild nature and entered a fury tigregarouesque, fortunately his companions were there to master it and help him regain his senses. Once back to him, very sad and angry, a kind of emptiness was felt in him. Alone in himself with his pain and his rage, without master or apprentice to confide in, the only revenge in his head he tells us: I must let off steam or do a massacre, let's go explode this black dragon; it will be the amuse-bouche before exploding the 3 of the pact. " We have of course defeated the black dragon and the last little red dragon, nothing to resist the chaotic magical fury of Jarod and his powerful companions.

Then Galdor and AKAKAMO entered a strange trance and at the price of a meager sacrifice the unicorn was brought back to his mistress.

PS: A "scan" on the fortress of the demons told us that the dwarves had all zigouillé and they were feasting in the fortress taken with the corpses of their enemies at their feet (it would be a profit of this story, it's the guild that saves the dwarves anyway !!!! by chance ok but still).

PS2: we found in the tower of Barguel a cage in which BOUGON was the faithful bird of Siefried. The reunion was piquant.

GM: Arnold

Players: André, Valentin, Sabine, Juan (Siegried), Daniel

Summary by: André

Duration in game: Jan. 1 to Jan. 4

XP : 15240 / d


Session 67 of October 21st - Beyond the Shadow Portal

Mur, Brother Touche, Turin and Akakamo found Siegfried in Tieret. The latter asked them for help to mount an expedition in the shadows, crossing the huge gate. The plan is well done, as Siegfried explains: "There is a plan of shadows, and we have to explore it." They all know it will be dangerous, but they are ready. Since there is no food generator mage, they buy two mules to carry the food during an expedition that may be long. Siegfried names them, according to the tradition of Kirage, Rageuse and Mal-lunée. They then teleport thanks to the staff of Turin to the volcano of Azers. Siegfried does not take long to bring Mal-lunée into the lava by mistake. They only have a mule. Never mind.

The next day they take the road to go to the gate. They are all careful to enter where the ground appeared in the other plane (because the gate is vertical in the plane of the shadow and the horizontal in ours). And there they are in the plane of the shadow: no wind, dust, some mountainous formations ... and a sharp headache that seizes everyone. But for Brother Touche, it passes quickly and he ends up feeling good. Bizarre.

For lack of anything better, the companions decide to head for the nearest rock formation. But time seems to behave strangely: did they walk 1 day, or more? We lose the notion of time in this place without a day-night cycle, but there is more than that. Fortunately, during his sleep, Brother Touche has a dream: his mind seems to move several kilometers towards what we will arbitrarily call the west, until what appears to be a dark version of the Pandemonium tower. An objective ! The companions, after a lot of discussion, head for the tower. It will be a long journey.

Many times time and space seem to lose their meaning in this plane. The adventurers find that if we let loose dust in the air, it seems to take a random direction despite the absence of wind. And even when it rises, Turin finds that by jumping it flies away! They try as much as possible to move in the same direction as the dust because it seems to allow them to distort the space and time, but they are not sure. On top of that, their abilities even seem unstable. After a while they see a cave. They decide to go there. The place seems made of this kind of oil that covers the portal of shadows, but solidified. It's very strange. Inside, they fall on out of metamorphous blobs, which fool. They find that gravity seems to be reversed in some places and ventures into the depths of a chasm by walking on the wall.

In the depths, they venture into a long tunnel. They come across ribbons similar to those on the "island" of the shadow portal and a kind of shadow-zombie abomination. They kill all this little world. Finally, they find a lake of "shadow oil", and above a conduit in which gravity reverses. They "fall" upwards in this conduit and arrive ... in front of the black tower of Pandemonium!

They come in, leaving the last mule, angry, outside. Inside, there are only windows. No stairs. And it seems to go on forever. There is also an inscription:

Yogg-Sototh, Belzebuth and the queen of air and darkness freeze their pact in the stone of this tower. They swear on their power not to betray themselves. They swear on their future not to surpass themselves. They promise on their faithful to help each other. They guarantee to others that they will rise together. Or not at all. The alert will not be given. Ur will not feel. Macros will not know. Covellion will not hear. Galanstafor ... will not suspect it. Lolth will not touch us. Nebrull will not take us. Pelorah will not see us. As long as this tower will be. ''

Obviously, the Pact has a lot to hide ... Meanwhile, Turin climbing the tower, Brother Key course on the walls, Siegfried flies away. The first series of windows that they cross is walled, the next one looks on a plane that they identify as being of the air, and the last one on a plane containing a green forest. They do some experiments coming out the windows, re-entering through the doors, etc ... to test the robustness of the scenario. It's good it seems to hold. Then, who would have doubted it, Mur and Siegfried set about demolishing a walled window. Behind, there is only ... space, distant stars, and emptiness. So it starts to suck! They begin a sort of pursuit race with the draw and the tower that starts to blink to reach the windows of the forest plan they want to explore. But climbing is too slow, and the tower eventually disconnects before. The link between the plans seems broken ... Too bad, they have already learned a lot. Turin teleports all this small world to Tieret.

But one of the companions has changed, sustainably: Brother Touche, though bald, now has a kind of shadow hair. He and Turin are doing very well together. And they now seem very sensitive to light. It will be necessary to see how things evolve.

Epilogue: They left me alone. Humans are not trusted people. Already, they dropped my sister in the lava of a volcano. Then they promised me good carrots in this strange place, while there is only dust. And finally, they abandon me ... Fortunately I still have food. I will not die like that, I will find a solution.

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff, Madie, Sabine, Juan (Siegried), Tristan

Summary by: Juan

Duration of play: Heu ...

XP : 19000 and dust / d


Session 68 of 23 October 2018 - Beer and mushrooms

Information on the history of Malogurst. Discussion with Apetep the dromedary with 3 bumps. Visit to the dwarves. Infiltrated in the dwarves. Exploration of the Bargle Tower. Exploration of the purple doubt. Men's mushrooms.

Akakamo, Jarod, Galdor and Siegfried gather for new adventures. As Ram is still dead, adventurers immerse themselves in reading Malogurst's book to try to find out more about him. Assisted by Aeline who shows them a hidden passage from the book, they learn that the necromancer had been defeated by 4 knights of the light, but that he had survived thanks to his eye and his hand which, implanted in someone, he allow to come back to life. No info on how to prevent this, nor resurrect Ram ...

They then discuss with Apetep, the camel with 3 humps Floating Islands, the true creator of the mechanisms of the islands. Jarod then starts the dromedary Kastromancer's training to transfer Barghel's legacy. They will then visit the dwarves, who have settled quietly in the fortress of demons, all dead. Placing an emergency tavern, they begin to settle in the long term, but can not get the fortress off the ground. It will not be better with a piece of the "flying stone" recovered without any finesse by Jarod. Turin explores the depths of the fortress while Galdor sets the mood with his new songs of bards, Akakamo starts negotiations Tieret-Dwarves, and Jenela leads the investigation on a shady dwarf ... It turns out that a gnome wears a dwarf disguise and lives among them, trying to fit in. Having no reason to destroy his life, the adventurers said nothing to the dwarves.

They then leave to explore the Barghel Tower, under the watchful eye of Jarod who does not want to loot the affairs of his master. But the tower did not hide much. From there, they decide to go up the purple road and then go straight, see where it would lead. They arrive at the end of the world, then turn around and notice an extinct volcano. They discover the mushroom men with whom they exchange, but fail to connect to the Great Myscelium. They promise to never bring Brother Touche here.

Finally, the group decides to go talk to the Emperor, to warn him about the destruction of the Tower. Jarod sulks, while Galdor swings a violent spike at the Emperor on how much he has disappointed him. This one is a little sad, but keeps patience with the various attacks, and focuses on Turin and Akakamo more reasonable, while ignoring Jenela. It is quite a hint, full of implied, that the group is careful not to understand. He nevertheless talks about the fact that he has all the powers in the Empire although he gives a small part of it, leading the group to wonder if he is not behind the events that led them to leave for the first time. 'adventure.

GM: Arnold

Players: Galdor, Jénéla, Turin, Jarod, Akakamo

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: March 25th 009 to February 23rd 009

XP : 20550 / d


Session 69 of October 29, 2018 - Walk to the West

Meeting between Jarod, Akakamo, Turin, Siegfried and Altur who had not seen his companions for a long time. The group plans a new trip in the East, but is joined simultaneously by Jenela's companions who want to go to the capital, as well as by a dwarf of the fortress, the name of Mason, with full of weapons on him. Siegfried decides to stay at Frontière, but for the others, a trip to the West seems original. The 5 adventurers, along with Jenela and Seanbit's followers, teleport to Jarod's mother, happy to see her son, a bit less of the unexpected invasion of all these people at home, and surprised by the physical transformations of her son. son. Big surprise: she has not read any chronicle of Jarod, because "she prefers fictions" .. Very bad argument, for once.

The presence of the group is not foreign to the previous discussion with the Emperor, who spoke about the fact that the sister of Turin is in prison. A subtle clue prompting us to release her, to retrieve her info? In any case, the group begins by greeting the Emperor, including the opportunity for Altur to present him the homage of "the Other Emperor", which earned him the position of official ambassador of the Empire, and the reopening from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Altur is very disturbed by the similarities between the empires: there is the same abandoned house right next to the Government!

From there, the group goes to the Chroniclers, to allow Mason to study about the future of the other dwarves. The others wander among the chronicles, and also notice despite the brothel that some elements are missing, as if someone manipulated the chronicles to hide information. From there, the group follows Turin and his donation to detect his sister, to a tower outside the city. They go down through a hatch, bluff the Minotaur at the entrance they then amnesic, then travel in an illusion of forest, slaughtering the fairies who dare attacks. They end up finding the sister of Turin they put in a half-plan "for his good, yes yes we will free you", and manage to escape without being spotted. In theory...

After a last emotional dinner at Jarod's mother's house, the group goes back to Tieret to put the Turin sister in prison again for future interrogation. They are already learning that she is in the Assassins' Guild, and has carried out a mission which she suspects the Emperor was the sponsor, but was later chopped by the police, again a blow from the Emperor she thinks. To study ... Let's hope we will not forget him in his cell for months!

GM: Juan

Players: Arnold (Mason), Valentin (Jarod), Sabine (Akakamo), Sedric (Altur), Tristan (Turin)

Summary by: Valentin

Duration of play:

XP :


Session 70 of November 6, 2018 - A dragon with money, it is inevitably evil

The portal of shadows is still growing, it is time to move the Azers away. Why not at the level of the volcano, near the mushroom men? The group will visit Azer and teleport to the new volcano, failing to kill him. And yes, long-distance teleportation is risky ...

The group decides first to go to mushroom men, because Turin is interested in this story of large mycelium. On site, they try to connect in the collective trance, but only Turin succeeds. This allows him to detect the surrounding terrain, and to spot an entrance to the volcano, but barely active. Not enough for the Azer, but it's worth considering. As the group is afraid he is injured, he is left outside while the group continues to explore the caves. Passing in the ethereal plane, they travel in the lava until reaching .. a huge cavern full of treasures !!

But of course, an old red dragon was on site, and ceiling markings prevented long distance teleportation, they will not escape the fight. Which does not stop being cowardly, Jarod quickly leaving his instant fortress to shelter. The fight is very close, especially without a healer, Turin is separated from the rest of the group, fire snakes join the fight. Fortunately, the lopsided Jarod helps them because the dragon loses time to attack the fortress. Jenela chases the TP between the inside of the fortress and the back of the dragon to hurt him, while the two sorcerers cast their spells safely. Only Turin takes real risks, but it works, and the dragon ends up trying to flee. In vain. He ends up planting on the wall. And the dough is for the group !!

A lot of money, therefore, that the group spends several days recovering. A nice dragon slayer's sword is also recovered, as well as a mysterious globe that Jénéla keeps for her in a very suspicious way. But the fight is not without consequence, the volcano is activated. Too much, the danger of eruption is imminent! Then Turin plunges into the lava, with the Firestone in his hand. And little by little, the volcano calms down, under the impetus of Turin. When it comes out, it is immune to fire, and the stone is gone ...

Relocation of the Azer. Discovery of a vocan. New encounter with mushroom men (mycobacteria). Fight against a red dragon.

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin, André, Tristan, Juan

Summary by: Valentin

Duration of play: 1st March 009 to 21st March 009

XP : 31600 / d


Session 71 of November 21, 2018 - For Science!

Attempt to resurect Ram. Formation of the dromedary. Communication with the corpse of Ram. At the restaurant of Frère Touche. Fight against male dragons. Earloop flight. Torture. Experimentation. Disintegration of the eye.

Dory is back after a short training period with his apprentice, an opportunity to try to save Ram too. In vain ... His mother, next door, is not very happy! The group tries to communicate with Ram's corpse, but that does not help them to know how to save him. To escape the accusing gaze of Mur, Jarod spends time training his new dromedary apprentice. That's when Brother Touche receives a message about bandit attacks on one of his restaurants in the north. Stack when Jarod and Mur were discussing testing with Maloghurst's arm and eye on a human cobail, that's fine ...

The band, composed of Dory, Touche, Mur, Jarod and Akakamo goes to the restaurant. They meet the friend of Brother Touche, Caresse, who informs them of the situation: it is a hostage. She makes Jarod invisible, who follows Frère Touche as he goes naturally towards the restaurant with an innocent air. They go inside, voluntarily falling into the trap bandits, but Jarod (spotted very quickly) open a portal to evacuate the hostages. They are afraid, so they do not move, but it allows everyone else to burst. End of the negotiations, it turns to the massacre: Caress invokes a Cerberus, Brother Touch and Mur massacre with a turn, Jarod falls under the blows of the attackers but is still treated by Dory. Akakamo, on the other hand, seems to be the specific target of enemies, consisting of winged kobolds and humanoid half-dragon. One of them took his earring, Tiamat's, from their shouts, and tried to flee with it. But Dory, realizing that this group is probably the one who tortured her, unleashes a firestorm. There is, unfortunately for them, two survivors ...

The Chronicles do not mention anything else, but dark rumors speak of "torture" on the prisoners. Jarod and Mur, they speak of "science" and "for the sake of Ram". Thus, cutting the limbs of a prisoner, they put his arm, question him without learning anything, kill him by cutting his hand and try to resurrect it. This fails, as for Ram. They do the same with the eye and the second prisoner. They then disintegrate the eye, but it does not allow to resurrect the prisoner either. Another vain track to resurrect the eighth son of Mur ..

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin, Daniel, Madie, Jeff, Sabine

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: March 22nd to March 24th

XP : 16875 / d


Session 72 of November 25, 2018 - The Forest of Treants and the end of the world in the East

Wall, Brother Touche, Galdor and Akakamo decide to continue the quest for the Portal of Shadows by going to deliver other Titans. So you have to go explore. Galdor teleports the group to Shamba where the heroes learn about the area, looking for a temple or other tracks leading to a Titan. They learn that by going south, they would cross the Burning Marshes, then the Frozen Plains and arrive at great peaks covered with eternal snow. As for the east, there is a dark and disturbing forest, whose trees move!

Intrigued, the group takes the road to the East. An exploration as in the good old days! A few days after reaching the forest, our friends are attacked by strange trolls. The fight is bitter, these dirty beasts coming back to life, but eventually settling down with Galdor's fireballs. Unfortunately, the fire burns the trees around, and it does not like a tree that starts to slap Akakamo. The latter apologizes and, speaking sylvain, manages to calm the tree and gain his confidence. Akakamo brings water to extinguish the fire, and the conversation begins. The group tells him about the threat of shadows and the quest of the Titans. Fir then takes the heroes to see Poplar, who will know who to see. Poplar and Fir think they must go to see Ash, who will know what to say. Ash, Poplar, and Fir take heroes to see Oak, who will know what to do. Oak, Ash, Poplar and Fir take heroes to see a mysterious man. After a total of a week's walk in the forest, the group arrives at the edge of a cliff that falls to the void.

At the edge stands a man. His skin is slightly golden and he is friendly. His name is Drahamü, and he is a dragon now in human form. The conversation begins, and if he knows nothing about the Pact, he knows a lot about Titans and other legends:

Ah, and the cliff behind him is the end of the world in the East.

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff, Madie, Sabine, André

Summary by: Jeff

Duration in game: March 25th to April 2nd 009

XP : 20550 / d


Session 73 of December 5, 2018 - Cataclysm

In 2000 years, we will tell their story again. In 2000 years, their names will still be known to all. Like visionary heroes, or like unconscious fools?

Akakamo (the Great), Jarod, Jenela and Brother Touche meet in Tieret. Each tells his latest adventures. Then they take stock of the next action to take. Jarod would like to save Ram, but nobody knows how to do it ... on the other hand, the story of Brother Touche's last trip makes Jenela tick. It seems that the orb she owns contains the magic of dragons. Off, it turns out that this orb has already tried to control it. She had managed to resist by deploying a mental shield. She tells this experience to others, and emphasizes her desire to learn more, see breaking the orb. The group is not quite enthusiastic about the idea, especially in the middle of Tieret. That's when the magic of the orb tries to take over Jenela's mind again, who forgets (oops) to maintain her mental shield. Two voices, a female and a male talk to him and ask him to break the orb. Her companions find that she seems a little lost, her eyes immersed in the orb. Akakamo does not trust too much, and takes the orb with diplomacy. A good idea because Jenela then takes out her blade. Akakamo, Touche and Jarod react at the speed of lightning. Akakamo, still naked, hides the orb behind his shield. Brother Touche tries to put two pies to Jenela, but the latter dodges gracefully the predictable blows of her opponent [2], and Jarod tents to submit it to his will but he clashes with his powerful psionic ramparts. Finally Jenela teleports behind Akakamo, and precisely carries a blow of her blade on the orb that ... resists. Akakamo fled naked into the castle to hide the orb, Jenela tries to mentally control his companions but it fails miserably. Everyone is calm, we discuss. Eventually the influence of the orb seems to dissipate a little and Brother Touche managed to convince Jenela to go and ask the Golden Dragon for advice.

Jarod tries to teleport the group where the dragon lives. Failure is not the eastern edge of the world but the southern edge. The adventurers spot a road in the distance. They teleport to see. Failure, it was not a road but a canyon. They fall, but they get away easily, by teleporting or via the flying carpet. Near the canyon, they explore a group of rock formations [3]. Confidence does not seem to have returned to the group and Akakamo is highly suspicious of Jenela.

Noting that teleportation may be unclear to a poorly known location, they decide to teleport to Shamba. They spend a little time there. Jenela and Touche make a demonstration of a very impressive monastic kapoeira, which ends in Touche, which sprays an enormous rock with bare hands. Jarod and Akakamo do not join these showers. Akakamo takes the opportunity to discuss and sympathize with Baga, a general orc who does not much like the entropic commander and seems idle.

Then they resume their road to the east, through the forest of treants. They are careful not to make a fire to avoid stressing the trees. They fall on a band of trolls not super smart. Brother Touche and Akakamo manage to send them against 2PO and a small precious stone. But they come back the same night. Jarod, heavily force-fed, makes them fall a rain of flame on their wet. It calmed them down, and they escaped.

They finally arrive at the edge of the world, but the golden dragon does not seem there. They decide to wait for him. During the night, the dragon communicates with the adventurers in dreams (except Jenela who stands guard [4]), and these submit to him an exercise of thought: "Imagine that one of our friends [5] is possessed by an orb In this hypothesis, will it dissipate over time, and can it be trusted when it says it wants to break the orb, is it a good idea, what do you think? " The dragon finds that it makes a lot of questions, decides to join the group in person, crosses the hypothetical possessed friend who stands guard, and follows a discussion all together under the stars. But basically the dragon can not help them on the decision to take. If he regained his powers he would be ready to help against the Shadow, but that does not particularly please him. During the discussion, the night having fallen, Brother Touche looks beyond the edge of the world to see if we see the sun. Interesting idea, but no: no sun. It's weird. Finally, Jarod uses his magic [6] and we learn that the orb contains two creatures and dragon magic, and that it was created to protect this magic (or protect from this magic, it's ambiguous ...) .

Long discussion between the adventurers. Jenela, sure of herself, says no creature should be locked up. They must be released and if they are bad they are killed. Brother Touche, at first reluctant, eventually put himself in his opinion. Akakamo is strongly opposed to this idea. He is responsible for Tieret and will not let the chaos spread on the world. Jarod is divided between his loyalty to Akakamo and ... his desire to write history. It ends up falling in the camp of the breakers of orb ... So it is decided, they will break it in the morning.

Upon waking, Key tries to break the orb with his fists but it does not work. Jarod decides to throw disintegration. It breaks clean, and a light comes out. Drahamu shrieks, "What did you do?" and he fled into the woods. So, a huge dragon stretches out of the sphere and fills the space in front of the adventurers ... "WHAT IS YOUR WISH?" Taken a little course [7], the group thinks it is necessary to save the world of Shadows (Jarod evokes without really being convinced himself the possibility of saving Ram, but he changes his mind). They think quickly about the wording, and Akakamo states, "Protect our world from Shadows." Then a huge crackle sounds throughout the world. The dragon flies away while the sky is covered with multiple colors, heralding great changes to come.

[1] This deserves an explanation. At the beginning of this adventure, Akakamo tried on him an owl-shaped mask that turned him into an owl. During the experiment he took off his clothes, hence his nudity (but he re-transformed himself into a dragonborn, he is no longer an owl).

[2] In all objectivity.

[3] Kinds of "fairy chimneys" (see wikipedia), if I understood the description correctly.

[4] Of course!

[5] "An acquaintance," Akakamo said.

[6] Exit "Legend". A spell designed by a guy who hates MJs.

[7] The dragon will be congratulated, all the NPCs are not up to date on quest rewards.

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff, Valentin, Sabine, Juan

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: April 3rd 009 to April 16th 009 (13 days)

XP : 38250 xp / d


Session 74 of December 10, 2018 - Removals of all kinds

Siegfried, Turin, Mur, Brother Touche and Jarod are at the Guild. They quietly discuss the latest events. "So how did you liberate a dragon deity and break the world in two?" "Yes, give me back the bread please." That's when a fanfare sounds in the street. And she is getting closer. It turns out to be an imperial messenger carrying a missive for Jarod. Jarod, the pose on the opener: it is about a message of the emperor who thanks him for service rendered and of a box, which he lays nonchalantly on the table, while he continues to tell his last adventures. Wall, scandalized by this lack of respect for the plot, begins to ogle the box and sees that it contains a crystal. So they open it. Indeed, it is a big crystal, not even magic. Ok ... But finally Jarod also finds a word, he reads: "Perlimpimpin". And boom! The crystal explodes and appears a halfling with a big book. She asks if Ifu is here. Then comes an intriguing discussion where we learn that she comes from the past, that she is Ifulokniss's apprentice, that she is a necromancer who is both friendly and naive (she does not like anti-Lich racism, that kind of thing ...) and she does not really know why she was locked up. Jarod (who does not lose the north) talks with her to find out if she has a track to save Ram, and they scaffold a plan ...

Step one, they bring Ram back to life by tying him back to Maloghurst's hand. Then, after lying to him that they were going to heal him quickly, they locked him in a crystal. Objective: to wait a month for his clone to have developed. Note also that during the night, the necromancer (name to add) left quietly, seemingly nothing, digging in the border cemetery to revive a skeleton, she named Albert and she rides. She is perfect. And Turin seems to have eclipsed.

Well. It is done. For Ram it only remains to wait. The heroes communicate with the emperor in a dream, and he lets them know that there is still some people on the piece of earth detached from the rest. Siegfried jumped. They must be relocated. And here he is still giving everyone with his principles. Can not we continue to torture kids?

Teleportation. On the piece of the world, they manage to evacuate the werewolves (towards Shamba), the crows' men and the underground gnomes (towards Tieret). Gnomes who have also tasted well with the dragon that the adventurers have left them. Their leader, the Countess, remains on the spot, desperate. In raven males, adventurers also discovered their curse (a raven's head under a helmet) and their treasure: a statuette and a golden egg. After reflection, they concluded that the egg belonged to them (more or less) and the statuette belonged to the toad-men. So they made these treasures to their respective owners, and the toad-men have even named Brother Knight Toad Knight!

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff, Valentin, Tristan, Madie, Juan

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: April 17, 2748 (+009) to April 30, 2748

XP : 11750 / d


Session 75 of December 15, 2018 - Liberated, delivered

It is in Tieret that Akakamo, Jarod and Jenela meet. Wall was not there, Jarod is determined to put his plan into action, namely to release Ram and trust him. Akakamo is against it, Jenela is for it, it discusses, then it goes in the cavern of the old red dragon to take advantage of the anti-TP area to free him and scrutinize his mind. He seems very furious and resentful of his mother, aware that using his left arm would push him to evil acts, but still the good young Ram we knew. After consultation, here it is free!

Meanwhile, at Shamba, it's about putting up some stronger defenses. The opportunity for Siegfried to contact Jenela and organize with her to start the manufacture of a real fortress. Small detour to the dwarves to recruit workers with teleportation portals, then the work starts. Shortly after, the unicorn knights contacted Akakamo: they discovered near Tieret a mysterious place, which will turn out to be an old church dedicated to Vengeance. Akakamo rehabilitates the place and leaves the charge to Migalo. And meanwhile, Jarod returns to Shamba trying to fly his university, without success.

So start the first three bastions! It is besides while taking care of his church that Migalo meets a kind of flying serpent, which says to be sent by the God of the Light (the same one that seems connected to Mur) to investigate following the report made recently to his god by an angel (probably the one previously met). Unfortunately, he is stuck by the chromatic cylinder, and worried by the fact that the continent seems to be moving to "somewhere" ... He stays close to the church, if needed.

Finally, a short expedition into the dark dragon's lair allowed Jenela, Migalo and Ram to learn that the high elves seemed motivated to seize the treasure of the late dragon that the adventurers had not taken care to go recover before.

GM: Arnold

Players: Sabine, Valentin, Juan

Summary by: Valentin

Game time: May 1st 009 to May 24th 009

XP : 13700 / day


Session 76 of January 5, 2019 - High elves are assholes

Seeking an occupation that avoids him returning to his home, Ram finds Maryl, the necromancer who helped to resurrect him, as well as Galdor and Atiéris. After a short discussion, they decide to go to the high elves to examine the treasure of the black dragon, looking for information on the orb of Bahamut, the other dragon deity. After some meetings that led to the recovery of a small cat (subsequently, his disappearance in the plot suggests an abandonment of his master), they arrive at the elves.

They reluctantly leave their belongings at the entrance of the city (except for Galdor, the trifle cunning, who secretly kept his focus), then are brought to the regent. There, INCOMPREHENSIBLE way, the situation degenerates very quickly when Ram, annoyed of the questions on his race and on his brothers and sisters, answers a pretty "in your ass" to the regent. The "but these assholes these elves" Maryl not helping, it ends the hatchet in hand, arrows shot, with Atiéris trying to defuse the situation. Only Galdor remains impassive, criticizing the reception given to the black dragon killers, which stops the fight. "You say you killed the black dragon, and yet you seem unable to stop my soldiers. -No. I just did not try. "

Puzzled silence in the room. Demonstration of magic with a double TP of Galdor. Silence impressed in the room.

It's a bit of a talk, especially with Galdor and Tieris, Ram and Maryl being a little pushed to stay in a corner. Information about the death of the dragon is of interest to the elves, but not as much as the fate of the Akakamo unicorn. Then, the adventurers are finally brought into a room as "guest", before being able to ask questions. In the night, they are brought back into the regent's room, dressed this time with his armor and a sort of scepter. He informs them that the Council of Stars (the 7 leaders of the kingdom, it seems) is "ready for anything to recover the unicorn" (threat barely veiled). Then, he gives a map of the castle with the place where the 7 members of the council sleep and leaves. Faced with this invitation to assassinate the council, the adventurers decide to stop. After all, helping an asshole to kill potential assholes is not motivating. And the group is confident: if the elves decide to attack Tieret and Akakamo to recover the unicorn, they will face the Guild.

So here they are in Shamba, from which they leave for the Silver Dragons' home. On the way, they meet an old woman, with the feeling that it will be a meeting out of the ordinary. Indeed, although hardly powerful and especially of rather miserable appearance, this old woman with vulture head seems very old, and endowed with immense knowledge. Laughing at the little girl that is Inactivus, evoking the time when the continent belonged to the plan before, criticizing the elves and the excessive names they give to everything. And above all, praising moments in history where chaos and turmoil reigns and brings distraction. Of Bahamut, she knows nothing except that it was sealed with her chromatic alter ego so that the war between the dragons ceases. Of the pact, she does not know much, and it does not interest her because it concerns the gods she hates. Ifuloknis, she knows him for sure, it is a neighbor who left her alone. Bargel too, but she did not find him very friendly, so she does not care about her disappearance. Thus, time passes in a pleasant journey full of exchange until the arrival in the city of silver dragons ... destroyed ...

Ruins everywhere, that few bodies but several are found, including a black but the majority of money. If the consequences of the liberation of the chromatic draconic deity seem to have been detrimental to silver dragons, the group is still in the library looking for information. So he learned how to kill a God, by letting him fall into oblivion. A little hot as a method, so they sought to seal it instead: find a way to "anchor it in the world" and then cast a Jail spell. Maryl took the opportunity to look for ways to become a lich, but was disappointed that human sacrifices seemed necessary. Then back home.

GM: Arnold

Players: Sabine, Valentin, Tristan

Summary by: Valentin

Game time: May 25th 009 to July 7th 009

XP : 11850 / d


Session 77 of January 9, 2019 - Amnon is back

Brother Touche, Mur and Jenela meet at the floating islands. It is good, and adventurers take the opportunity to eat outside, around a meal prepared by Brother Touche. But the atmosphere is quickly spoiled by a sparse rainfall. Wall is surprised by the greyish color of raindrops. In addition there are no clouds in the sky! Then the drops gather and form a portal on the floor from which an arm emerges. Wall does not hesitate! BOOM! Flail on the impromptu appendix. But that's not enough and a strange individual comes out. Brother Touche recognizes him almost immediately: it is Amnon. It has not changed so much since all this time. He presents it to the other two. But Amnon is quite inconsistent. With a little emphasis, here's what they understand from his story:

Amnon, since his disappearance, worked for Yog-Sototh. He is a kind of agent, who uses madness to achieve his ends, and acting to others of his master in the subterranean lands. He is very proud to have brought peace between black elves and illithids. He also explains that Yog-Sototh can bypass the pact, that Belzebuth is no more than the shadow of himself, and he warns us against the queen of the air and darkness that has many followers. He also wants help to kill Mogandax (name to find), but does not explain why. During this conversation, Jenela finds that Amnon's arms are waving oddly. By getting closer and touching them, she discovers that they are tentacles! Yuck.

The adventurers, strangely, decide to trust Amnon. In addition, He claims that Yog-Sototh will answer him through a question if he is helped. Good. Or search? They think that the creature Amnon is looking for probably lives in the underground, and they head for the nearest entrance they know, namely the one by which they went to get the goblin prisoners. They are driving at night (Amnon does not seem to want to travel under the sunlight) and eventually enter the underground.

The old fortress of the Duergars has been ripped open. Jenela is delighted: these infamous slavers have suffered a heavy loss and have had to leave. The adventurers cross it and, guided by the instinct of Amnon, they end up finding tunnels that bring them to a place populated by grotesque monsters: a pile of mouths, brains on legs ... They fight valiantly. Amnon has gained in power since the last time. Wall and Touch smash creatures while Jenela protects the group from a protective veil against the mental control of creatures. Two illithids appear which do not make the weight. The adventurers go up the corridor where the illithids come from and then find Mogandax ...

This is a huge tyranoeil, protected by no less than 8 trolls. The heroes feel that the fight may not be winnable this time ... especially since Wall is quickly transformed into a statue, while Amnon notes with dismay that his magic no longer works. Brother Touche Touche contains the trolls, while Jenela teleports in the middle of the room and summons cyclones and thunder. The trolls are manhandled and the tyranoeil panic: "What is this magic?". "Magic mage!" Screams Jenela who does not understand why even the monsters question the nature of his powers. Meanwhile, a devious troll pushes the wall statue that breaks ... not in fact, but just! The thunder is finally right trolls, but they return periodically to life. Jenela continues to kill them each time while Amnon slips behind the Tyranoeil, understanding that it's his eyes that block the magic. He ends it with an occult discharge ... the incredible treasure of the tyranoeil is theirs!

GM: Arnold

Players: Bilson, Jeff, Madie, Juan

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: 8th July 009 to 18th July 009 (10 days)

XP : 12275 / d


Session 78 of January 12, 2019 - The Jump of Faith

Hearing the return of Amnon, Siegried, Jarod, Turin and Dory rush to meet him. Amnon carries with him the flask of iron found in his previous adventure, so the group opens it and releases ... André de Zulfur, a poor pegu who has no idea what he's doing there. He came from the Andromeda kingdom on Ethoria but it was a long time ago it looks like: Ethoria is therefore the world of origin, so André was locked up before the elevation. Very upset, he is supported by Tieret while the group has fun in a bar with the flask.

The group decides to go explore the Fire Plan, to get some news. But the portal of Dory does not work, a rainbow filter appears prevents the creation of the portal: the cylinder of Tiamat blocks the adventurers on their plan! They try to go through the portal of Shadows, but same result. It continues to grow but is not passable, and the Y are gone. In the middle of the portal, always a strange indestructible stone ...

As a result, the group tackles another much more sensible plan: go to the end of the world and jump! Except for Amnon, who finds this strangely imprudent, they cling and go down for several days, catching sight of the underworld (no apparent civilization, but the world is big, who knows ... some trees grow sideways below) . They wait a few days but eventually get tired and join Amnon. They then teleport under the world and cling to the trees. they discover a lemur with a jewel and, guided by the animal, they find a cave that they explore.

This leads them to a city of black elves where they are spotted. Amnon is recognized as the one who brought peace between them and the illithids, with murder and madness. Their queen was made crazy by Amnon, the group proposes to solve the problem thanks to Dory. After a period of suspicion and miscalculation (talking about the "Yog-Sototh demon" is apparently a bad idea), the queen is saved. But she forces the group to remain as a slave.

It turns into a massacre, because the adventurers do not want to! Siegfried, impassable wall, blocks the door while Tristan, and Jarod massacre the elves inside. During this time, Amnon tries to petrify the Queen to allow her to be kidnapped, while manipulating a black elf fighting at her side. Dory is trying to keep the group alive, desperately. Finally, the petrification fails and, to avoid a massacre, the group teleports safely but without the Queen.

GM: Arnold

Players: Bilson, Tristan, Daniel, Juan, Valentin

Summary by: Valentin

Duration of play: from July 19th 009 to July 27th 009 (8 days)

XP : 13800 / day


Session 79 of January 21, 2019 - The origins of Brother Touche

Dory, Wall, and Brother Touche arrive at the Guild where a member of Frère Touche Monastery is waiting for him, whom Mur ignores very rudely to rush to Ram, whom she retrieves and serves in her arms, completely ignoring her hostility. Then, they are joined by Mason who crossed the whole Empire after being forgotten by Jarod the last time. The group then decides to answer the call for help from the Monastery of Touche, in the Empire, where they go on a backpack. Along the way, Dory contacts Ssrashi for news of the broken tooth monastery, where the kobolds are still crazy and do not seem to get any better despite the apprentice's care.

Along the way, they stop for a break at Sawmill, a city in the forest of the empire, then at the town of Mine. Not much noticeable, as usual in EMpire, everything is fine. Then they arrive at Garde, the old monastery of Touche, where they find Brogan and Master Tarki. They learn that many people have disappeared through the long bridge that connects the two peaks, that of the monastery and the one opposite a large door ... The thing that the monastery must keep, if we refer to the name?

Brother Touche took the opportunity to try to pass Master's rank through a ritual fight against Brogan. Some of the groups suspect that he did not understand the rules of the fight and he mistakenly thought he had to fall to win, because he fell on purpose very quickly leaving the victory to Brogan. And yet, he wore his headband of intelligence, like what magical objects that is not everything ... Still, for Brother Touche, to the great disappointment of Master Tarki, the monastery of the Guard, it is definitely of ancient history ...

This did not prevent the group from having access to the library, the most uninjured archives that even Mason has never seen! Yet the dwarves are not the best in the field ... There is research on his family, the Durenfer, famous pirates / sailors / explorers in ancient legends. There he discovered that the Durenfer Adamantium Helm was sold to the monastery by the Mason's uncle, so Mason recovered it in return for his services. The group also discovered a secret passage leading to two golems that Ram activated based on a book found in the archive. The golem in question wanted to defend his mother (finally, "to defend the Wall", that he said, Ram does not understand very well, he is only 6 years old), but the group preferred the deactivated that to bring it on the bridge brittle. The group crosses the bridge flying thanks to the power of Ram who takes care to fly everyone except his mother. Forgetting that she has the ability to redo it come to her ...

On the second peak, fight with weird stuff and black elves casting spells from the darkness of a cave. The so-called darkness being very practical for Brother Touche who joined them to massacre them, while Mason and Wall began their massacre of the enemies on the platform. Ram, faithful to his master, fell unconscious, happily cared for by Dory, but not enjoying dying, used his necrotic hand ... fortunately without consequence, for this time. The comat then comes to an end under the violent gusts that end up dragging Mur, save by Mason who falls in his place in the void. He landed down, very hurt, but a few passes through the trees allowed Dory to find him and heal him.

The group then goes down the stairs for a very long time to a crossroads. According to Mason, the tunnels were built at least 1500 years ago by Duergar. They choose to go straight, unlike classic adventurers, and fall on a room where the ground seems to be a frozen lake. Brother Touche tries to poison Ram by making him taste something nasty, under the evil look of Mur, while Mason and Dory are interested in a giant door with Elvish text that no one can read. The group gets tired, and decides to stop there.

GM: Juan

Players: Arnold, Valentin, Jeff, Daniel and Madie

Summary by: Arnold

Duration in game: 28 July 2748 (+009) to 19 August 2748

XP : 18725 / d


Session 80 of January 24, 2019 - Never forbid

This story is a warning. Not a warning to mortals, since they never listen to anything. But a warning for the gods: do not say '' NEVER '' 'that something must be left alone or else civilization will be destroyed. It's counterproductive.

Brother Touche and Mur had remained at the monastery of Garde. Wall wanted to learn the art of monastic combat, and Touche continue investigating what Guard keeps. The first did not have much success in his business, and the second discovered that Guard kept something essential to the "persistence" of the world [1]. It was then that Jenela appeared at the monastery. She will present her tributes to the great master dwarf Tarki, who manifests his interest in long distance teleportation. Jenela promises to talk to Jarod about it. Then the adventurers decide that it was time to cross again the big bridge which leads to the second peak of the monastery [2]. As Touche is a little too wide and the bridge a bit too fragile, Jenela teleports everyone. But a miscalculation on his part makes them finish their journey on the side of the mountain opposite they go down at full speed!

Good they survive and go back. Phew. Once on the platform, they enter the underground. They hear muffled sounds and soon realize that it is the iron golem that begins to repair the colossal wall! He has some for a while. They head for the sealed wall they had crossed last time. This time, they can understand the elvish scriptures that sprinkles it. Jenela focuses her mind and the bed: this is a warning. In essence: "Do not let go of what is behind this wall or you will destroy civilization with lightning and wind."


Woaow ... [3] The adventurers expected the worst to be a "You will die if you walk through this door." It's a little hardcore even for them. They turn around, gnawed by curiosity. They take the corridor south and Touche notices that there is a mark in the stone in the passage. Jenela looks a little further and confirms her suspicions: this place has been walled in the same way as the previous hallway in the past. They go to the third corridor (to the east) and find that it has the same marks. They are looking for excuses and, even if Touche is not too hot, Mur and Jenela manage to convince him that sending a psionic eye is not binding.

And off you go: Jenela focuses her mind and projects the psionic eye through the wall. Behind extends a long corridor. After a while, a huge white light gets closer to the eye at high speed. Jenela cuts the connection. The adventurers discuss. Jenela is convinced, it's the titan of the air behind! It must be released: this poor creature can not remain locked. Wall is up! Touche thinks it's unreasonable, but he yields to the majority. Teleportation. They are in the hallway and this one is ... extremely windy. Key progresses in front, Jenela and Mur protected behind him. They cross again the light that turns out to be a ball of lightning! They hold the shock and finally arrive in an incredible room: a huge cylindrical room, filled with pipes that come in and out of the walls. In the center a huge metal cylinder. All covered by strong winds and electric arcs. They join a staircase on the side and begin to descend, noting that this Cyclopean building continues for several kilometers in depth. After six hours of descent, they arrive at the last room ...

This one contains two gigantic wheels: one on the ground and one on the ceiling, with a hundred bars made to operate it (implying a hundred people pushing in time therefore!). They also meet friendly but limited "air elementals" who teach them that they have lost contact with the caliph, and that there have been no wind seasons, and that the Storm is not not happy. Unclear gibberish. They say not to turn the wheel [4]. But Jenela and Mur manage to interpret between the lines that they would like to leave from here, and that suddenly it would be worth to turn the wheel which must surely open something [5]. Besides, it seems that the Storm is a prisoner, and Jenela does not like that. Brother Touche, who saw the signs, thinks it's a bad idea. But he gives in, again. It's gone, they turn the wheel. Especially Mur. The elementals try to help them quite inefficiently. But the wheel ended up getting stuck. Disappointment. After much thought and hesitation, Jenela announces: "We need sails!" [6] But even if Touche has a big surface of clothes ... Touche says: "I have my pocket boat otherwise ...".

And that's where the world went crazy. Imagine a ship harnessed to a huge metal wheel. A horde of air elementals blowing in his sails, all in the depths of the world, to a metal floor of emptiness. The wood creaks, the metal creaks, the wheel unblocks and turns at full speed. The walls are starting to crack. The floor opens. Jenela and Touche have had time to take shelter but Mur falls. She catches up and goes back with the strength of her fists. The elementals are gone. Everything starts to collapse. we must flee!

They go up the stairs at full speed. Teleportation, racing, strange tricks ... everything goes to go as fast as the ground collapses. But that's not enough: Touche and Jenela fall among the debris. They realize that the Storm, locked in the central cylinder, has escaped! It forms a stormy haze under the world. They are going at full speed towards her. Jenela tries to catch Touche to teleport with him on a platform, but does not succeed and teleports alone. And Touche disappears into the mist. Shit. She dives to join him.

Touche and Jenela fall on a sort of cloud. And watch over them a formidable serpentine creature of cloud, lightning and wind. She goes back to her face, looks at them ... and begins to leave, leaving them in the middle of emptiness. But it does not matter, because they fly! They go back to see Mur. All is well, the heroes are saved.

Finally. Civilization is doomed.

Prohibitions do not work.

[1] It was a first sign. [2] Description of the Monastery of Guard (and the undergrounds that follow) in the previous summary. [3] This was a second sign. [4] Another sign? [5] This reasoning holds if one is looking for excuses. [6] One might have thought she had discovered the laws of the universe at the tone of her voice.

GM: Arnold

Players: Juan, Jeff and Madie

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: from the 11th of August 2748 (+009) to the 16th of August 009 (5 days)

XP : 18000 / d


Session 81 of February 13 and 14, 2019 - The last crim ... ah, Jarod's gift

It all started with a tragic event: Jarod had an idea. An observer who acts, it is always dangerous, but when the observer is one of the most powerful mages of the East and that he takes the desire to make a surprise to his friend, it is there that the cataclysms begin.

Aided by Akakami, he spends several days resurrecting the shama orcs killed several years ago. Meanwhile, Siegfried sets up the pillars of the Shamba civilization, but Baga resigns because he wants to keep the traditions intact and sees clearly that he is minority. But here comes Jarod, and brings back with him the fighters who have long since disappeared, including the wife of Baga! Pleasant surprise for Siegfried, huh? Hum .. But the question of how these orcs first lost their lives is discussed, and despite his charisma, Jarod can not convince him that it's not so bad. Very quickly, everything degenerates, and the group must teleport to escape the chaos. So, Siegfried lost Shamba ... Too bad for the bears on whom he spent his nerves ...

Then is evoked the idea of u200bu200bscrutinizing Belzebuth himself. Jarod thinks it's a very bad idea, but his guilt pushes him to accept Siegfried's ideas, in search of a fight to let off steam. Jarod then hears Barghel's voice calling for help. They teleport themselves in the frozen plains and end up finding the invisible home of the Demon Prince and his two acolytes.

It is not aggressive at first. He wonders where Ram is, and he seems to be very weak. At the break of the Covenant, he had to flee his world that was disintegrating and hiding from the Archprize, and seems too weak to contact his sorcerer. He then treats the adventurers as "breakers of the Covenant" and explains to them that the Archifée has betrayed him and gains in power, but he hires them to kill her. So it's arguing, but basically, besides killing Barghel, she did nothing wrong. While Belzebuth did a lot of cool things, why listen? The answer is clear: maybe the Guild will kill the Archifee, but if it does, it will be of its own free will, and not sponsored by a Demon Prince. The latter does not appreciate that his order is being rejected and is coming towards them, which Siegfried very properly considers an aggression.

Confronting the Demon Prince of Deception and Illusion is not uncomplicated. Soon, Mur struggles to know when she succeeds or fails her attacks, while Jarod forgets spells and learns other, less useful spells. Siegfried and Brother Touche even exchange bodies, finding themselves fighting with skills they do not master. Deshait's fate eventually disappeared just as Jarod was about to launch it. Despite this, the henchmen of Belzebuth are quickly massacred by Mur who is eager to let off steam on the one who allows himself to attack his son (it is only she who has the right!). Jarod quickly hides in his tower to cast spells in spite of the fear of the demon's illusions, while Akakamo goes without fear to the creature. Siegfried and Frère Touche manage to manage also to hurt the demon who finally flee.

But the demon is regenerating, and knows how to teleport quickly. The pursuit race starts but the time to catch it, it is already in shape, while the group is weakened. We must then retreat, under the cries of fury of Belzebuth who failed to kill them in time. The group then finds itself in the Flying Islands to rest, but seems to still suffer from the side effects of the fight. Definitely? Will it be necessary to kill the demon to stop that?

The group then goes to the Monastery. They learn by the way that at the sawmill where the group had gone, an epidemic killed 250 people. They also meet Baga and other orcs who have decided not to follow the Shamba Council, which has decided to join forces with Ifu'Lok'Niss. Of course, Jarod has ideas on how to fix the situation. But while he was about to demonstrate his first Cleric of the Moon spell, a gigantic moon approached, passing close to the continent. And his passage had an intense effect on Jarod who turned into a tiger ... For good? In any case, there seems little to be much of the spirit of the chronicle behind his blue fur ...

GM: Arnold

Players: Juan (Jénéla), Jeff, Sabine, Valentin and Madie

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: Sept. 5, 2748 to Sept. 16

XP : 14200 / d


Session 82 of February 23, 2019 - Cuckoo the pile of mud

Touch (in Siegfried's body), Mur, Marile and Jenela meet at Tieret. They have important things to deal with together. But as they walk into town they come across a muddy silhouette: a kind of humanoid covered with wet earth. Bizarre. The creature speaks. She salutes them. Exchange of courtesies. It looks like the creature is actually an elf! She has long traveled in search of people to help her because the world is crumbling!

The world falling apart, it seems serious. All the small group is heading north, where Magdeline (since it's the name of the elf / mud pile) has discovered the phenomenon. And strangely, as no one could teleport the group, we had to walk.

During the voyage, the companions faced demon-crabs, which were quickly broken up. Magdeline revealed on this occasion her powers of druidess. They crossed a hippogriff flight, then made a stop at the monastery with their palms and fists. Opportunity for Jenela to visit all her monk friends, and Marile to access the Succubus library to learn new spells. Succubes who, as always, are very friendly. Magdeline took the opportunity to seek communion with the spirits of the valley, guided by a local monk. The experience was troubling, the magic of natural spirits seeming to manifest themselves differently in the valley than in its forests. May be related to what monks call Ki.

They hit the road to meet a strange creature, cut like a huge bear, but with a much more strange appearance: a gray pest. The meeting was disturbing, the beast being quite intimidating. Jenela tried an approach but did not understand the creature's will to ... dance? Finally it was Mur who knew how to go with her, and the gray pest adopted her as master for life. Wall named it Steak. And it turned out that Steak was very stupid.

They later came across bones of a young red dragon, whose wings had been severed. Bizarre. The investigation gave nothing more, except that a gray pest (Steak?) Was spent a few days earlier and the dragon was killed long ago.

Finally, they arrive at the edge of the world. And yes, regularly pieces of rocks crumble. Cracks sink deep into the rock, as Magdeline and Jenela confirmed using their magic respectively. Continuing their investigation, they skirted the edge of the world to finally fall on a not very clever (the theme of the adventure?), That Mur fled easily.

The investigation will have to continue.

GM: Arnold

Players: Juan, Jeff, Madie, Tristan and Margaret

Summary by: juan

Duration in game: from 17 september 2748 (+009) to 26 october

XP : 16525 / d


Session 83 of February 26, 2019 - Ghost Town and Hidden Dragon

Jenela having had to leave Shamba to stay safe, decides to return there to know the situation on the spot. She is followed by Ram, who is now accompanied by Jarod in the form of a tiger, Maryl and Magdeline. They discover a totally deserted city. They then hesitate to take an interest in the future of the inhabitants or in the crumbling world, the final choice being the second solution. While waiting for Gratouille, they go about their business.

Magdeline tries to commune with the surrounding nature, which responds by passing a gastro. Jenela returns to the Towers, and learns to transfer the enchantments of the objects. Ram trains with Jarod, and tries an animal communication with him (a horrible roar fails to hurt him, but no other result), Maryl continues his search for spell scrolls to enrich his grimoire.

They then go towards the end of the world to discuss with Drahamu. They have a hard time finding it, its ephemeral cavern a bit, but they resist stealing its stuff. They find him then, protected by the trenters: he hides to avoid the chromatic dragons, and can not wait for the continent to arrive on Ethoria, asking the adventurers to look for solutions to speed up the movement, like asking the Titan of the Air by example. It evokes the fact that the Bahamut Orb is guarded by the Druids of the Ice Circle on Ethoria, which reminds Ram that he already knew it, the weird old had told them!

They fall while the caravan of the inhabitants of Shamba, who are heading to Ifu to join him. Magdeline turns into a bird and observes the passage of the orcs, until spotting the two chiefs: Baga, and one of the generals who had joined Ifu. The group then intervenes to talk to the orcs. Jenela assures that she does not want to interfere, but to offer to those who want to leave Shamba to join her and to come to safety at her Monastery, to which the chief orc replies that he agrees, but that he there will be no return possible. The discussion is quite tense, Ram gets angry because it does not include half of the words used, while Maryl does not sit well with the orc and his strange view of tolerance. Jenela is doing very well, because several orcs join them, including ... Gorba, the wife of Baga!

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin (Ram), Juan (Jenela), Margaret (Magdeline), Tristan (Maryl)

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: 17th October 2748 (+009) to 22 November (27 days)

XP : 17500 / day


Session 84 of March 5, 2019 - Light the Fire

Dear Diary,

Hello !

Yesterday Ram wanted to kill Kobolds, but I did not agree (he says "investigate", but I do not think so, it's his arm, it makes him weird). Then Dori, the old priest who does not stop caressing his mustaches while looking at us, took us into the forest to take white powder and mushrooms during a rave to enter the trance. It was good !

Dori he caressed a tree, and suddenly we found the Fire Titan hiding in the volcano Azers. He had forgotten that he was the Titan of Fire, but now he is better (I think). He was not happy that Shamba's orcs went to Ifu's house (I think he's prejudiced against liches: O: |). He said he wanted to go see the orcs and the entropic commander to talk about the pact.

The Titan of Fire is weird. Sometimes he's nice, but sometimes he's a bit scared: S


Kisses, Maryl

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin, Daniel, Tristan (Maryl and Turin)

Summary by: Tristan

Duration in game: Nov. 23, 2748 (+009) to Jan. 19, 2749 (+010)

XP : 18,000 / d


Session 85 of March 13, 2019 - 2 in 1

Discussion with Ifu, Shamba's new Entropic High Priestess. Arrival of Turin with his new role. Negotiation of the release of Gashagre. Baga gives a wooden box (his inheritance) to Siegfried. Speech from Turin for the establishment of a new fire pact:

Gashagre decides to take the risk of staying in Shamba.

Siegfried and Brother Touche are in the same body after a failed (or successful?) Mycelial ritual.

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff, Madie, Tristan, Juan (Siegfried)

Summary by:

Duration of play: from january 20th 2749 (+010) to january 25th

XP : 9500 / day


Session 86 of March 14, 2019 - Dragon Fortress

New map larger. Discussion with Caresse and Gregory at Frère Touche's restaurant in the old village of men-pig. First trip on the back of Magdeline turned giant eagle towards the edge of the world. Pegasus met on the lakeside near Bargle's dimensional tower (peace to his soul). Interaction with the pegase which ends up leading them to the small mountains which apparently shelters a mark of half dragons and kobolds. Jénéla teleports people inside avoiding a mysterious giant. Combat with 2 half-dragons who serve Tiamat and form a rainbow wall to protect themselves.

GM: Arnold

Players: Juan (Jenela), Margaret, Daniel

Summary by:

Duration in game: from january 26th 2749 (+010) to March 12th

XP : 16400 / d


Session 87 of April 3, 2019 - The man fallen from the sky

Ram, Galdor and Dory meet at the Guild to discuss the next events. Learning that the search for the Titans was up to date, they plan to look for that of water. But before their departure, they see ... a moon? A meteorite ? In any case, it goes on the continent! Passing through the rainbow cylinder (which has been damaged), the debris of the meteorite broken by the rainbow is heading east. The group teleports to Tieret, and finds that the meteorite is heading south still, but that some pieces are coming to Tieret. The mages set up a shield under the direction of Sahani ("the bitch", according to Ram) who stop the stones but let a peak of metal and ice break in a street. By going there, the group discovers ... a man!

Treated by Dory, the man wakes up, but he is amnesic. He seems to come from another world but does not know how he got there. He carries a metal artifact with 17 notches on him, which intrigues the group. Completely amnesic? No. He seems to remember a tremendous suffering that burned his bones and a city with metal towers and lights. Finally, Ram, Dory, Galdor and their new companion (nicknamed Alf) go to the debris and find fragments of scales that are embedded in the artifact, but they only find 16. However, they learn that a person has searched the area, so they go home and, in the name of Jarod (Galdor taking advantage of its color to impersonate the blue advisor Akakamo), try to requisition the shell. The citizen is not very cooperative, calling them a thief. But nevertheless, the negociations bore their fruits and the last tortoiseshell, violet was found in our possession ... Rightly, since Alf threatens to usurp a ruby u200bu200bworth 5000Po! Could it be an amnesic thief? Unless in his world, the notion of property does not exist? In any case, Ram is shocked! Galdor and Dory, a lot less ...

The group also discovers an object broken into three pieces that, together, cleans the wearer, an object "of everyday life for wealthy people" according to the memories of Alf. Making a detour, Dory discovers with joy that the kobold trade has been looted. The opportunity for Ram to invest in trading by buying 25% shares, helped by Alf who intervenes in the negotiations. The restaurant is now called "The Delights of Croc and Ram". Thus it was discovered that Ram is on the right, while his necrotic hand seems left ...

The group ends up placing the 17 scales in Alf's necklace, which activates and fuses bloody (yes, the word exists) into his chest. The object speaks to Alf through pictures and suggestions, telling him that they come from an Eberon world, where he remembers sharp metal towers and a great light. Finally, the group goes in search of other debris. They teleport to Bargel's tower, greeted by Gromarc who feels lonely, and starts thinking about leaving, but takes the opportunity to make fun of Jarod.

The group explores the area while waiting for Gratouille, then leave on its back towards the impact zone. But on the way they meet a Sphinx, who keeps the treasure of ... the group accepts to take up the challenge, succeed the first puzzle, but fails the second. The fight is quickly interrupted by Galdor who turns the Sphinx into a giant chicken! It only takes one hour to be definitive. Yes, but Ram is 6 years old, in a teenage crisis, he is impatient ... He makes things happen to the chicken who gets hurt and becomes a Sphinx again. Eventually, the fight takes place, and the Sphinx is slain, albeit with difficulty. Unfortunately, the portal he was keeping disappeared. But above all, the sky has changed, it's raining .. It turns out that 7 months have passed, actually ...

GM: Arnold

Players: Valentin (Ram), Daniel, André, Raymon (Alf // Venal / Ruby)

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: from March 13th 2749 to October 10th 2749 (211 days)

XP : 12,000 / d


Session 88 of April 6, 2019 - We welcome all the misery of the worlds

Following the fall of the meteorites, Jenela, Ram and Maryl leave towards the impact zone, and arrive to the south in the canyon. During the night Jenela has strange dreams but can not understand them.

The group explores the canyon on the back of Gratouille, almost without a hitch. They are attacked by giant moles but too stupid to resist Jenela's mental orders, which causes them to flee. They also meet a big, strange skeleton, made of shadows. The creature is strange, and looks like nothing known to the group. Maryl takes full control, thanks to his expertise on the undead, and sends it to the Azers, in the tip of continent torn, to study later. They also spot trolls around a burning egg, which Ram assures not to be a phoenix egg, or even an egg of something known. They steal the egg, of course.

The group eventually finds the point of impact, with many debris evoking the presence of habitation on the meteorites (originally a moon before being broken by the impact against the rainbow ). While searching, they find a small refugee community, very suspicious. But by force, they end up getting along with them. The latter welcome them, and agree to go to Tieret live under the protection of Akakamo. They offer a few items to the 3 adventurers, demonstrating their skills in making magic items. In particular, they offer 3 boxes that when you put an object in a box, if you open another box you find it. A box is placed in Tieret, self-service.

On the return, the group sees a giant gelatinous dome, a potential dungeon that they promise to explore soon.

GM: Arnold

Players: Ram, Maryl, Jenela

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: 11 October 2749 to 16 November 2749

XP : 25000 / d


Session 89 of April 17, 2019 - A small step for the Man, a big meteorite for Galdor

GAldor arrives at the guild joining Ram and Jenela, and tells them that her girlfriend Laureline is pregnant. The opportunity for him, therefore, to flee away from home. That's good, Jenela still has visions. The group goes to the University of Tieret, and asks Saani (who does not seem to recognize Ram and his appearance of 26 years) to go into the dream of Jenela. They end up recognizing a strange dragon in the dream. They then seek to teleport into the cave of vision, but strike the rainbow wall.

Are they then stuck? What nay! Galdor sends meteorites against the rainbow and crack enough to pass ... and find themselves in the void of space! They then teleport close to the sleeping dragon, where they meet Toras Miju Tropi, a humanoid skin-colored topaz, the guardian of the great sapphire dragon. He explains to them that the dragon must stay asleep to face the Shadows at all times at the same time, and seems anxious to know that he is calling Jenela for help, that sounds bad sign.

The group then discovers the surroundings: they arrived on Ethoria! Who has not been destroyed ... Toras has heard about the Druids of the Arctic Circle, but they have disappeared (they are supposed to have the Bahamut stone). The group goes into exploration and finds the double pyramid, with the inscription "here lies Ridomenus". They explore and find a room with stones of all colors. On 3 occasions, they manage to move the pyramid through Ethoria thanks to the stones (a coordinate system, they find the map afterwards, which seems to indicate even the Moon). They also find a room with lots of parchments but the scrolls do not show anything. They finally find a strange table that seems to cure, at least the necrotic hand of Ram still seems dead but with the pulpit on it. Believing that Galdor should be near his wife for delivery, they finally return to the Continent after a TP, a meteorite, and another TP.

GM: Arnold

Players: Ram, Jenela, Galdor

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: from november 17th to november 26th 2749

XP : 19,000 / d


Session 90 of May 30, 2019 - White stone, black eyes

Search on Steak. Teleportation in men fungi that are attacked by snake-men. Statuette of white snake with black eyes. 5 men dead mushrooms. Attempt to transfer consciousness but fail. Operation of crystalline surgery with the help of Aeline "successful". Crack and shadow in the rainbow cylinder.

GM: Arnold

Players: Jeff and Juan (Sieg-key), Wall, Galdor, Akakamo

Summary by:

Duration in game: Nov 27th to Nov 29th 2749

XP : 16750 / d


Session 91 of June 3, 2019 - Birth of a firebird (and a baby)

Reunite once again tense between Ram and Mur, who does not care and does not see the problem. Brother Touche is there too, he has heard of an egg to eat, as well as Alf who felt alone, and Galdor who flees his wife and baby, which he does not remember sex or name. On the other hand, the egg of fire interests him, and the group launches into experiments which, under the vaguely worried eye of Seanbit, causes the hatching and the birth of a small chick of fire which grows very quickly when we give him food. Thanks to his gloves, Galdor manages to wear the bird that seems to have considered him as his mother.

The group then goes to the Crystal Tower, to see if the fault still exists in the rainbow wall. On the spot, they find the Kankus, and Ram allows them to fly, while Brother Touche follows them in the hope of a fatal fall that would lead them to be edible, but in vain. They then detect the crack still present. They then teleport and fly around the crack, where they notice that Shadows follow and prevent the crack from closing. Moreover, the drops of Omres that pass through fall towards the world ... more precisely from Shamba! Alf then uses his cleaning disc to expel the Shadows, allowing the crack to close.

The group then goes to Shamba, where a grid has been placed in front of the gate. It is explained to them that Ignernacio refuses to speak to them, but the mention of Maloghurst's hand is enough to make her come, allowing the group to notice how it has been exhausted. She says it's normal, but nobody believes it. Concerning the Shadows, she says that the question does not look at the Guild, and that anyway, with her orcs mages she says she is able to face the Shadows without worries. Concerning Ram's hand, she explains that she wants to get her back but prefers to wait until Ram dies. This unwillingness to kill him is enough to convince Ram that she is kind, so he stays with her so she tries to help him not to be possessed by Maloghurst.

GM: Arnold

Players: Galdor, Ram, Alf, Brother-touch, Wall

Summary by: Valentin

Duration of play: from November 30th to December 3rd 2749

XP : 20,750 / d


Session 92 of June 11, 2019 - Vengeance is a dish that is eaten hot, with lightning flashes

Dory, Maryl, and Akakamo meet in Tieret, and watch for Jarod's arrival: he was bothering Ifu, Ram had to drive him away and send him to Akakamo. Dory manages to communicate with him, his mind is very animal but it seems that it is well Jarod, no dangerous roar by connecting to him this time.

The group goes north to the Oviform Fortress (egg-shaped, illiterate band). They face a Chimera, the opportunity for Jarod to pass near death (it's been a long time), Akakamo jumping into the void to save his blue adviser. Fortunately, Maryl is more efficient, while Dory steals trankilou on Gratouille, the Chimera is quickly overwhelmed. They then find the Pegasus previously encountered. Akakamo's Unicorn tries a courtship display, but it is without counting the paladin's foolishness that completely destroys him, for the pleasure of flying Pegasus.

They then find the Fortress with full half-dragons and kobolds, and notice a troop of slaves arriving. They are spotted but Akakamo then presents himself as the envoy and liberator of Tiamat, and presents the others as his slaves. He is invited to eat among the 5 half-dragon (one by color) who seem to be leading the scene, while Dory and Maryl are sent to the prison. The experience is trying for Dory, who realizes that he was locked up and tortured there. They are preparing to try to get as many people out as possible.

Meanwhile, Akakamo eats with the chefs, accompanied by Jarod. He succeeded in convincing the half-dragons that the tiger was harmless, and even cut off the head of a kobold in demonstration. Akakamo tells of Tiamat's release, but Jarod climbs onto the table and manages to mimic the missing elements. Considering that Akakamo's information sticks to theirs, they really consider Akakamo as Tiamat's envoy, and offers him entertainment in the slave arena.

Arriving, this is the signal for the 2 prisoners: Maryl opens a portal while Dory launches his massacre against the kobolds. Following his instinct, Jarod attacks a half-dragon who replicates and kills him (again ...). It does not take more to unleash the Paladin of revenge. The fight is tough, and Akakami and Dory manage to kill the white dragon and strongly hurt others before Maryl opens the gate they cross. Before that, Akakamo tries to bluff in the mode "you dared to draw Tiamat's anger on you!", But we do not know if it will have worked. They then took 11 of the 20 prisoners, and the body of Jarod who turns out to be dead ... But this is not an obstacle for Akakamo who refuses to let Dory resurrect him, preferring to do it himself. .. Death seems to have had then a strange side effect, since the resurection is accompanied by a return in human form of Jarod!

GM: Arnold

Players: Dory, Jarod (tiger), Maryl, Akakamo

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: December 4 to December 13 2749

XP : 15900 / day


Session 93 of June 26, 2019 - Monday morning, the Emperor, his wife and the little prince ...

Akakamo and Jarod finally meet again, and are very happy! Jenela is happy too but without much enthusiasm. The group is at Frontière, during the preparations for the Mid-Centennial celebration at Frontière. A survey of the werewolf tigers by Jarod reveals that the latter, after the departure of Shamba, seem to have migrated into a frozen plain.

As the group discusses the sequence of events, a huge fracture appears in the east and rushes to the inn of the line. The heroes evacuate the city, Akakamo saving even a debilitated .. uh, a guy who is too afraid to move. But as the crack passes the wall of the inn, she stops right on the line. Very soon after, the Emperor himself appears and tries to repel the crack, in vain. Apparently, it is of natural origin, but threatens to break the Continent. Intrigued, he decides to follow the heroes in their investigation in the East.

On teleportation, the group goes up the mountains to far in the north, and ends up finding a huge cave from which seems to be part of the crack. The exploration of the cave will confirm the doubts of the heroes: the world crumbles in a natural way .. At least, not under a magic effect, except the fact of moving. The group faces subterranean creatures including a Sibirex.

To solve the problem, the group plans to discuss with the titan air, who is busy trying to cross the rainbow barrier. This one is recalcitrant to help that it is, too suspicious after so many centuries in the "cage" (where he actually carried the world). But the band convinces him to go talk with the titan of the earth to find an arrangement together. After several days of research that failed to push the titan air after his patience, they eventually find him. The possibility of a pact was raised but the titan of the earth was not thrilled too, following too much disappointment. Akakamo has played the card of friendship, between friends we help, no need for pact. It seems to have worked, even if the titan of the earth has trouble accepting the idea of u200bu200bselfless help. He therefore agreed to repair the cracks (for how long?) In thanks for his release, and the group pledged to help him find peace, a definitive solution that would allow him to do one with the earth without to be bothered (no, it's not about killing him ^^).

GM: Arnold

Players: Jarod, Jenela, Akakamo

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: 14 decembrard to 24 december 2749

XP : 34,000 / day


Session 94 of August 6, 2019 - Flying University

25 december

I found Jarod and Jenela in Tieret for the experience of flying an entire building. Jarod wants to fly the university he has grown. Currently she is near Shamba. Jarod uses teleportation for a light trip. It's true why walk when you can teleport. When we arrive, Jarod explains to us who is in the building two minors. My joy was short lived when two dwarves loaded us. They quickly gave up when they recognized Jarod.

The building is weird that center of the room there is a kind of desk with stones that can be operated.

Jarod casts the spell Vol, I recognize him thanks to his movements. A blue light appears then nothing. At the approach of the tunnel entrance dug by the dwarves, we realized that the university was in the air. This clever Jarod did not make a window at the desk.

After this great success, we had the idea to ask for news of Ram in Shamba. He joined us at the university. He explained to us his training with the lich, but also of these bizarre behaviors. For example her morale is not good, but also the fact that she imprisoned Gashagre in the mines.

After this revelation, we made the decision (rather quickly) to save Gashagre. To remain discreet, we used teleportation. Alas, there was a problem of destination. We ended up in the undergrounds of the Azer. They were in bad shape attacked by two giant worms. After the fight, the Azer explained to us that two of their friends had disappeared. But we could not help them since Gashagre was about to die.

We went back to Shamba and found the mines without teleporting this time. During our exploration we came across two creatures used by the Orcs to dig the tunnels. We released them (an error on our part), one of them guided us (by constraint) towards the cells of Gashagre.

As the creatures are not very discreet when she digs, an orc company has attacked us. (very fast fight). We arrived at the Gashagre cells. She was released and teleported to the university.

Gashagre gave us information about the lich plan. She wants to summon a dragon. (No more sure of the plan)

GM: Arnold

Players: Jarod, Jenela, Dory

Summary by: Dory

Duration in game: 25 december to 27 december 2749

XP : 24,600 / day


Session 95 of August 8, 2019 - The worst hotel in the world

Alerted by Jarod, Jenela and Dory, a small group of Ram, Akakamo and Siegfried set up to rescue the Azers. It is necessary to make quickly, also decide to ask the help of Jarod to teleport them to the volcano of Azers. Once there, they make them a topo: a group of a dozen of them ventured into a gallery to the north, to explore. They had to come back after a week at the latest, but there they went far beyond the date. Good. The trio decides to start, but before that we must clear the corridor, obstructed by the last fight against a giant worm. Everyone goes there, and the corridor is quickly cleared: the adventure can begin.

The underground walk is done without major obstacles, until the trio reaches a vast room dug in the rock and covered with stone slabs. The group searches the place a little while Siegfried moves away to commune with nature on the ground. It is surely his blows that saw the creature coming ... emerging from the ground, an elemental being, armed with a big hammer, appears in front of the barbarian. The others come back, some shots are exchanged but everyone eventually calm down. The being explains that he keeps a stick, with another guard of his kind, but that the stick is gone (as well as the other guard) and that that explains the agitation of the giant worms. he ends up accepting the help of the heroes, who tell themselves that the azers can wait.

The elementary reveals a staircase in the rock that leads them to the altar of the stick. Once in the hall of the altar, Ram reports that he is disappointed not to find a bed. Akakamo confirms: this hotel is very strange! Where can we sleep? The confusion is total. The investigation is definitely too complicated. Finally, they decide to explore a fault near the altar in which the stick may have fallen. They venture there flying, cross rivers of lava and note, astonished, that the elementary does not see them, and finally arrive over a vast lava river. Stuck, they do not know what to do anymore. Siegfried enters into communion with nature and detects an elemental far off in the rock. Ram then invokes his own elemental earth and sending attracted this mysterious elemental into the rock. He comes back and he seems to be the other guard, and he's aggressive! Embedded in his chest, there is what seems to be the stone staff. They recover the staff and break the elemental being.

They then take the stick back to the altar (probably to rest), hesitate a little to give it back, then finally they agree to let the guard rest it. He tells them that the stick should attract and neutralize the giant worms that threaten the azers. Perfect.

The group then resumes its way and eventually cross the azers who are on the return. They are fine. they went to the edge of the world, they say! They have seen the end of the world and it is getting closer! Intrigued, the heroes continue in the galleries to see that and indeed the gallery ended up giving on the void. And in the distance, we can see the end of the rainbow magic tunnel ...

GM: Arnold

Players: Siegfried, Ram, Akakamo

Summary by: Juan

Duration of play: 28 december 2749 to 6 january 2750

XP : 13,000 / d


Session 96 of September 5, 2019 - The break of the century

Prologue: Galdor is recently the happy father of a little girl, Nausica. She took a lot of her mother and seems to be an elf in her own right. She has yellow eyes, white hair, and Galdor makes him spend a lot of time with Toufeu, his recently acquired firebird. On top of that, every day, Galdor takes the time to advance the creation of a teleportation circle. From time to time he goes to the guild to get some news. It was on this occasion that he met Jenela, crossing Frontière for the fiftieth anniversary celebrations. She investigated to get news of the empire: troop movements, major events, threats? None of this, the empire is like itself: calm. Galdor offers Jenela to accompany him to the dwarves, the latter wishing to recruit them to build a fortress. The trip will be much faster with his help.

A little teleportation and here they are at the citadel of the dwarves. They are very welcome. They talk a little with the dwarves and then are taken to the masons guild. There she negotiates to recruit 300 dwarves in exchange for a large quantity of gold and the possibility of tasting the local beer [1]. A caravan is quickly put in place. She takes the road and walks north, accompanied by Galdor and Jenela for 40 days. Meanwhile, they contacted Dory, who went to the Kirage Monastery to enchant the plantations in the hope of producing more beer.

Once there, the dwarves get to work quickly. Delegating the management to his second, Korl, Jenela goes to the bedside of Gashagr. This one, although being in better health, is still not in the best of its form. Dory casts him a healing spell, which seems effective. But Dory explains to others that the spell did not work. Gashagr plays the comedy! The latter is a little more loquacious, and speaks again of the book he evoked at the time of his rescue: The Age of Recommencement. Obviously it's his god orc who told him about it. This book would contain information on rites of ascents, and the orc god seems very concerned that they can be used to cross the barrier (or "on the other side of the fence"). The trio tries to use different spells to understand what happens to Gashagr, but gets nothing conclusive. At least he is not an undead. The information he has transmitted may be a trap, but it does not matter, it's time to steal this book!

For this mission, you need the best:

Galdor, explosions specialist Special features: is not there for loot, does not like doing in the lace

Jenela, infiltration specialist Special traits: poorly controlled rancor against the lich, ambivalent relationship with orcs

Dory, medic and magic object hunter Special features: likes to kill kobolds, likes to hit kobolds, likes to hurt kobolds

The mission :

Step 1: Join Shamba. Teleportation in the two-tone tower without door of Shamba. This will be the fallback point for the rest of the mission. The teleportation of Galdor does not lose points of life, unlike that of Jarod, emphasizes Jenela.

Step 2: find an entry point. The psionic eye of Jenela is sent to find a point of entry in "The House", the place where is supposed to live Infurnacio. Upstairs, there seems to be an attic full of bags of wheat. It's perfect. The group teleports. Unfortunately, the air is full of flour dust and Dory and Jenela begin to cough. But nobody in the house seems to react ...

Step 3: search the house. The trio finds several rooms, a kitchen, orcs who discuss or sleep. On two occasions they narrowly avoid being spotted by a knight of death. Finally they discover a library guarded by precisely by this knight of death.

Step 4: Eliminate the knight from death. The plan was perfect: to teleport, and turn it into a harmless animal after throwing a bubble of silence so as not to be spotted. It was a good idea, but the metamorphosis spell fails. A fight commits itself, and the band fights lamentably. The knight is barely touched while he himself distributes the blows. Dory ended up dropping the bubble of silence that handicaps the team more than anything else. It is then that rising from "cupboards" present in the library, two other knights join the fight ...

Step 5: Take advantage of their numbers to defeat them. Now it's three knights of death against the three heroes. The fight is more equitable, the team is unleashed finally. The knights are grouped and stunned by Jenela, while Dory sends them lightning [2]. Galdor then uses his terrifying prismatic ray on the unfortunate knights of death. Meanwhile, a small, demonic-looking creature has entered the library and frantically searches the shelves.

Step 6: Fail to catch the creature that ran away with two pounds. Successful step to perfection.

Step 7: board everything you can. More time to wait for the orcs arrive and the heroes would not like to kill them [3]. Dory detects the magic and notices 8 or 9 enchanted books in the library, with auras related to different magic. "Which one do I take?" "The one of enchantment!" Bingo is good. They hold "The age of recommencement". They have time to ship a few more books. Jenela blocks access to the orcs by a lightning wall. Meanwhile Galdor searches the living room. He finds a giant diamond but in the emergency does not take it. He is not here for that.

Step 8: Pull yourself. Its good. we have to go. Jenela opens a portal to their point of recesses, Galdor sheds a shelf book by telekinesis and everyone jumps in. Once at the point of fall, Galdor teleports the group to Tieret. Mission accomplished !

Epilogue: the trio takes the time to open and read the age of the restart. The secrets of this world are dissipating a little more ...

[1] And it turns out that they loved it. [2] "Lightning tracer", or "Beaconing" for those who have taste. [3] Greater strength of the orcs: use their common history with the heroes so that they do not want to kill them.

GM: Arnold

Players: Galdor, Dory and Jenela

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: Jan 7, 2750 to 21 Feb.

XP : 43,000 / d


Session 97 of September 8, 2019 - A Song of Ice and Fire

TL: DR: Mur, Touche, Ram and Turin defended the Flying Islands from the attack of an army belonging to the Archifée. They killed a lot of people. They faced the boss, a "Mundo Universe" version of the Snow Queen. Turin used a cheatcode to switch to titan mode of fire and slaughter everyone. The Archifée has proposed to Jarod to either kill all his friends to save his army, or kill his army if he joins her. The observer agreed, against Bargle. Everyone knows he's a traitor now.

'' Episode 1: we go straight into the Wall ''

It was evening, around 23h. The children were lying, and I was in a rage in the middle of the room, preparing to create the next generation with Geralt. But goblins start screaming outside, panicked. I hesitate to send them shit, but it looks serious. So I wake up the kids, he misses Ram who is I do not know where, and Pic and Pik who fled bullshit some parts. I hope they were busy typing other kids, but no time for that: I concentrate and I bring them to me: ...

Brother Touche joins us very quickly. Coup de chance, Turin had been at home for a few days. We question the goblins who inform us: "weird elves very ugly" attack the Flying Islands. We ask for details but they just say they are "different". Hmm ... Ram is talking about putting his brothers and sisters safe, I do not know him and I tell everyone to go fight. The storm is raging outside, to save time Ram makes us fly, but I know he's just trying to do the kéké with his crappy magic. Steack panics flying, it makes him poop everywhere but I manage to control it. And I go to the main island, with Ram, Touche and Turin. Geralt and the other children are slower, we meet on the battlefield.

The battle is raging on the other island, but we do not know it yet: all we know is that many fugitives have taken refuge on our island, the duchy of Mangetout. Cowards who deserve death, but hey, saving them will give us the opportunity to fight. The first skirmish begins as we see kobolds fleeing a group of strange elves. Indeed, they are very ugly: the skin is smooth and silky hair, a slender body, nothing to do with the raw beauty of the goblins. And they move in a strange way, very mannered, almost dancing .. Ok, we are on this kind of "different" ... And they attack the kobolds by making them hugs, but they are beefy, the kobolds are crushed on the spot. One of the elves is not like the others: he walks normally, and he shines with a green glow.

We go on the weird elves to beat them up before they kill all the kobolds. "Eenie Meenie!" that I shout when crushing skulls. I heave Ram when I see him casting spells at the same time as he runs, but as soon as he gets to melee he attacks the ax so it's okay. Brother Touche is fighting with me, an elf is trying to make him a calin but the volume of the monk makes it very difficult, another also makes me a calin, but I reject it: Geralt can do that! And I reply by slaughtering him, revealing the illusion: when he falls dead on the ground, we see a disgusting creature, a little plants. I see in Frère Touche's eyes all the opportunities that stand before him, with this viandre that can be included in a vegetarian meal. I also see Turin trying to attack the brilliant elf, but he teleports and ends up running away. It reminds us of the fight like Belzebuth, it annoys me these people who teleport, the magic stinks! Coward!

Of course, we managed to slaughter the remaining elves, but we were pretty hurt in the end. I propose to rest, but the others want to return quickly to the fight. I feel Ram puzzled at my cautiousness, so I follow a "yeah let's go, I'm for you that I say that, I'm afraid nothing!", No but oh ... My family does not is not visible, but I do not doubt that they are fighting somewhere, and that I will be proud of them when I find them.

'' Episode 2: no touch to the floating islands! ''

2 kobolds survived thanks to our intervention. Perfect ! I quickly cut our enemies and I order the kobolds to bring the pieces back to my restaurant: we saved them, they will work for me! Goute will manage the arrival of merchandise and labor. I have not hesitated to intervene to protect my neighbors from the island next door, I like some people but the majority is mostly neighbors a bit heavy. But hey, I just eat, I'm in a good mood so I take advantage. The storm continues to rage, but we continue our route to the other island. Except that on the way, we meet little hairy creatures, very small but very sturdy, who shakes a tree to bring down the goblins who have taken refuge there. One moment, I start to worry, then I realize that the tree is not fruit, so no food waste in sight. Reassured, I propose to continue our journey but the others go in between to play the saviors, so I am. Ram takes off to see where the sound of flapping wings is heard above, in the storm. We hear him screaming "Ya, a great fairy!" And then we understand: it is the Archifée, the queen of air and darkness, who attacks the Flying Islands! Why ? We will see later, for the moment, we beat up! Ram fall from the ground, stunned by the magic of the fairy. Wall yells to stay at nothing, and will fight before being arrested magically. Ram ends up getting out of his dizziness and yells his mother to do nothing. In the middle of this good atmosphere, Turin and I beat the enemies. He chases the fireballs with the cunning attacks, while I take advantage of the night to move quickly. We get rid of the majority of creatures, then I see Turin teleport but fail to seize the fairy. The idea is good: become invisible, I take the shadows to teleport and I stun, making it fall to the ground. Turin retrieves it to start attacking it. Me, I let myself down: my body is my weapon. When I reach the ground, I crush the fairy with all my weight. When I get up, wings are visible on the ground, and my body is covered with fairy flesh. Yum ! I get the surviving goblin to bring it back to the restaurant, the menu of tomorrow will be excellent!

'' Episode 3: on Ram to advance, there ... ''

Again, we have failed to make a prisoner, but the others do not seem to find it useful, mom preferring to interrogate them once dead. We are all very hurt, so we take the risk of resting a bit before moving. I take this opportunity to fetch information from the least reliable source in the world: Belzebuth, demon of deception. I contact him to ask him what is happening: the Archifée sends his army to Shamba, and the Flying Islands are on the road, the army is attacking us just to recover resources on the way. I propose to Belzebuth to come to help us, but he does not deign to answer. So, I conclude by saying that I hope he's fine, I'm sure he's not bad at heart, like the Lich, he just lacks a little love .. He does not answer me, but I feel a little neat so this is proof that he is nice! During our rest, we hear horrible wolf cries. And when we go back to battle, we see a druid on horseback coming towards us with wolves with human heads, I find pretty pretty so I try to talk with one to tell me to be nice but he attacks me then I massacre. Tonton Touche is in a hurry to finish it so he teleports directly against the druid, which is more boring than we thought, and very quickly, my voluminous uncle is in trouble. Turin helps him, while I lock the wolves in a cage of strength. I hear my mom yelling "wow that's good!", But she does not say anything when I look at her. I do not care, she admitted that the magic was cool! Suddenly, I greet her near the druid, already busy fleeing Uncle Touche, who, influenced by his stronghold, was unleashing his fury at him. But the druid does not have time to escape long enough: "Leg .. and Ram!", It destroys him the skull! Do not lose a moment, we start fighting again ...

'' Episode 4: sacred adventure, huh? ''

We really have the worst possible group ... I tell myself this when we face the following enemies: the big Berta is on a frozen lake, helping two goblin children, and we see her surrounded by old women with sticks that walk toward her, while another shining head is not far off, with a bluish glow and frost on her hair. Between the big key, Ram and his heavy armor and me and my flames, we are badly gone to fight on a frozen lake. A wall of ice ends up separating us, but does not prevent Touche from attacking the chief. Ignoring the laws of the physical, Wall attaches her son to her and balances him, to be carried away by weight in his wake. She suffers heavy magical attacks, and fails to die but manages to protect Berta and the children, but who seem close to death. Nevertheless, we managed to defeat our opponents, except one who is charmed by Ram and goes to defend the villagers. Then we finally arrive on the main island, where I can not wait to finish: I muddle with impatience to overcome these bastards of aggressors, especially since I know they are led by the Archifée. We then come upon a woman with a blue dress, a long white mat, and a haughty air from which emanates an aura of palpable malice. Surrounded by her lieutenants (except the one we killed, haha!), She tells us that her lieutenants Printemps and Autonmme told her about us (confirming my theory about her army, so I'm happy). Chaining with annoying and vain threat, she presents herself as the Queen of Ice. To which I replied, "I am delighted, I am the Titan of Fire". And I released the power in me! Growing again and again, I reach the height of 15 meters and I let my power swell: ten fireballs come out of my fingers and smash the first row of soldiers. And I'm just starting !! All this time to restrain myself from transforming myself and liberating all my power, what a pleasure to finally be able to slaughter them! I hold out my hand towards the Queen of Ice, whom I see seize for fear his necklace ...

'' Episode 5: and all arrogant-Gea, Ro-die as I am ''

There is nothing to say, I had never been so good! I finally found my human form, my university was finally flying, I was thinking about how to find students and teachers, and update my columns, and help Akakamo to lead ... Then I heard his voice. The Archifée. The bitch who killed Bargle. "My champion, I have a choice to make." Tense, I took it upon myself to let her speak ... She explained to me that her army was attacking the Flying Islands against her orders, and that she had the choice between intervening and hurting my friends herself, or on the contrary to save ... to destroy her own army ... what she would do, if I agreed to join her. Join her, help her become a goddess, and become her representative on Ethoria. The ideas ran through my head, completely under pressure. What to do ? I was tempted to send it shit, but the fear came over me: who was there? At least Touche and Mur ... And of course Ram .. Who else? I had their life in my hands ... What to do? To join the Architee, whom I hated ... But it is true that I doubted my own hatred, was she so evil? The Emperor was with her, how can I trust the Emperor if I doubted the one he serves? Everything was too vague, too difficult in my head ... She was the one who killed Bargle after all ... But Ram, he was going to die if ... "Ok, if you bring Bargle back, I'll join you." A moment of silence, then a chest appeared, with Bargle stuck in a stone. I felt what she expected of me. "I swear allegiance to the Queen of Air and Ténbères". Signing a parchment of my blood, I knew that I was bound to her for good. I heard that voice telling me to come. I had the time to say the word to free Bargle who I barely have time to say goodbye, before teleporting me, and find myself near the queen, facing my companions. Faced with the full power of my new queen, even Turin was charmed and his power diminished little by little. But the Archifee was in action: under his action, his whole army dispersed into ashes, while I explained what had happened to my companions. Hard time, I saw Wall vexed that I prevented him from attacking the Queen. I saw Frère Touche drooling against the body surely very tasty of my queen. I saw Turin whose eyes accused me of treason, accompanied by his mouth which did not interfere. I felt overwhelmed with sadness, I knew I had made the choice for them, but their accusing look upset me. Then I saw Ram, and in his eyes, I saw the understanding. He knew why I did that. My conviction reinforced by his support, I was ready. The Archpriest came back to us and apologized for the misdeeds of his army, which had acted against his orders. She explained to us that she planned to attack Shamba to retrieve an object that Infundacio was guarding and asked them not to oppose her. I felt the sceptiscime of my companions, but I had little time to speak to them: my queen opened a portal, which I crossed after her, after a last look, and the promise that I will return as soon as possible.

GM: Arnold

Players: Wall, Touch, Turin, Ram and (a little) Jarod

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: Jan 7, 2750 to Jan 8 (in parallel with the previous one)

XP : 52,000 / d


Session 98 of September 25, 2019 - Discussion with the enemy (and with the Lich, too)

In anticipation of Jarod's return, Siegfried, Brother Touche, and Dory meet at the monastery to discuss the stolen book, but hide this information when the blue sorcerer joins them, time to establish whether they can trust him. This one is precisely sent on mission by his Queen to recover the said book to the Liche! They discuss first with Gashagr who understands the topics to avoid but lacks a little subtlety. Then the group teleports to the University of the Strange to see Bargle, accompanied by Gashagr who is not well in point.

It explodes like a little crazy to drive the faculty, under the frightened look of the two dwarfs. Bargle's servant has joined him, happy to find his master. The kastromancer then explains to the adventurers what he knows, but mainly information they have discovered in the meantime by themselves. Then they teleport to the East of Shamba to find Drahamu, in vain, just the body of orcs. They then teleport to Shamba, in the "pool" and, as they expected, see Drahamu (half?) Transformed into a drakoliche. Some hesitate because of the consequences, but they decide to release him despite his apparent madness, and sees him return to the East (home?)

Then they will talk to Ifuloknis, but the discussions are very tense, everyone refusing to admit his mistakes and accusing the other of being a big asshole, it is tense, the tension rises. The Lich reclaims accusations of using the Shadows, but refuses the gorupe to investigate this in Shamba because they are not allowed to go there. Touch being the least hateful, it's him who leads the discussions despite his warnings that he tended to say what was wrong. He was right. Eventually the death knight attacks, the battle is launched, "but where did he learn to negotiate?" Dory starts a divine intervention to stop the fight, showing plants that immobilize all the ocmbattants of Shamba.

The Lich manages to get by with his mind control over Siegfried who once necore attack his allies. Jarod falls, of course, then Siegfried attacks Dory, but Touche rectifies the situation, Jarod gets better, Gashagr joins the fight and creates a barrier to protect the group from the Lich and face him in a duel. The situation is desperate, Jarod tries TP Gashagr but he refuses to continue his fight. the gorupe eventually flees, hearing the last sounds of Gashagr's certainly fatal battle.

GM: Arnold

Players: Touch, Siegfried, Jarod; Dory

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: from Feb. 22 to Feb. 24, 2750

XP : 12,500 / day


Session 99 of October 8, 2019 - The universal fresco

Impression that the tunnel is leaning. Teleportation to Jarod University. The queen of the air and darkness is strong as she is revered through Innactivus. It is not easy to set up a religion in a place where you have never seen a god. Teleport to the volcano of the dwarves. It is much quieter since a good half of the dwarves have left to create a new city. Summit of the volcano. Crevasse opening. Fall to rites, fight against weird angels. Ghost of a mysterious knight. Fresco on the walls. Riddle with a curtain. Discovery of rites. The continent is leaning east. Back to Tieret to look for Aeline. Aeline kills the ghost of Rento (the mysterious knight), her husband.

GM: Arnold

Players: Touch, Siegfried, Jarod, Dory

Summary by: Valentin

Duration in game: from 25th of February to 1st March of 2750

XP : 33,000 / day


Summary of the story before the 100th session

A very long time ago

The gods create Ethoria, and the first peoples. But they can not get along and constantly destroy their creations.

Some of the gods, the Observers, are allied in secret to create a barrier around Ethoria, to prevent all gods from interfering with the world. They create the Titans to continue the creative work for them.

As a security measure, they create the Rites of Ascension, allowing in extreme need to destroy the barrier from within. The rites are carefully hidden.

(As far as we know, the Rites have the power to turn a person into a divinity if they have enough believers.) It is assumed that this is the way the barrier can be destroyed, by creating a new divinity at the same time. inside)

A long time ago

The shadows invade Ethoria. Three extra-planar entities, the fairy queen of the air and darkness, the Belzebuth demon and the Yogg-Sothoth entity, propose a solution: tearing off a continent from Ethoria and projecting it into the plane of the air. shade shelter. They get the cooperation of the Titans, who consider their mission over and wish to go to sleep.

Once in the plane of the Air, the three form a pact of non-aggression, and share the continent: the west for the Queen, the east for Belzebuth, the underground for Yogg.

A multiplanar tower is created to forge the Covenant and hide the activities of the 3 in the eyes of the Gods (how we do not know too much)

The Queen uses one of her servants to found the Empire, the latter becoming the Inactivus Emperor.

In recent years

A portal opens between the continent and the plane of the shadows. The continent, and eventually the entire plan, seem condemned.

Belzebuth tries to invade the continent, using an army of demons coming from the plane of fire (which collapses following the invasion of the shadows). He suffered a severe defeat against an army of dwarves who take possession of his floating fortress.

Turin becomes the new Titan of Fire, which invigorates the plan of Fire.

A group of adventurers accidentally discovers and destroys the tower of the Covenant. The Covenant is now broken. Belzebuth weakened and Yogg apparently inactive, the Queen seems in a strong position.

A group of adventurers accidentally releases Tiamat, the evil goddess of evil dragons. She gives them a wish, which they use to wish to save the continent from shadows.

A piece of the continent containing the shadow portal is torn off. Then a rainbow tube encompasses the rest of the continent and takes him on a long journey to Ethoria's original plan.

In recent weeks

The Queen, now extremely powerful, no longer seems to fear the Gods despite the end of the Covenant. She wants to seize the Rites of Ascension, hidden on the continent, to become a deity herself.

She decides to attack the city of Shamba, led by the lich Ifu lok niss, where there is a book to find the Rites. The guild's adventurers, however, stole the book before her.

Under threat, the mage Jarod joined the ranks of Queen, in return for the promise of the latter to spare the members of the guild who opposed his army.

Priest Dori receives a vision of his divinity stating that, if nothing is done, the continent will soon crush against the barrier that protects Ethoria.

On a depopulated Ethoria, the Sapphire Dragon slumbers. In spirit, he fights shadows again and again, struggling to keep them at bay. But he seems extremely weakened. If nothing is done, its blue flame will be extinguished soon, engulfed by the shadows.


Session 100 of October 12, 2019 - The Ascension

Crisis meeting at the guild! Everyone is there, or almost. In any case, we have never seen so many people present at the same time. The adventurers exchange the latest news from one table to another. The news of the discovery of the rites of ascent makes a great noise. Some people want to read them now, others think it's better to keep them in reserve. In any case, nobody really knows what to do. Then they learn that the Queen's army has arrived at the gates of Shamba. At the announcement of this news, a majority emerges: it is advisable to go to see, and ... er ... we will see on the spot!

The group teleports in the towers of Shamba. Arrived on the spot, they note that the troops of the queen are there: fairies, were-wolves, centaurs, as well as several of its lieutenants. Opposite, the orcs are ready for battle, be it warriors or fire mages. Infurnacio stands on the ramparts. At his feet, Gashagre lies, chained. The lich is for orcs. His voice carries through Shamba. She claims to have found a powerful spell that will give the Orcs victory. This spell requires the sacrifice of a thinking being and it will be the enemy of the orcs, Gashagre, who ironically will serve to launch this spell that will save them. She leaves a thin blade of a box.

Everything happens so quickly. Shadow tentacles spring from Gashagre, which seems to be transforming itself. He breaks his chains, grabs the blade and throws Infurnacio hard on the ground. "I was wondering when you were going to decide to use it ..." Then break the thin silver blade. Adventurers understand that this must be the phylactery of the lich. Then Gashagre throws himself on Infurnacio, plunges his tentacles of shadow into his body and begins to devour his energy, while a shadow portal begins to open and dark creatures arise.

The heroes know that the situation is confused, but decide to go face Gashagre to avoid the irruption of the shadows on the continent. They cross the walls and throw themselves on him, while he takes on the appearance of the titan of the shadow! Touche opens the ball by finishing Infurnacio, grinding her with a shoulder blow, to prevent Gashagre from drawing power.

Everyone gets involved, while the Queen's army starts the fight against the orcs. Orcs who are quickly put in trouble. Wall, Touche and Altur are in the fray, facing the creatures of the shadows. Magdeline and Dory strive to keep them alive. Turin begins its metamorphosis into fire titan. Ram unleashes his magic. Jenela tries to teleport the titan to the orcs battlefield, before joining his last to help them. Arnor, long gone, attacks with fury. Atiris sifts the shadows of arrows from the ramparts. Akakamo flies away, becoming the avatar of revenge.

The titan of the shadow swallows brother Touche. Finally Turin becomes the titan of fire but its flames seem ineffective against the titan of the shadow. Finally Touche finished out of the belly of the titan by screening him with coups.Subsequently, the titan collapses, finally defeated. On the ground it takes the form of Gashagre. Siegfried rushes towards him.

The queen then enters the fortress, her lieutenants, including Jarod, follow her loan. The fighting stops and the orcs fold back. The queen asks the book of origins, the heroes do not have more than that want to give it. A long discussion begins. Finally, after an attack initiated but canceled by Arnor and Jenela, everyone agrees that exchanging the book against Jarod's freedom is a good compromise. But the queen then asks Jarod who knows the most about the book in the group. The latter indicates Jenela, because of their many discussions on the subject. The queen then asks to question him in a sphere of truth. Adventurers ask to do the same thing with the queen. Questions will focus on the Jarod-Book Exchange of Origins.

Each party pondered his questions at length. The stakes are important. Several questions are exchanged. Jenela asks the queen if she plans to attack them after the transaction. This one answers that no. The queen asks Jenela if she knows where the book will lead her. Jenela is stuck. She knows that the group has recovered the rituals, but does not know where they are hidden. She must say that she does not know ... but Touche tries a bluff, hinting that they are still there. If it convinces Jenela, the queen is not fooled. While no one has any questions, she asks Jenela to ask her again if she will attack them. "Are you going to attack us?" "Yes." She changed her mind, and the ultimate fight begins.

The adventurers then face a centaur company, a fairy company, a werewolf company, the river lord, a priest with a reptilian arm, a red-haired magician, a bear druid, and the queen herself. The fight begins very badly as the latter is raining a meteor storm on the battlefield. The group, badly in point, panics when a second wave of meteor falls. Maryl teleported the seriously wounded, including Siegfried, Akakamo, Magdeline, Atiris and Altur. The goal is to flee. But then things start to reverse ... as Bargle emerges from nowhere! Distorting the time, he projects a series of three balls of fire on the redhead magician. The latter finally defeated, hope is reborn. The adventurers rally and resume the confrontation. Jarod joined them, even though he did not tear up his contract with the queen. Lieutenants are shot one by one (except hand-of-reptile). But the queen plays her all. She summons the emperor. He seems sorry but he joins the fight, making meteors rain again. But that's not enough, and Bargle finishes the queen ...

Meanwhile, the world has begun to capsize on the side as earthquakes erupt. The barrier is visible to the naked eye. We are going before a terrible disaster!

Only solution available, give the rites to the emperor. He has enough of the following to climb. Then the group teleports on Ethoria to make them read. He does not understand what's going on, but he trusts the group. He reads the rites, then disappears! In the sky the continent seems to crash on the barrier, but it crosses anyway. Crossing the atmosphere, he disappears on the horizon, to take his place on Ethoria.

EPILOGUE: Jarod, Touche, Mur, Turin, Arnor, Dory, Jenela and Amnon meet on Ethoria. It's a pretty different place from where they come from. It seems that the old portal network that united the cities has stopped working. There are no gods, no priests, but magic is omnipresent.

Together, they clashed with dragons, liberated titans, overwhelmed extra-planar creatures, and finally helped bring a new deity. But Ethoria is a foreign world, a world that needs its own heroes.

OTHER EPILOGUE: Siegfried has joined Gashagre, who is in bad shape. But Siegfried needs answers ...

GM: Arnold

Players: Full!

Summary by: Juan

Duration in game: March 2, 2750 to March 12, 2750 (all night long)

XP : Mystery!


Session 100.5 of November 5, 2019 - Meanwhile ...

I had walked a lot. There were things to kill in the desert. They were demons. They are dead now. It must be said that they were small. If you want to get a chance against The Mason you have to be a big demon.

I returned to Tieret hoping to find the guild of the titan. I scream and they arrive. Efficiency. Y'a Ssrashi, Migalo and Galdor. I know Galdor, he is strong, more than me, from a distance.

My dream has been bothering me for a while so I explain the drowning vision of the dwarfs, in the beer and more, we have no idea to drown in the beer! But hey, it seems to be a real vision as the heroes have in legends so I do not know. And then there's this story of a permanent rainbow and a red and white cloth approaching in the sky, it's probably all that. And dangerous. We learn that the stone we found where I slept for a long time is magical. It is linked to another place where there are dwarves. There will be another stone, linked to another place where there are dwarves. There will be another stone, linked to another place where there are dwarves. There will be another stone, which will serve us no good since it will take us back to the Albarians, where my people slept.

'' 'First teleportation' ''. One wakes Rinof, a king of the dwarves with a beautiful ax. A nice guy, and he gives us the stone. I taught my classmates that there were only 5 toes to the god of dwarves.

'' 'Second teleportation' '' that will take us to the Hard-look, or Duergar, the pronunciation seems unclear. We get to Gray Stone, obviously there was war here. And there are people who put me in a difficult social situation with strange people. I did not like it but I think that I brilliantly solved it by showing honor! We meet gray-skinned dwarves who act strangely when I ask what they know about the Durenfer, my family. I know they betrayed us at the moment of great sleep, but I do not know how. In addition Ssrashi recognizes one of the dwarves, Madreus he calls himself, apparently he would have enslaved and tortured him. Not honorable at all. So we make him talk. It was rather easy but the brain of their leader in a jar refuses to communicate clearly. There I realize that it is not really him the leader, it is those with beards in the form of tentacle, it is like on the engravings, Illitides. And a big brain. I attack it. Seven times. It was good. After the floor is dirty but it's not me who cleans so I do not care. Apparently Ssrashi's friends were healthy again when the big brain burst, so I was proud.

I find the spear familly, I cried so it was beautiful, after so much time. Then we found the stone too, the Duergar would have used at the time to attack the Rumroms ... not sure they survived the coup. And people who had been captured by the Illitides, great magi. Albar was part of it. I was amazed, I got down on my knees and frowned so that he did not see that I cried again, we do not cry in front of the kings, but I think he saw it. We also released a certain Trekan, said director of the University of the Invisible in Tieret, but the director is Saani Al-Sahai so I do not really know what to think ...

As we had to take Albar home, and the magician at home, and weird people also we made a detour and we slept a little. It was the party. We were happy to find Albar, but the happiest thing was Jalli, people would stop asking him to be king. I laughed a lot and cried a lot that night.

'' 'Third teleportation' ''. We arrive at the sleeping place of Rumroms but they are all dead. It was sad but I had already cried a lot so there was no gout. You get used to the horrible things. But I try not to get used to it too much. The king became all transparent and very aggressive. We have to hit him for not that he sucks us life. It hurts to kill another dwarf but I did not know how to do otherwise. We understand that one of the Rumroms managed to escape with the next stone. That means we have no stone to go where we want, it's embarrassing.

We will learn about the dwarf pearls at Mr. Bargle's. He appears to be a very intelligent engineer because he is not afraid when the building steals badly. It's impressive. He makes very strong deductions: when they told him about poisoned wine he knew where to go: at the bizarre dwarves who shave and drink wine. Fortunately I had already cried a lot. After Mr. Bargle left hurriedly, the rest of the guild was apparently having problems. I would have liked to go there but I said nothing ... if you do not invite me ...

'' 'Fourth teleportation' ''. We arrive at the Dulacrir, they are ready to fight very quickly, they look very organized. I wonder if it's due to their wine consumption. But I do not have much time to think about it because the ground starts shaking, we scream them out of the cave and at first they do not listen but they end up launching teleportation spells to leave. Their king gives us the stone of my people if we give him that of his people. Then we ask him to lend us a little, he does so if he promises to give it back. Seeing how it all ended I do not know how I will keep my promise ...

I feel that the five stones together have power, when I take them I feel good beer flow in my throat, it's the most beautiful of powers. My eyes hurt. I see the disaster happen, the ground shakes more and more and big stones fall from the vault. So I can in the power of pearls and I try to make everything very resistant. It seems to work but not exactly as I wanted. At the moment when one crosses the red barrier a piece of the earth is unhooked. And we are on it. Galdor just enough time to teleport home with Ssrashi and Migalo, and leave me alone ... Well, I'll still walk.

GM: Valentin

Players: The Mason, Ssrashi, Migalo, Galdor

Summary by: Arnold (The Mason)

Duration in game: March 2, 2750 to March 4 (in parallel with the previous session)

XP : 32,000 xp / d


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