I’m still thinking about how to balance martial characters and one of the question that popped into my mind while working on that was: how frequent is longsword proficiency across classes? What about heavy armor proficiency? What ratio of caster are proficient with a morningstar and aren’t Cleric?

I included subclasses that give proficiency with other weapons/armor in the data but the chart hide them by default, use the buttons under the chart to show them. You can also click on the labels in the legend to toggle the display of a specific class.

Anyway, here is a graph that has all those answers! Have fun playing with it.

A few things I noted:

  • every class masters the quarterstaff and the dagger
  • common weapons are at least usable by 77% of classes
    • except for the shortbow that only 69% of classes master
  • the most usable martial weapons is usable by 54% of classes
  • most martial weapons are usable by only 31% of classes
  • only fighter and paladin are proficient with heavy armors
    • some subclasses of cleric are also proficient with heavy armor

I plan to use this graph to quickly know which weapons/armors I could give to my party and how usable they will be.

As usual, the data I used to compute this chart are available in ods format.